ETHOS Migration Timeline​

This month we will begin the process of migrating over 2,400 existing, active biomedical studies to ETHOS. Over the past few weeks, the IRB has received several questions about the process. We want you to have critical information about how this change will impact you and any specific steps you and/or your study team will need to take as a result.


  • The majority of biomedical studies will migrate on September 9. (See below for studies that will not migrate on September 9.)


  • Studies ceded to an external IRB, including IRBs at other institutions and studies reviewed by Quorum will migrate in October.


  • Any studies that do not migrate on September 9 or in October will migrate in November, including:
    • Studies with an expiration date between September 9 and November
    • Studies with open, unapproved changes in protocol on September 9
    • Studies with PIs who do not have appropriate credentials in the current IRB database (Fairview, Gillette or UMP PIs who do not have a UMN internet ID)

Help Resources

The following resources provide additional information to help you with the ETHOS migration:

Migration Plan webpage
Frequently Asked Questions - ETHOS Medical Migration
Preparing for the Migration - Biomedical Research Studies (Town Hall Presentation, 06/29/2017)