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Patent Roll Call, Fall 2016

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Filing for a patent on a research discovery is more than just a way to protect the intellectual property behind it. Patents are often a crucial step toward moving breakthroughs beyond the lab and into the market, where they can benefit society.

Congratulations to the U of M researchers who were recently awarded patents for their discoveries. To learn more about reporting an invention, contact the Office for Technology Commercialization at 612-624-0550 or

Agriculture and Horticulture

Apple Tree Named “MINNB42” 
Inventors: David Bedford and James Luby

Guinea Pig Cytomegalovirus (CIDMTR Strain)
Inventors: Mark Schleiss

PRRSV Compositions
Inventors: Han-Soo Joo

Rhododendron Plant Named “UMNAZ 493” 
Inventors: Stan Hokanson and Steve McNamara

Rhododendron Plant Named “UMNAZ 502” 
Inventors: Stan Hokanson and Steve McNamara

For more information on licensing agriculture and horticulture technologies, contact B.J. Haun.

Engineering and Physical Sciences

Chaotic Desynchronization of Neural Populations with Non-pulsatile Inputs
Inventors: Jeffrey Moehlis, Theoden Netoff and Daniel Wilson

Estimating Frequency-offsets and Multi-antenna Channels in MIMO OFDM Systems
Inventors: Georgios Giannakis and Xiaoli Ma

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Amyloid Plaque in the Brain
Inventors: Michael Garwood, Clifford Jack Jr., Joseph Poduslo and Thomas Wengenack

Magnetization Transfer and Off-resonance Protocols in NMR 
Inventors: Michael Garwood, Silvia Mangia and Shalom Michaeli

Multi-stage Charge Re-use Analog Circuits
Inventors: Ramesh Harjani, Sachin Kalia, Satwik Patnaik, Bodhisatwa Sadhu and Martin Sturm

Robust Parametric Power Spectral Density (PSD) Construction 
Inventors: Juan Andres Bazerque, Emiliano Dall’Anese, Georgios Giannakis, Mateos Gonzalo and Hao Zhu

Short TE 3D Radial Sampling Sequence for MRI 
Inventors: Ryan Chamberlain, Michael Garwood, Jang-Yeon Park and Steen Moeller

Spin Current Generation with Nano-Oscillator
Inventors: Mahdi Jamali and Jian-Ping Wang

System and Method for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Using Digital Beamforming 
Inventors: Lance DelaBarre, Emad Ebbini, Anand Gopinath and Thomas Vaughan

Visual-Based Inertial Navigation
Inventors: Oriel Bergig, Christopher Broaddus, Alex Flint, Andriy Grygorenko, Oleg Naroditsky and Stergios Roumeliotis

For more information on licensing engineering and physical sciences technologies, contact Larry Micek or Doug Franz.

Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics

Detection, Prevention, and Treatment of Anthrax and Other Infectious Diseases
Inventors: Bruce Blazar, Suzanne Brandt, Thomas Kozel, Julie Lovchik, C. Rick Lyons, William Murphy, Ann Percival and Peter Thorkildson

Glutathione Analogs and Uses Thereof (see license)
Inventors: Swati More and Robert Vince

Lymphoma Prognostic Methods and Kits (see license)
Inventors: Aric Frantz, Jaime Modiano, Timothy O’Brien and Aaron Sarver

Methods to Treat Dysregulated Blood Glucose Disorders (see license)
Inventors: Amber Lockridge

Methods to Treat Dysregulated Blood Glucose Disorders (see license)
Inventors: Amber Lockridge

Non-static Suspension Culture of Cell Aggregates
Inventors: Wei-Shou Hu, Yonsil Park and Kartik Subramanian

System for Screening the Skin Condition of the Plantar Surface of the Feet
Inventors: Gary Goldish, Andrew Hansen, Eric Nickel

For more information on licensing pharmaceuticals and diagnostic technologies, contact Rajesh Udupa.

Medical Technology

Agents that Prevent or Repair Skin Damage
Inventors: Christine Dreis, Abbas Raza and Robert Vince

Methods and Apparatus for Imaging with Magnetic Induction
Inventors: Bin He, Xu Li and Yuan Xu

Open Chained or Fused 1,1′-Alkylene-Bis-Uracil Derivatives, Useful in Skin UV-Protection
Inventors: Christine Dreis, Abbas Raza and Robert Vince

Taxane Silicate Prodrugs and Nanoparticles
Inventors: Thomas Hoye, Christopher Macosko, Jayanth Panyam and Adam Wohl

For more information on licensing medical technologies, contact Kevin Anderson.

Kevin Coss

Kevin Coss

Kevin is a communications specialist with the Office of the Vice President for Research.

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