Courseroom Research Requirement Retired

Research projects that occur within courses are designed to provide students an opportunity to practice various research methods such as interview, observation and survey techniques as well as data analysis. Typically such projects are quite limited in scope and are not intended for dissemination or to contribute to generalizable knowledge.

Course-based research projects and data collection activities may be exempt from IRB review. Such projects:

  • should not include sensitive or personal information or otherwise put participants at risk; and
  • the data must be recorded anonymously (i.e., with no name, social security number, or any other code that can be linked to a participant).

These projects are considered "courseroom exercises" and are not subject to review by the IRB unless the student-researcher anticipates using the results in his or her dissertation, publishing the results or presenting at a professional meeting, or unless the faculty expects to compile all students’ results with the intention of publishing or presenting. In those situations, the IRB will make a determination regarding oversight requirements, if any.