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Three people standing together, one person holding a triangle shaped trophy
Photo includes (from left to right): Mark Seely (CFANS), Stacey Stark (U-Spatial), Jennifer Nelson (HSEM)

U-Spatial @UMD, along with the Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management Office (HSEM), accepted an Institutional Award at the recent Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership Conference for their work coordinating the process of integrating climate change adaptation into the State of Minnesota’s 2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan. Their efforts show great initiative, innovation and a passion to create a more resilient Minnesota. The Plan was adopted in March 2019 and for the first time integrates climate change trends and adaptation strategies as part of every individual hazard. This effort, led by Jennifer Nelson, HSEM, and Stacey Stark, U-Spatial @UMD, is likely to spread far and wide. The Plan is routinely used by Minnesota counties as the basis to update their local hazard mitigation plans and also serves as a model for other states.

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