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Patent Roll Call, Fall 2014

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Patents allow the most promising discoveries of today to become the game-changing innovations of tomorrow. A key milestone in the transition from the lab to the marketplace, patents protect the ownership of university technologies and grant them real-world applications to benefit society.

Congratulations to these University of Minnesota faculty who were recently awarded patents for their discoveries. To learn more about reporting an invention, contact the Office for Technology Commercialization at 612-624-0550 or

Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics

Compositions and Methods for Controlling Infections
Inventors: Patrick Schlievert and Marnie Peterson

Ischemia/Reperfusion Protection Compositions and Methods of Using
Inventors: Matthew Andrews, Lester Drewes and Greg Beilman

Methods and Compositions for Applying Pharmacologic Agents to the Ear
Inventors: Ronald Sawchuk and Belinda Cheung

Modified Vitamin K-dependent Polypeptides
Inventor: Gary Nelsestuen

Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 8 and Methods of Detection
Inventors: Laura Ranum, Michael Koob, Kellie Benzow, Melinda Moseley-Alldredge

For more information on licensing pharmaceutical and diagnostic technologies, contact Rajesh Udupa.

Medical Technology

Bone Cement and Method (see license)
Inventors: Wook-Jin Seong, Young Cheul Heo and Soo Cheol Jeong

Classifying an Item to One of a Plurality of Groups (see license)
Inventor: Apostolos Georgopoulos

Improved Monitor of Heart Failure Using Bioimpedance (see license)
Inventors: Robert Patterson and Fei Yang

Methods and Systems for Chemical Ablation
Inventor: Erik Cressman

For more information on licensing medical technologies, contact Kevin Anderson.

Engineering and Physical Sciences

Detection of Nucleic Acid Sequence Differences Using Coupled Ligase Detection and Polymerase Chain Reactions
Inventor: George Barany

Membrane Stripping Process for Removing Volatile Organic Compounds from a Latex
Inventor: Edward Cussler

Release Surfaces, Particularly for Use in Nanoimprint Lithography
Inventor: Stephen Chou

Solid Fuel Volatilization to Produce Synthesis Gas (see license)
Inventor: Lanny Schmidt, Paul Dauenhauer, Nick Degenstein, Bradon Dreyer and Joshua Colby

System and Method for Producing Metallic Iron
Inventor: David Englund

For more information on licensing engineering and physical sciences technologies, contact Eric Hockert.

Carbon Dioxide-based Geothermal Energy Generation Systems and Methods Related Thereto (see license)
Inventors: Martin Saar, Jimmy Bryan Randolph and Thomas Kuehn

Chemical Sensor
Inventors: Philippe Buhlmann and Paul Boswell

Dipole Matched Filter for MRI
Inventors: Curtis Corum, Michael Garwood, Steen Moeller, Djaudat Idiyatullin and Ryan Chamberlain

Estimating Frequency-offsets and Multi-antenna Channels in MIMO OFDM Systems
Inventors: Georgios Giannakis and Xiaoli Ma

Graded Organic Photovoltaic Device (see license)
Inventors: Russell Holmes and Richa Pandey

Method and Coils for Human Whole-body Imaging at 7 T
Inventors: D. Wayne Leidy, Frank DiFrank and Ronald Warnecke

Method and Remotely Adjustable Reactive and Resistive Electrical Elements
Inventors: Carl J. Snyder, Jr. and John Thomas Vaughn, Jr.

Multiple Imputation of Missing Data in Multidimensional Retail Sales Data Sets via Tensor Factorization
Inventors: Ramesh Natarajan, Arindam Banerjee and Hanhuai Shan

Multistep Correction for Angle Consistent Artifacts in Radial Sampled Datasets
Inventors: Curtis Corum, Djaudat Idiyatullin, Steen Moeller and Michael Garwood

Plasmonic Nanocavity Devices and Methods for Enhanced Efficiency in Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Inventors: Nathan Lindquist, Wade Luhman, Russell Holmes and Sang-Hyun Oh

Transmit Opportunity Detection
Inventors: Nikhil Kundargi and Ahmed Tewfik

For more information on licensing engineering and physical sciences technologies, contact Dale Nugent.

Software and Information Technology

System and Methods for a Reading Fluency Measure
Inventor: Jay Samuels

For more information on licensing software and IT technology, contact Andrew Morrow.

Kevin Coss

Kevin Coss

Kevin is a writer with the Office of the Vice President for Research.

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