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Office of the Vice President for Research

Office of the Vice President for Research : University of MinnesotaOffice of the Vice President for Research : University of Minnesota

Promote culture of serendipity

We will promote a culture of serendipity where researchers can come together across departments, colleges and disciplines—and with colleagues and communities outside the university—to think creatively and cultivate new ideas.

Supporting goals

Create networking tools, spaces and forums.

Increase experiential research and learning opportunities among diverse disciplines.

Focus knowledge and innovation on solving society's most urgent and formidable challenges.

Cornerstone team

Laura Bloomberg, Co-lead, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Marc Swackhamer, Co-lead, Architecture
Sarah Waldemar, Admin lead, Office of the Vice President for Research

Kathy Brown, 3M
Lucy Dunne, Design
Yingling Fan, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Jennifer Gunn, Medical School
Kate Knuth, Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
Barry Kudrowitz, Design
Laurie McGinnis, Center for Transportation Studies
Neil Olszewski, Biological Sciences
Shailey Prasad, Medical School
Linda Valeri, Veterinary Medicine
David Weerts, Education and Human Development
Diane Willow, Liberal Arts


Convergence Colloquia

The Convergence Colloquia are a new series of multi-disciplinary gatherings that advance cutting-edge research to develop innovative solutions and build long term partnerships that improve our world.


Connectors Network and Serendipity Team

Engaging leaders in cross-disciplinary research, these two committees strategically advance serendipity by bringing together seemingly unrelated disciplines to foster creativity and innovation.

Smart Cities

A better future through “smart cities” research
September 28, 2015

Researchers are teaming up with city planners, nonprofit leaders and industry professionals to form solutions that tackle cities' emerging challenges and prepare them for the future.