Certified Approver Program Changes

The Certified Approver (CA) Program was developed to mitigate financial risks in sponsored projects at the University of Minnesota. To ensure the viability and sustainability of this unique and vitally important program, the Risk Intelligence Compliance Team (RIACT) is making changes to the CA Program's requirements to align with the current needs of the University's research compliance environment.
Exam Requirements
Previously, prospective CAs were required to take and pass two exams. Beginning in August, Exam 1 will be replaced by a comprehensive Canvas course in core material that a CA should know in their role. Exam 2 will become the standalone exam that can be taken after successful completion of the CA Canvas course. This course will be made available to current CAs for 3 credits of continuing education.
Continuing Education Requirements
Continuing education requirements have been reduced for FY 2023. Certified approvers who have been a CA since FY 2018 or earlier (5+ years) will now only require 4 continuing education credits (previously 6), and CAs with less than 5 years (2019 to now) will be expected to complete 6 continuing education credits instead of 8.
RIACT and the Certified Approver Advisory Committee (CAAC) would like to thank Angi Aune for her service as the CAAC chair and welcome our new CAAC chair, Jodi Olauson. For more information about the Certified Approver Program, email riact@umn.edu or caac@umn.edu