Single IRB (sIRB) & External IRB: Requests & Process

The University of Minnesota IRB may serve as the Single IRB (sIRB) for federally funded multi-site or collaborative research or allow reliance on an external IRB for IRB review and oversight. All requests must be reviewed and approved by the HRPP. To learn more about the process, refer to the Investigator Manual (HRP-103) (download) and sIRB Manual (HRP-800) (download).

To request UMN IRB to serve as sIRB, complete the Single IRB Request Form well in advance of the grant submission due date to ensure time to review your request and determine if the UMN IRB is willing to act as sIRB.

Job Aids for Reliance on an External IRB

The following job aids assist the UMN PI and study team to submit reliance on external submissions in ETHOS:

Working with Advarra IRB as the External IRB

If a PI is approved to utilize Advarra IRB as the external IRB, the following resources are available:

Job Aids for sIRB studies

The following job aids assist the overall study/lead UMN PI and study team to submit sIRB submissions in ETHOS. Do not submit an sIRB study unless you have received explicit approval from the HRPP indicating that the UMN IRB will serve as sIRB.

Additional Resources from the Toolkit

We also recommend reviewing the following documents from the HRPP Toolkit Library: