Office of the Vice President for Research

Bringing people together in new ways, fostering discoveries, 
and making our world a better place.

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) is a central resource for faculty, staff, students, and external partners to conduct, manage, and sponsor research at the University of Minnesota, a top ten public research institution in the US.

Our administrative support units, staff, and partners help to advance the University’s research mission through a set of strategic priorities and a shared vision. OVPR is also home to 10 University-wide, research-focused centers and institutes.

About the VP

As vice president for research, Shashank Priya is responsible for maintaining a dynamic and competitive research environment at UMN.

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Strategic Priorities

We strive to enhance research excellence, promote and sustain research integrity, and accelerate the transfer of knowledge for public good.

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Our office sponsors collaborative initiatives that advance the research mission and engage interdisciplinary partners from across the University and beyond.

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Through collaborative initiatives, funding opportunities, technology commercialization, and other efforts to engage external partners, OVPR cultivates a research environment that supports interdisciplinary collaboration, including the university's MPact 2025 systemwide strategic plan, and promotes research excellence and innovation.


The conduct of research is fundamental to the UMN’s mission and is a key driver of innovation and economic growth in the state. The University's world-class faculty are known for life-changing inventions such as the pacemaker, the retractable seat belt, HIV drug Ziagen, cancer therapies, biodegradable plastics, and technologies that advance agricultural production.

The University has seen steady and robust numbers of new licenses, research agreements, and invention disclosures. In addition, more than 230 startup companies have been launched based on University research.


The University of Minnesota is dedicated to meeting, upholding, and exceeding the highest ethical standards in research practices and aims to serve as a national model in the ethical conduct of research.

Our Human Research Protection Program is making new strides to improve transparency and efficiency. The program was recently reaccredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP) with special distinction for its commitment to protecting adults with limited or diminished capacity to consent to participating in research.