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In July 2017, the University of Minnesota, through the University of Minnesota Informatics Institute (UMII), is representing the Network of European BioImage Analysts, NEUBIAS, in the United States. NEUBIAS is a network of biomedical image analysts with the goal of accelerating life science research in member institutions through collaboration and meetings. The network is organized in seven working groups, covering training courses, an annual conference, tool development, algorithm benchmarking and outreach. It currently includes 150 members from 34 COST (European Collaboration in Science and Technology) member states, in addition to the United States, Singapore and Australia.

Image from NEUBIAS:

Although COST actions are open exclusively to members of the European Union, the U of M was accepted to participate as International Partner Country and Dr. Thomas Pengo, Imaging Informatics Manager, will attend the Management Committee meetings as an Observer, where a maximum of two representatives will be allowed from the United States. This will put the U of M at the front line of this expanding network of collaborations both across the Atlantic and within the US, as any future involvement of researchers in the US needs to be coordinated through existing representatives.

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