Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) describe policies and procedures related to IRB review, management, or function.

IRB members and staff use SOPs to enhance compliance with federal, state, and local requirements. 

001DefinitionsOctober 2022
013Legally Authorized Representatives, Children and GuardiansNovember 2021
020Incoming ItemsDecember 2018
021Pre-ReviewOctober 2022
022Review AssignmentMarch 2017
023Emergency and Device Compassionate Use ReviewJanuary 2019
024New InformationMarch 2023
026Suspension or TerminationNovember 2021
027Emergency and Device Compassionate Use Post-ReviewJanuary 2019
030Designated ReviewersAugust 2019
031Non-Committee Review PreparationAugust 2019
032Non-Committee Review ConductOctober 2022
040IRB Meeting PreparationSeptember 2020
041IRB Meeting ConductMarch 2021
042IRB Meeting Attendance MonitoringMarch 2018
043IRB Meeting MinutesMarch 2022
044Not Otherwise Approvable ResearchJanuary 2019
050Conflicting Interests of IRB MembersJune 2017
051ConsultationMarch 2021
052Post-ReviewOctober 2022
054Review of Financial Conflicts of InterestApril 2020
060Annual HRPP EvaluationsOctober 2022
062Daily or Frequent TasksAugust 2019
063Expiration of IRB ApprovalMarch 2017
064NIH GDS Institutional CertificationNovember 2021
065QA IRB Performance AuditAugust 2019
066Education and TrainingDecember 2023
070IRB RecordsAugust 2019
071HRPP Toolkit ManagementDecember 2018
072IRB Records RetentionFebruary 2018
073Requests to Transfer IRB Authority to UMNAugust 2019
080IRB FormationMarch 2021
081Inactivating an IRBJanuary 2019
082IRB Membership AdditionJanuary 2019
083IRB Membership RemovalJanuary 2019
084IRB Meeting Scheduling and NotificationMarch 2017
090Informed Consent Process for ResearchMarch 2023
091Written Documentation of ConsentMarch 2023
700Human Research AuditAugust 2019
701QA ReportingAugust 2019
703Complaints Questions ConcernsMarch 2021
801Authorization AgreementsOctober 2023
802Institutional Profile ManagementOctober 2023
803Reliance Pre-ReviewOctober 2023
804Site Pre-ReviewOctober 2023
805External IRB UpdatesOctober 2023


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