Effort Reporting Training

Training in the University’s Effort Certification Reporting Technology (ECRT) System is required for anyone in the effort coordinator role. In addition to instructor-led training, job aids are provided to assist with the effort reporting task.

Effort Training Materials

The Effort Certification Manual provides the effort coordinator, or other authorized certifier, information on the effort certification process and how to manage those processes in the ECRT system. It might also be helpful to review the Best Practices checklist for an outline of effort processing steps.

In addition to the Effort Certification Manual, job aids provide the steps for certifying effort statements in the ECRT system.

Effort Training Videos

This effort training provides a guide through the certification process.

Training Materials for 9 Over 12 Calculations

The Effort Certification: Salary Cap and 9-over-12 Appointments from Symposium XIII presentation provides a foundation for the NIH salary cap, nine-over-twelve appointments, and what happens when the two intersect.

Other Effort Job Aids and Materials