9 Over 12

Understanding the Concept of “9 Over 12”

When a faculty member has a nine-month appointment but elects to be paid over 12 months, this is referred to as 9 Over 12. Regardless of how a nine-month appointment is paid, the work expectation for the appointment is nine months of the academic year (19.5 pay periods). Since the faculty member is only devoting nine months of effort to the sponsored project, it would be inappropriate to charge the sponsored project for 12 months of effort.

If a faculty member would like to contribute paid effort to a sponsored project over the summer, the faculty member will need to have a separate summer appointment.

How Does ECRT Handle 9 Over 12?

The ECRT system generates an effort statement based on the payroll data. When an employee is paid 9 over 12, the payroll data reflects the biweekly rate as calculated over 12 months (26 pay periods) rather than 9 months (19.5 pay periods). This creates an inaccuracy in the effort performed since effort is calculated based on the payroll percentage in ECRT.

To determine the correct effort, it will be necessary to manually calculate the effort based on the faculty member’s nine-month appointment.

Where Can I Find More Information?

There are training materials and job aids available to assist with the proper 9 Over 12 effort calculation and certification under Training & Education.