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About us

The IACUC Office is a unit of the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR).  The OVPR oversees all aspects of research administration at the University of Minnesota's five campuses, provides guidance to individual researchers and manages the system-wide research enterprise. The Vice President for Research, Brian Herman, is the Institutional Official for the university’s Animal Program.

The IACUC Office administrative support staff manage the protocol review process for Animal Care and Use eProtocol submissions; the minutes, records, and reports of the IACUC; the IACUC meetings; and serve as a general information resource for investigators regarding the IACUC.

The IACUC Office compliance and training assistance staff manage the federally and locally mandated inspection processes which include the semiannual IACUC housing and laboratory inspections; post-approval monitoring; and visits to Investigator Managed Housing Areas. These staff also conduct training activities for IACUC policies and procedures.


Visit IACUC's website to find the right contact or email iacuc@umn.edu.

Animals in research

Organic cows

Using lab animals in research has led to treatments that have improved and saved lives around the world.

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