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guru venkatesan
Technology Commercialization

Guru Venkatesan (venn-kha-TE-sun) joined Technology Commercialization in June 2019 after working as a postdoc in mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Guru has eight years of academic research experience in interfacial physics and biomimetic/bioinspired materials. During his PhD candidacy, he worked with emulsions (think salad dressing) to create artificial cell membranes. As a postdoc, he worked with double-emulsions (think a water drop inside an oil drop inside a bigger water drop) to create polymer microcapsules that can store and release drugs on demand.

During his graduate schooling, he founded Tech Carnivol—a student organization that hosts annual science and engineering festivals (like Bonnaroo for engineers) open for students of all levels. This day-long festival consists of a series of unique competitions and workshops, developed and organized by the students of the University of Tennessee, with internal and industry sponsors. Each year, more than 50 student organizers work collectively to host six to eight one-of-a-kind competitions to attract hundreds of student participants from schools and colleges in and near Tennessee.

Guru earned a BS in biomedical engineering from Sathyabama University, Chennai, India; and a PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Tennessee under the guidance of Prof. Andy Sarles.

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