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Patent Roll Call, Spring 2019

Patent stamp on paper

Congratulations to the University of Minnesota researchers and their colleagues who were awarded patents in the past year.

Engineering, Physical Sciences & IT

A Batch Process for Making Ammonia
Edward L. Cussler Jr; Heath H. Himstedt; Mark Stephen Huberty; Alon V. McCormick; Lanny D. Schmidt

A Process to Produce a Polyolefin Reactive Telechelic Prepolymer
Marc Andrew Hillmyer; Morgan Hughes; Henry Martinez; Jeffrey Munro; Kim Walton

A Process to Produce Polyolefin Ionomers and Ionomers Produced Thereby
Marc Andrew Hillmyer; Morgan Hughes; Henry Martinez; Jeffrey Munro; Kim Walton 

A Ultra-Compact, Passive, Wireless Sensor Using Quantum Capacitance Effect in Graphene
Steven J. Koester

a"-Fe16(NxZ(1-x))2  (Z= C, B, O) with High Saturation Magnetization and Low Coercivity
Yanfeng Jiang; Alinul Mehedi; Jianping Wang

Adaptively Applied RF Pulses, Imaging Acquisition and Reconstruction Configurations for Multi-Band Imaging
Vibhas Deshpande; Gregory J. Metzger; Steen Moeller; Xiufeng Li; Kamil Ugurbil; Dingxin Wang

Antiambipolar Heterojunctions from Solution-Processed Semiconductors
Mark C Hersam; Chris (Hyung-il) H Kim; Deep M Jariwala; Tobin J. Marks; Vinod K. Sangwan; Weichao Xu

Apparatus and Process for Materials Synthesis and Fabrication of Anisotropic FeN Magnet
Shihai He; Yanfeng Jiang; Jianping Wang

Bi-Functional Fatty Acid Ester Derivatives as Bioplasticizers
Dharma R. Kodali; Lucas J. Stolp

Bio-Derived Compounds from Furans and Anhydrides of Itaconic, Maleic, or Citraconic Acid
Thomas R. Hoye; Ashok Pehere; Shu Xu

Biosynthetic Pathways, Recombinant Cells, and Methods
Yi-shu Tai; Mingyong Xiong; Kechun Zhang

Body Coil and Piezo Tuning
Charles A Lemaire; J. Thomas Vaughan

Chewing Gums and Gum Bases Comprising Multi-Block Copolymers
Frank S Bates;  Michael Haas; Marc Andrew Hillmyer; Sangwoo Lee; Mark T. Martello; Leslie Morgret; Wilhelm Risse 

Commercial Lignin-Based Plastics
Yi-ru Chen; Simo Sarkanen; Yun-Yan Wang

Constrained Keyframe Localization and Mapping
Esha D. Nerurkar; Stergios Roumeliotis

Context Based Search Engine for Scientific Datasets
Ravindra Kasturi; Ayush Singhal; Jaideep Srivastava

Deterministic Arithmetic on Bit Streams
Devon Jenson; Marc Riedel

DSRC Equipped Portable Changeable Message Sign or Fixed Variable Message Sign
Imran Hayee; Umair Ibrahim; Eil Kwon

Engineering Shortcut Metabolism to Produce TCA Derivatives
Mingyong Xiong; Kechun Zhang

Epoxy Estolide Fatty Acid Alkyl Eesters as Bioplasticizers
Dharma R. Kodali; Lucas J. Stolp

Executive Function Scale for Early Childhood
Stephanie M. Carlson; Philip David Zelazo

Fermentative Flat-Sheet Membrane Technology to Generate and Capture Hydrogen or Methane from Wastewater
Alptekin Aksan; Bill Arnold; Paige J. Novak

Field-Free 3D GMR Biosensing Scheme and System
Yuanpeng Li; Jianping Wang; Yi Wang

Flexible Adjustment of Excitation and Readout Bandwidths in Pointwise Encoding Time Reduction with Radial Acquisition (PETRA) MRI Sequence
Michael Garwood; Naoharu Kobayashi 

FreeBee: Cross-Technology Wireless Communication
Tian He; Song Min Kim

Graphene Nano-Platelet (GNP) Reinforced Asphalt Binders and Mixtures
Jialiang Le; Mihai Marasteanu; Mugurel Ioan Turos

High Field Synthesis and Processing of Fe-N Magnets for Improved Properties
Lawrence F. Allard; Michael P. Brady; Craig A. Bridges; Yanfeng Jiang; Edgar Lara-Curzio; Gerry Ludtka; Orlando Rios; Jianping Wang; Xiaowei Zhang

High Permeance Silica Fiber Support for Membranes
Kumar V. Agrawal; Lorraine F. Francis; Michael Tsapatsis

Human-Centered Bicycle Collision Prevention System
Woongsun Jeon; Rajesh Rajamani

In Vivo Tracking of 3D Organs in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Timothy Paul Kinney; Ahmed H. Tewfik; Dan (Dana) Wang

Inductor Including Soft Magnetic Material Including Iron, Nitrogen, and Carbon, Boron, or Oxygen
Yanfeng Jiang; Alinul Mehedi; Jianping Wang

Inlet and Outlet Geometries for a Vertical Three-Stream Microfluidic Device
Jacob M. Hanna; Allison Hubel

Inverse Image-Based Motion Estimation (IBME) Filter for Vision-Aided Inertial Navigation
Oriel Bergig; Christopher P. Broaddus; Alex Flint; Andriy Grygorenko; Oleg Naroditsky; Stergios Roumeliotis

Isosorbide-Based Polymethacrylates
James Jerome Gallagher; Marc Andrew Hillmyer; Theresa Marie Reineke

Lipolysis-Amplified Plasmonic ELISA (LAP-ELISA): A Test Kit for Single Pathogen Detection with the Naked Eye
Abdennour Abbas

Local Estimation of Nonlinear Tissue Elasticity using Acoustic Radiation Force
Egor Dontsov; Bojan B. Guzina; Mostafa Fatemi

Magnetic Resonance Electrical Properties Tomography: Methods and Apparatus
Bin He; Jiaen Liu; Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele; Xiaotong Zhang

Manufacturing Granular Peat Media by Enabling Active Sites for Heavy Metal Absorption
Douglas A. Green; Peggy Wallgren Jones; Igor Vasylovych Kolomitsyn

Measuring Semantic Incongruity Within Text Data
Amogh Mahapatra; Jaideep Srivastava; Nisheeth Srivastava

Method for Free Piston Engine Operation
Ke Li; Ali Sadighi; Zongxuan Sun

Method for Generalized Multiband Slice Accelerated Imaging
Vibhas Deshpande; Xiufeng Li; Kamil Ugurbil; Dingxin Wang

Modular Converter with Multilevel Submodules for High Power Applications
Ned Mohan; Ashish Kumar Sahoo

Modular Crank Shaft Assembly
James D. Van de Ven; Shawn Richard Wilhelm

Curtis A. Corum; Michael Garwood; Djaudat S. Idiyatullin

Non-Parametric Methods for Mass Spectromic Relative Quantification and Analyte Differential Abundance Detection
John Vincent Carlis; Timothy Jon Griffin; LeeAnn Higgins; Ebbing de Jong; Susan Kaye Van Riper

On-Coil Amplifiers
Charles A. Lemaire; J. Thomas Vaughan

Optimal Photovoltaic Inverter Dispatch
Emiliano Dall'Anese; Sairaj Dhople; Georgios B. Giannakis

Optimal Power Flow Pursuit
Emiliano Dall'Anese; Sairaj Dhople; Andrea Simonetto

Phasic Burst Stimulation to Suppress or Enhance Oscillations
Abbey B Becker; Jeffrey Moehlis; Tay Ivan Netoff; Daniel Wilson

Phytate Extraction from Corn Ethanol Coproducts
Qiyang He; Bo Hu

Process for the Removal of H2S from Claus Tail Gas Effluent of a Hydrogenation Reactor Utilizing Supported and Non-Supported Mixed Metal Oxides
Bahman Elyassi; Saleh Al Hashimi; Michael Tsapatsis; Yasser Fowad Mohamed Al Wahedi

Rapid Whole Brain Coverage with Contrast Preparation
Kamil Ugurbil

Recovery of Monomer from Polyurethane Materials by Depolymerization
Frank S. Bates; Derek Charles Batiste; Marc Andrew Hillmyer; Chris Macosko; Alexander Mannion; Tessie R Panthani; Debbie Schneiderman; Marie Elizabeth Vanderlaan; Jay Z. Wang

Redox Catalytic [2+2+1] Synthesis of Pyrroles
Zachary Gilbert; Ian Tonks

Scalable Production of Mechanically Tunable Block Polymers from Sugar
Frank S. Bates; Marc Andrew Hillmyer; Debbie Schneiderman; Kechun Zhang

Sonochemical Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica with Ultra High Porosity
Ashish Datt; Samuel M. Egger; Christy L. Haynes

Spin-Optical Interconnect System for Spin Based Computation and Logic Systems
Mo Li; Jianping Wang

Sugar Containing, Amphiphilic Copolymers
Frank S. Bates; Tushar Navale; Theresa Marie Reineke; Jeffrey M. Ting

Sugar Free, Random Copolymers Made from at Least Three Monomers
Frank S. Bates; Tushar Navale; Theresa Marie Reineke; Jeffrey M. Ting

Ultralow Power Carbon Nanotube Logic Circuits
Michael L. Geier; Mark C. Hersam; Chris (Hyung-il) H. Kim;  Pradyumna L. Prabhumirash; Weichao Xu

Vision-Based Surveying of Apple Orchards with an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle
Volkan Isler; Pravakar Roy; Nikolaos Stefas; Pratap R Tokekar

Zeolite Nanosheet Membrane
Kumar V. Agrawal; Michael Tsapatsis

Human & Animal Health

3-Hydroxypyrimidine-2,4-Dione-5-Carboxamides as Potent Inhibitors of HIV
Zhengqiang Wang

A Novel Marker for Identification of Circulating Tumor Cells and Targeting of Metastases in Breast Cancer
Stephen M Kalscheuer; Jayanth Panyam

A Wireless Chemical Sensor Featuring Iron Oxide Nanoparticle-Embedded Hydrogels
Ronald A. Siegel; Babak Ziaie

Annexin II as a Novel Immune Response Modifier
John R. Ohlfest; Michael R. Olin

Anti-Arrhythmic Effect of Pacing Without Feedback
Alena Talkachova

Biodegradable Microspheres
Jafar Golzarian; Omid Souresrafil; Lihui Weng

Bioresorbable and Elutable Microspheres as Embolic Agents
Jafar Golzarian; Lihui Weng

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Catheter and Related Systems and Methods
Ahmed Selim

Combining Tissue Ablation Methods for Greater Effect and Improved Outcomes
Erik N. K. Cressman

Decellularized Biologically-Engineered Tubular Grafts and Valves (10,105,208)
Lee A Meier; Zeeshan Hayder Syedain; Robert T. Tranquillo

Decellularized Biologically-Engineered Tubular Grafts and Valves (10,111,740)
Lee A. Meier; Zeeshan Hayder Syedain; Robert T. Tranquillo

Development of a Simple, Clinically Applicable Method to Select and Expand Mesenchymal Stem Cells (9,974,811)
Leo T. Furcht; Morayma G. Reyes; Catherine M. Verfaillie

Development of a Simple, Clinically Applicable Method to Select and Expand Mesenchymal Stem Cells (9,974,809)
Leo T. Furcht; Morayma G. Reyes; Catherine M. Verfaillie

Development of a Simple, Clinically Applicable Method to Select and Expand Mesenchymal Stem Cells (9,974,810)
Leo T. Furcht; Morayma G. Reyes; Catherine M. Verfaillie

Development of a Simple, Clinically Applicable Method to Select and Expand Mesenchymal Stem Cells (10,006,004)
Leo T. Furcht; Morayma G. Reyes; Catherine M. Verfaillie 

Device and Method for Transplantation of Cells to Mammalian Tissues
John Brekke; Timothy David O'Brien

Device to Increase Vascular Compliance
Eric F. Little; John A. Scandurra; Christopher J. Scorzelli; Karl E. Vollmers

Device, System, and Method of Obtaining and Analyzing Male Urine Flow Rate Data
Sean Elliott; Fluvio L. Lobo Fenoglietto; Sean Brady McAdams; Laura C. Paulsen; Andrew John Pisansky

DNA Sequence Specific Therapy of Human Genetic Disease
Bruce R. Blazar; Mark John Osborn; Jakub Tolar; Daniel F. Voytas

Engineered, Inducible, Antibiotic-Delivering Probiotic Bacteria
Gary M. Dunny; Yiannis Kaznessis; Juan Borrero del Pino; Katherine G. Volzing

Functional Assessment of Networks
Apostolos P. Georgopoulos

Highly Potent Analgesics for Inflammatory Pain
Eyup Akgun; Philip S. Portoghese

Hydraulic Prosthetic Ankle-Foot System With Slope Adaptation and improved Standing Stability
Andrew Hansen; Eric A. Nickel

Hyperspectral Imaging as a Tool for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Screening of Potential Therapeutics/Prophylactics Against AD
Swati Sudhakar More; Robert Vince

Identification of Bed Bug Aggregation Pheromones
Stephen A. Kells; Yvonne Killeen; Roger Dean Moon;Joelle Olson; Leonard M. Ver Vers

Inhibitors of Human Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2)
Teng Ai Liqiang Chen; Swati Sudhakar More

Intestinal Microbial Flora Reconstituent for Treatment of Clostridium difficile Associated Disease and Other Intestinal Maladies (9,968,638)
Matthew J. Hamilton; Alexander Khoruts; Michael J. Sadowsky; Alexa Weingarden

Intestinal Microbial Flora Reconstituent for Treatment of Clostridium difficile Associated Disease and Other Intestinal Maladies (10,028,980)
Matthew J. Hamilton; Alexander Khoruts; Michael J. Sadowsky; Alexa Weingarden

Lipoic Acid Salt of GNTI, a Kappa Opioid Receptor Antagonist
Philip S. Portoghese

Microbial Drone Therapeutic for Targeting Bacterial Biofilms
Joshua Drake Erickson; Christine Salomon

MicroRNA-Based Platform for the Generation of Live Attenuated Viruses Across Species
Jessica Karen Fiege; Ryan A. Langlois; Lucy Sjaastad; Barbara Mae Waring

Mildly Pathogenetic Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Strain, Possible Vaccine Candidates
Douglas Marthaler; Kurt D. Rossow

Neonatal Care Unit
David Amor; John Eric Ferguson; James C. Krocak; Nicole Pardo; Saurav Paul; Felicity A Pino; Kari D. Roberts; Gregory Douglas Ruth; Blaine Andrew Schneider; Ashish Singal

New Functional Cosmetic Ingredients as Self/Sunless-Tanning Agents: Applications in Skincare Formulation
Christine Dreis; Abbas Raza; Robert Vince

Prodrug/Enzyme Based Enhanced Absorption of Hydrophobic Drugs
James Cokely Cloyd; Mamta Kapoor; Ronald A. Siegel; Tate Nicholas Winter

Protein-Based Nanobioreactors
Mark A. Held; Swati Saurkar; Claudia Schmidt-Dannert; Maureen Blacker Quin

Reagents to Assay Autophagy
Jiyun Ahn; Tae-Youl Ha; Chang Hwa Jung;  Do-Hyung Kim; Ji-Man Park

Rolling Shutter Compensation for Vision-Aided Inertial Navigation
Chao Guo; Stergios Roumeliotis

Semi-Solid Drug Delivery System
John R. Ohlfest; Wenshou Wang; Chun Wang

Darrin Beekman; Sachin Bijadi; Timothy Kowalewski

Stabilized Mutant Opsin Proteins
Shalesh Kaushal; Vladimir A. Kuksa; Syed M. Noorwez; Krzysztof Palczewski

Temporal Sparse Imaging of Cardiac Electric Activity: Methods and Apparatus
Bin He; Long Yu

Theranostic Nanovehicles to Diagnose and Treat Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy and Alzheimer's Disease
Karunya K. Kandimalla 

Transesophageal Echocardiology (TEE) Sleeve and Controller
John R. Ballard; Andrew D. Bicek; Jacie Jo E. Groeschel; Andrew Hohs; Yicong Lai; Claire Leitgen; Yufeng Liu; Emil Missov

Triptolide Prodrugs and Analogues for Cancer Chemotherapy
Rohit Kumar Chugh; Gunda Georg; Satish P. Patil; Ashok K. Saluja; Selwyn M. Vickers

Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Knockout
Modassir Chaudhry; R. Scott McIvor; Branden Scott Moriarity; Douglas C. Palmer; Nicholas P. Restifo; Steven A. Rosenberg; Beau Webber

Vascular Targeted Therapies for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Atsushi Asakura; Lawrence Charnas; Serene Josiah; Dennis Keefe; Thomas M. Luby

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Erin Dennis

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