Reserve Your Research Space NOW for the 2022 MN State Fair

magnifying glass over the word "research," distorting letters. The words read: Research on a stick - D2D
Students, staff, and faculty are invited to take advantage of this unique opportunity to quickly and efficiently recruit fairgoers for on-site research at the Driven to Discover Research Facility at the Minnesota State Fair.

D2D provides turnkey research space for any UMN investigator wishing to recruit participants from among the fair's two million annual visitors--either for on-the-spot research or studies conducted elsewhere. The building annually attracts over 60,000 visitors, with over 25,000 fairgoers enrolling in 2019. Studies recruited at a rate of 162 participants per half-day shift (range 22-402). (In 2021, D2D employed strict COVID safety protocols and operated at half capacity; foot traffic and enrollment was also reduced by half.) Funding is available for eligible Masonic Cancer Center investigators for next year’s fair.

A brief online application is due Jan. 18, 2022.