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  • GEOG 5900-001. Advanced Geocomputing (3 cr.; Dr. Eric Shook): 

Advanced study of computational approaches used in spatial analytics and modeling.  Topics include spatial data processing, parallel computation, spatial big data, cyberGIS, and open source libraries and tools. Hands-on experience developing spatial algorithms and using GIS packages.


  • GEOG 5900-002. Advanced Cartography and Geovisualization (3 cr.; Dr. Somayeh Dodge):  

With recent advances in hardware, software, and sensor technologies, the field of Geography has entered a new digital and data rich era that has led to increasing interest in interactive and dynamic visualizations in both 2D and 3D environments. This course introduces students to the principles of Geographic visualization (or Geovisualization) and reviews relevant software technologies and current trends in spatial and spatiotemporal data visualization methods. Students will learn to design and create interactive and dynamic visualizations.

  • FNRM 5480-001. Geodesy, Coordinate, and Surveying Calculations for GIS Professionals (1 cr.; Dr. Paul Bolstad):

Where exactly are we? How do we define and refine geographic locations on a lumpy, spinning, unstable planet? On course completion students will understand concepts and practices that are at the very foundation of GIS: geodesy and geographic projections. They will have a working knowledge of geodetic datums and datum evolution, be able to make common geodetic and coordinate geometry calculations, and solve common problems that arise during datum and coordinate system conversions while engaged in the practice of GIS.