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Patent Roll Call, Fall 2015

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A good invention can set a new standard in its field, redefine what’s possible and even change lives across the world. But before any of that can happen, most inventions require patenting. Patents protect innovations and help their creators bring them beyond the walls of the laboratory to benefit society at large.

Congratulations to these University of Minnesota researchers who were recently awarded patents for their discoveries. To learn more about reporting an invention, contact the Office for Technology Commercialization at 612-624-0550 or

Agriculture and horticulture

Blueberry plant named “MNPink1”
Inventor: James Luby

Method for preparation of 5-substituted pyrimidines
Inventors: Robert Vince and Ashish P. Vartak

Engineering and physical sciences

Carbon coated silica particles and methods of making same
Inventors: Peter W. Carr, Alon V. McCormick and Changyub Paek

Carbon dioxide-based geothermal energy generation systems and methods related thereto (see license)
Inventors: Martin O. Saar, Jimmy Bryan Randolph and Thomas H. Kuehn

Clay-isocyanate nanodispersions and polyurethane nanocomposite produced therewith
Inventors: G. Harikrishnan, Christopher W. Macosko

Coatings containing polymer modified enzyme for stable self-cleaning of organic stains
Inventors: Ping Wang, Andreas Buthe, Songtao Wu and Masahiko Ishii

Lipase-containing polymeric coatings for the facilitated removal of fingerprints
Inventors: Andreas Buthe, Ping Wang and Songtao Wu

Medical and nutritional applications of highly refined cellulose
Inventors: Paul Bradley Addis, Rongsheng Roger Ruan, Joseph M. Keenan and Daniela Geleva

Nanoporous linear polyethylene membranes and block copolymer precursors for same
Inventors: Marc Hillmyer, Louis Pitet and Mark Amendt

Polystyrene-polyacrylate block copolymers, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
Inventors: Frank S. Bates, Marc A. Hillmyer and Justin G. Kennemur

Reclaiming and inhibiting activation of DRI fines
Inventor: David Hendrickson

Silicon nanocrystal, inks, films and methods
Inventors: Lance M. Wheeler, Uwe R. Kortshagen

For more information on licensing engineering and physical sciences technologies, contact Kevin Nickelsor Eric Hockert.

Life sciences

Pharmaceuticals and diagnostics

High Molecular Weight Derivatives of Vitamin K-dependent Polypeptides
Inventor: Gary L. Nelsestuen

Ischemia/reperfusion protection compositions and methods of using
Inventors: Matthew T. Andrews, Lester R. Drewes and Greg Beilman

Production of insulin producing cells
Inventors: Meri Firpo and Zhaohui Geng

Receptor-targeting reagents containing epidermal factor receptor-binding agents and IL-13 receptor-binding agents or IL-4 receptor-binding agents
Inventor: Daniel Vallera

Stabilized mutant opsin proteins
Inventors: Krzysztof Palczewski, Shalesh Kaushal, Vladimir Kuksa and Syed M. Noorwez

Triptolide prodrugs
Inventors: Gunda Georg, Satish Prakash Patil, Ashok K. Saluja, Rohit Chugh and Selwyn Vickers

For more information on licensing pharmaceuticals and diagnostic technologies, contact Rajesh Udupa.

Medical technology

High magnetic moment particle detection
Inventors: Jian-Ping Wang, Chengguo Xing, Yuanpeng Li and Balasubramanian Srinivasan

Immunomodulators and immunomodulator conjugates
Inventors: David M. Ferguson, John Ohlfest and Courtney Aldrich

Micro-orifice surgical access system
Inventors: Hector J. Menchaca, Van N. Michalek, Nestor B. Suguitani, Henry Buchwald, Mitsuhiro Oura and Arthur G. Erdman

Mobile manual standing wheelchair
Inventors: Gary D. Goldish and Andrew Hansen

Mobile manual standing wheelchair
Inventors: Gary D. Goldish and Andrew Hansen

Sensing tissue properties
Inventors: Rajesh Rajamani, Peng Peng, Ahmet Serdar Sezen and Arthur G. Erdman

Thermochemical ablation system using heat from delivery of electrophiles
Inventor: Erik N. K. Cressman

For more information on licensing medical technologies, contact Kevin Anderson or Rebecca Gerber.

Software and information technology

Analysis of brain patterns using temporal measures
Inventor: Apostolos Georgopoulos

Simultaneous Tx-Rx for MRI systems and other antenna devices
Inventor: John Thomas Vaughan, Jr.

Symbol-based decoding of optical codes
Inventors: Fadil Santosa and Mark A. Iwen

For more information on licensing software and IT technology, contact Andrew Morrow.

Kevin Coss

Kevin Coss

Kevin is a writer with the Office of the Vice President for Research.

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