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Office of the Vice President for Research

Office of the Vice President for Research : University of MinnesotaOffice of the Vice President for Research : University of Minnesota

Accelerate  transfer of knowledge for public good

We will accelerate the transfer of knowledge by creating opportunities for public-private partnerships that move information out of the ivory tower and into the community where it can do the most good.

Supporting goals

Showcase university research discoveries, capabilities and economic impact.

Expand economic development and external engagement/Emphasize and promote entrepreneurship.

Increase informatics capabilities.

Cornerstone team

Tim Ebner, Co-lead, Medical School
Peter Reich, Co-lead, Biological Sciences
Rebecca Gerber, Admin lead, Office of the Vice President for Research

Matthew Andrews, Biological Sciences, Duluth
Maura Donovan, University Economic Development
Kathryn Draeger, UMN Extension
Pat Hamilton, Science Museum of Minnesota
Randel Hanson, Liberal Arts, Duluth
Lucinda Johnson, Natural Resources Research Institute, Duluth
Uwe Kortshagen, Science and Engineering
Julian Marshall, Science and Engineering
Genevieve Melton-Meaux, Medical School
Claudia Neuhauser, University of Minnesota Informatics Institute
Channing Riggs, University Relations
Sheila Riggs, Medical School
Jay Schrankler, Technology Commercialization
Francis Shen, Law School
Jianping Wang, Science and Engineering


MN-REACH readies new med-tech, pharma for market
Knowledge transfer
August 13, 2015

The MN-REACH program provides university-wide commercial expertise and resources to help develop and commercialize diagnostics, therapeutics, preventive medicine and medical devices so the most promising new medical technologies and pharmaceuticals are ready to be brought to market.


Discovery Capital bringing U discoveries to market
Knowledge transfer
August 19, 2014

The U's Discovery Capital Investment Program will help accelerate the process of turning breakthrough research into a commercially available product by providing startups the seed funding needed in the highly critical early stages.