Continuing Education

Continuing education (CE) credits are required for a CA to maintain their credentials and can be obtained in a variety of ways. Opportunities are listed here, but may also be communicated to CAs via email annoucements. Learn more about CA Continuing education requirements.

The number of credits required each year changed in FY23 and is dependent on the CA's level of experience:

  • Less than five fiscal years of CA experience (became a CA in FY19 or later): 6 CE credits
  • More than five fiscal years of CA experience: 4 CE credits

CAs are encouraged to track their progress towards completion each fiscal year (the record is only periodically updated): 

If questions regarding your continuing education hours remain, contact RIC ( If you have ideas regarding topics you would like to be covered and/or you have recommendations on willing and able presenters, please contact

Continuing Education Opportunities

CE Sessions

To receive credit: Follow these guidelines:

  1. Register and attend using your UMN email address
  2. Log on before the session starts or, at a minimum, on time
  3. Remain on the session until the end 

Recorded CE Events

Submit the Report of Attendance Form once you have viewed the entire presentation. You must explain what you learned and how it benefits your CA role. Recorded sessions from FY23 will be available for credit through FY24.

Other CE Event Materials

Spectrum Courses 

To receive credit: Submit the Report of Attendance Form upon completion.

SPA Courses 

There are no courses offered for credit at this time, please check back later for more information.

To receive credit: Submit the Report of Attendance Form.

Conference Attendance 

Certified Approvers will receive four hours of CE credit for attending applicable conferences. Travel funds are not available from the Certified Approver Program or Research Integrity and Compliance (RIC).

Examples of conferences: National Council of University Research AdministratorsNCURA Region IVFinancial Research Administration 

To receive credit: Report attendance by completing the Report of Attendance Form

Listserv Posts, Responses, & Policy Review Feedback (

Participation in four (minimum) Community of Practice Listserv emails earn 1 CE credit. The initial question or substantive responses count toward the four cumulative items needed to obtain the credit. You may earn up to 4 CE credits with a maximum of 16 Listserv questions, responses or policy review feedback items. Posts and feedback must be thoughtful and add to the conversation by enhancing the information or content.

Example of 1 CE credit (4 items): 1 Listserv question, 2 Listserv responses, and 1 Policy feedback submission.

To receive credit: Report participation by completing the Report of Attendance Form.

Serving on a UMN Central Committee or Project Team 

Participation as a member on a University-wide committee or project team is eligible for receiving 3 CE credits. Approval of the CE credit will be based on time commitment, relevance to certified approving or grants management, and demonstration of University-wide participation and goals.

CAAC committee or subcommittee members serving on the Certified Approver Advisory Committee will receive up to 6 CE credits. Serving on a CAAC subcommittee will receive up to 4 CE credits.

Current CA's taking the CA course 3 CE credits.

To receive credit: Submit the details of your participation using the Report of Attendance Form.


CAs may receive 1-2 CE credits for planning or presenting at events directed at the CA community or participating in a special project directly related to the Certified Approver Program.

To receive credit: Report participation by completing the Report of Attendance Form. 

Professional Development & Training Opportunities

See the upcoming professional development and training opportunities. CE credit eligibility is subject to review by CAAC.