Awarded Equipment

Proposal Equipment/instrument Campus Location Year Awarded
663990 Purchase of LUMENCOR Spectra III light source for the Nikon TiE wide field fluorescence microscope at the UIC Twin Cities BMBB Med Dept Administration 2023
661649 Bruker VENTURE PHOTON III Single Crystal Diffractometer: Replacement of Cryostat Twin Cities CSENG Chemistry Administration 2023
659690 Acquisition and installation of controlled temperature spaces at the Large Lakes Observatory, UMD Duluth D Biology 2023
663195 Acquiring a differential scanning calorimeter (Discovery DSC 2500) Twin Cities CoP Pharmaceutics 2023
629400 Video Electroencephalography and Biopac Equipment UMTC NEUR Neurology Dept Admin 2022
630830 FujiFilm/VisualSonics F2 Preclinical Ultrasound Imaging System for Shared Use UMTC IBP Physiology Administration 2022
550830 BZ-X800 Fluorescence Microscope UMM M Biology 2021
550338 High-Resolution Spectroradiometer for Advancing the Knowledge in Remote Sensing of Environment UMTC CSENG Civil, Envrn & Geo- Eng 2021
551308 A high resolution, highly sensitive, and fast confocal microscope for the Saint Paul Campus UMTC CBS Plant & Microbial Biology 2021
551857 Hydraulic Service Manifold UMD D Civil Engineering 2021
550465 Floor Avanti JE centrifuge with JLA 9.1000, JA25.5 and JS5.3 rotors for biochemical research UMTC CBS Biotechnology Inst Admin 2021
544924 Keyence Imaging System UMTC MED Hema, Onc, Transplant Adm 2021
548909 CNC Table Top Mill and VLS6.75 Laser Cutter UMTC PEDS Blood/Marrow Transplant 2021
548989 LICOR Odyssey XF gel imaging system UMTC Veterinary Biomedical Science 2021
501595 SCI Chemidoc MP System UMTC ORSU Orthopaedic Clin Ops/Adm 2021
501313 Purchase of a Gas Chromatograph Specialized for Greenhouse Gas Analysis in Crookston UMTC Northwest ROC, Crookston 2021
500969 Upgrade of Nikon A1Rsi laser scanning confocal microscope to HD scanner UMTC BMBB Med Regulatory Biochem 2021
500924 Ultra-High-Purity Assembly System for Quantum Device Research UMTC CSENG ECE Admin 2021
499834 Sorb-Tech Automated Purification System for Use in the UMN Morris Chemistry Discipline UMTC M Chemistry 2021
468438 Flow Cytometer For Plant Research on the St. Paul Campus UMTC Horticultural Sci, Dept of 2020
468315 Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis UMTC The Hormel Institute 2020
467195 High-Rate Ground Station for Satellite Communications UMTC CSENG Physics & Astron,Schl of 2020
465883 Spinning disk confocal microscope for long-term 3D live cell imaging and molecular trafficking/dynamics studies UMTC Pharm Practice Pharm Sciences 2020
464451 BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator for Automated Live Cell Analysis UMTC Experimental & Clinical Pharm 2020
416135 Reel Irrigation for North Central Research and Outreach Center (NCROC) UMTC Horticultural Sci, Dept of 2020
413398 PHOTON III: X-ray Diffraction Detector Upgrade to Boost Single-Photon Sensitivity UMTC CSENG Chemistry Administration 2020
411267 A Zetasizer Nanoparticle Analyzer for the Minnesota Nano Center UMTC CSENG ECE Admin 2020
380600 Collagen-Density Dependent Studies of Intracellular Crowding in Highly Metastatic Cancer Cells in Tumor-like Environment UMD D Chemistry & Biochemistry 2019
380377 Acquisition of Oxford Lasers Firefly High-Speed Laser UMD D Mechanical & Ind Engr 2019
380361 Acquisition of a hand-held x-ray fluorescence instrument UMD D Earth & Environmental Sci 2019
380265 Tenney Ultracold Environmental Test Chamber UMTC Horticultural Sci, Dept of 2019
379972 Integrated Muscle Activity Assessment System UMTC Physical Therapy 2019
379586 A fluorescence microscope with high-resolution imaging system for plant breeding in the postgenomic era UMTC Horticultural Sci, Dept of 2019
379366 ChemiDoc MP Imaging System for robust workflows involving DNA and Protein visualization and quantification. UMTC The Hormel Institute 2019
374836 IncuCyte S3 Imaging System for Digital Monitoring of Cell Functions UMTC LMP Administration 2019
325362 Acquisition of TA Instruments Discovery 250 Differential Scanning Calorimeter UMD D Chemistry & Biochemistry 2019
325269 Becton Dickinson (BD) Accuri™ C6 Plus Flow Cytometer UMD D Chemistry & Biochemistry 2019
324930 LI-COR Odyssey CLx Infrared Imager UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2019
321964 Seahorse HI UMTC The Hormel Institute 2019
247009 A microfluidics system for the encapsulation and targeted delivery of biologically active materials. UMTC Department of Food Science & Nutrition 2019
245254 Freeze-dryer for stabilization studies of pharmaceuticals, proteins, microbiome, cell therapies & regenerative medicine UMTC CSENG Mechanical Engineering Admin 2019
214435 Dark Environmental Chamber for Nikon FN1 A1R MP Microscope in University Imaging Centers (UIC) UMTC NSCI Neuroscience Admin 2018
214429 Acquisition of TA Instruments Discovery 550 Advanced Thermogravimetric Analyzer UMD Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 2018
214164 Medium size environmental chamber for sample preparation over short time periods UMD Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 2018
212443 Unique instrument for the characterization of materials under uniaxial pressure UMTC CSENG School of Physics & Astronomy 2018
212335 Density Gradient Fractionator System UMTC DMED Biomedical Sciences 2018
209518 Minnesota Nano Center STS Etcher UMTC CSENG School of Physics & Astronomy 2018
174187 Ultra-High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph for Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Research UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2017
173670 Partial Funding for MerMade8 DNA synthesizer for Chemical Biology, Chemical Carcinogenesis, and Biotechnology Research UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2017
173119 General Purpose Distinct Element Method Computational Environment UMTC CSENG Mech Engineering Admin 2017
172879 Leica cryostat and vibratome UMTC Pharm Practice Pharm Sciences 2017
171856 Typhoon IP Biomolecular Imager for Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomedical Research UMTC CBS Microbial Bio & Biotech 2017
147683 Real-Time Digital Simulator with Rapid-Control Prototyping features (RTDS-RCP) UMTC CSENG ECE Admin 2016
147625 Bridging the gap between molecular biology and biochemistry, and histopathology UMTC The Hormel Institute 2016
147091 Microscale Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument (pUNk) for Protein and Medicinal Chemistry Applications UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2016
146933 Zeiss Axio Observer ApoTome fluorescent microscope for high-resolution imaging of living cells and embryos UMTC The Hormel Institute 2016
146521 Rigaku EDXRF UMD D Chemical Engineering 2016
146227 An Analyzer for Biological Nanoparticles UMTC CSENG Chemistry Administration 2016
143790 LumiCycle 32 Color luminometer UMTC GCD MS Department Admin 2016
141986 A wireless recording/stimulation system to study brain activity and develop novel neuromodulation therapies UMTC NEUR Neurology Dept Admin 2016
111560 Shared Equipment for Electromagnetic Transmission and Reflection Measurements between 50 and 500 GHz UMTC CSENG Physics & Astron,Schl of 2016
111534 Acquisition of a Ground Penetrating Radar System For Research Applications at UMM UMM M Geology 2016
110364 BMG CLARIOstar microplate reader UMTC Veterinary Biomedical Science 2016
109588 Photon II: An X-ray Diffraction Detector with Single-Photon Sensitivity UMTC CSENG Chemistry Administration 2016
107442 Environmental Controlled System for Fabrication and Heterogeneous Integration of 2D Material Devices UMTC CSENG ECE Admin 2016
93763 Seahorse FXe96 Shared Instrument for the Duluth Campus UMD Dmed AHC Grad Program 2015
93598 Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Autosampling Analyzer (TOC-L) with Simultaneous Total Nitrogen (TNM-L) Measurement UMTC Horticultural Science 2015
23097 Purchase of a High-Resolution Infrared Thermal Camera UMTC Ecology, Evolution and Behavior 2015
23039 Bridging the gap between macro and micro: imaging, documentation, analysis and dissection UMTC Hormel Institute 2014
23037 Acquisition of Equipment for Mössbauer Spectroscopy UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry 2014
22989 Replacement of the Digital Optical Encoders on the Infrared Telescope of the University of Minnesota's O'Brien Observatory UMTC Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics 2014
22987 Benchtop NMR Spectrometer UMM Science & Mathematics 2014
22985 Thermo Fisher Scientific Niton XL3t 950 Mining Analyzer with GOLDD+ System UMTC Geology & Geophysics 2014
22965 WIZARD2 5-detector gamma counter UMTC Animal Science 2014
22958 Reveleris Prep Flash Chromatography System UMTC Horticultural Science 2014
22957 Acquisition of a Triple Quad LC-MS System for Translational Research on Orphan Drugs UMTC Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology 2014
22950 Center for Immunology SpeedVac UMTC Pediatrics Rheumatology 2014
22917 Acquisition of a Cell Sorter for the Duluth Campus UMD Anatomy, Microbiology & Pathology 2014
22911 Dual Mode Imaging System UMD Anatomy, Microbiology & Pathology 2014
22885 Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis UMTC Electrical and Computer Engineering - Fields & Photonics 2014
22882 Data Storage for New Very Large Datasets UMTC Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics 2014
22849 Advanced Drop Shape Analysis Tensiometer - shared equipment at the Coating Process and Visualization Laboratory (CPVL) UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2014
22842 Microwave Synthesizer for Medicinal Chemistry Research UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2014
22833 Nanodrop 2000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with laptop UMTC Plant Pathology 2014
22762 Acquisition of a BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer UMM Biology 2013
22760 Expansion of GPR Capacity for Use in Archaeological, Paleontological, and Geological Survey UMTC Anthropology 2013
22750 Purchase of a HPLC system UMC Math, Science & Technology 2013
22746 Phosphorimaging System for Biomedical Research UMD Anatomy, Microbiology & Pathology 2013
22720 Aperio Scanscope CS2 (Leica Biosystems) for Department of Surgery UMTC Surgery - Surgical Sciences 2013
22694 Acquisition of Nanoscale Thermal Analysis and Scanning Thermal Microscopy as Shared Equipment UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2013
22677 IRMOS Telescope Interface UMTC Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics 2013
22676 Keyence digital microscope for cleanroom applications UMTC Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013
22607 Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for Use in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology UMM Science & Mathematics 2013
22597 An Isothermal Titration Calorimeter for quantitative assessment of protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid and protein-ligand interactions UMTC Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics, Med 2013
22580 Purchase of a Tabletop Ultracentrifuge UMTC Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology 2013
22577 Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer for Use in Science and Engineering UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2013
22541 Karl Storz Mouse Coloview Endoscopy System UMTC Genetic Mechanisms of Cancer 2013
22497 FT-IR Spectrometer for Archaeological Research in the Field and the Lab UMTC Anthropology 2012
22493 Microwave Accelerated Reaction System for Food and Flavor Analysis UMTC Food Science & Nutrition 2012
22461 Advanced Plasma Cleaner for Transmission Electron Microscopy Specimens and Specimen Holders UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2012
22370 Acquisition of Equipment for Computational Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry 2012
22348 Trinocular Video Microscope for the X-ray Crystallographic Laboratory UMTC Chemistry 2012
22341 Centrifuge Equipment for Cellular, Molecular & Developmental Biology UMTC Genetics,Cell Biology & Development/TMED 2012
22306 A UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer for in vivo analysis of turbid cell suspensions UMTC Horticultural Science 2012
22240 SRU Bind Reader UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2011
22213 Scanning Probe Microscopy – the Next Generation UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2011
22211 Real-Time X-Ray Laue System for CSI Characterization Facility UMTC Physics & Astronomy 2011
22209 Prosolia Omni Spray® Two-Dimensional Desorption Electrospray Ionization (DESI) Mass Spectrometry Source UMTC Chemistry 2011
22178 Ion Chromatograph at UMD-SCSE UMD Civil Engineering (Duluth) 2011
22176 Microplate reader for evaluation of enzyme expression, DNA/RNA quantification and microbial growth in soil ecology research UMTC Plant Pathology 2011
22175 Acquisition of a Tissue Pulverizer for Plant Breeding, Metabolomics and Functional Genomics Research UMTC Horticultural Science 2011
22054 Yellow-green 561-nm laser for BD LSR II flow cytometer UMTC Periodontology 2011
22053 Active Vibration Isolation System for a New Transmission
Electron Microscope
UMTC Diagnostic & Biological Sciences 2011
22051 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope UMD Pharmacy 2011
22019 Acquisition of nano-drop and a lab-on-a-chip systems for expression studies UMTC Horticultural Science 2011
22015 Beckman Avanti JE High Speed Centrifuge UMTC Developmental/Surgical Sciences 2011
21990 Specialized Transmission Electron Microscopy Specimen Holder for In-Situ Heating and Electrical Measurements with Atomic Resolution UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2011
21944 Nociceptive Flexion Reflex Elicitation Equipment UMTC Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences 2010
21930 Walk-in freezer and refrigerator for limnological water and sediment samples UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry 2010
21917 Attune Acoustic Focusing Cytometer UMTC Surgery - Surgical Sciences 2010
21900 Cryotransfer System for a New Transmission Electron Microscope UMTC Diagnostic & Biological Sciences 2010
21853 Detector for Single-crystal X-ray Diffraction UMTC Chemistry 2010
21759 Request for partial support to purchase an automated calf feeding system UMTC Animal Science 2010
21743 Purchase of a FTIR microscope for Use in Science and Engineering UMTC Electrical & Computer Engineering 2010
21740 Infrastructure Improvement: Purchase of 3 Carbon Dioxide Incubators for Cell Culture UMD Physiology and Pharmacology 2010
21721 Acquisition of Jenoptik digital camera and Leitz microscope upgrade UMTC Plant Biology 2010
21698 Tissue Culture Equipment UMTC Environmental Health Sciences 2010
21696 Acquisition of computational equipment for materials computation UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2010
21692 Sorption Analyzer for Porous Materials Characterization UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2010
21674 Multimode Microplate Reader UMD Anatomy, Microbiology & Pathology 2010
21654 Shared Equipment for Near Infrared Spectroscopy UMTC Nursing - Adult & Gerontological Health 2010
21540 “Cryo attachment of Ultramicrotome for Electron Microscopy” UMTC Chemistry 2009
21529 Plate-Reading Spectrofluorometer UMTC Genetics,Cell Biology & Development/TMED 2009
21518 NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer for Microbial, Developmental, and Aquatic Research UMD Biology 2009
21489 Phosphorimager for Pharmacy Research UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2009
21476 EBSD-related equipment and software access UMTC Geology & Geophysics 2009
21403 Software for trace element and light element analyses by electron microprobe UMTC Geology & Geophysics 2009
21397 Infrastructure for Storage of Massive Data Sets UMTC Physics & Astronomy 2009
21384 Microscale Contact Angle Meter UMTC Mechanical Engineering 2009
21360 In situ brain perfusion equipment UMD Pharmacy 2009
21287 Chemical Biology Infrastructure at UMD UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry 2008
21271 Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer for STEM UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2008
21245 Live cell imaging system for molecular trafficking and interaction studies UMTC Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics, Med 2008
21226 Leica Freeze Substitution Device UMTC Plant Biology 2008
21218 Upgrade of the Polarimeter Camera at Mt. Lemmon Observatory UMTC Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics 2008
21181 A real-time PCR machine to quantify microRNA and mRNA expression UMTC Pharmacology 2008
21178 Purchase of a Fluorchem Imaging System UMD Physiology and Pharmacology 2008
21157 Monitoring system for FGF21 regulation of metabolic switch in hibernation UMD Biology 2008
21144 ICP-OE Spectrometer for Fluid and Mineral-Chemical Research UMTC Geology & Geophysics 2008
21004 Acquisition of a new carbon-coater for the Electron Microprobe Laboratory UMTC Geology & Geophysics 2007
20994 A High-Pressure Liquid Chromatograph for Natural Product Research UMTC Plant Pathology 2007
20975 Acquisition of a Real-Time PCR Machine for Plant Breeding and Functional Genomics Research UMTC Horticultural Science 2007
20950 Flexstation II 96-well benchtop scanning fluormeter & integrated fluid transfer workstation UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2007
20940 DeltaVision imaging system to study subcellular structures and processes UMTC Genetics,Cell Biology & Development/CBS 2007
20922 EMG Device for Mock Magnet for fMRI Research UMTC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 2007
20903 Acquisition of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for the LLO Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry System UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry 2007
20889 Equipment for identification of microbial biomarkers in phospholipid fatty acids UMTC Ecology, Evolution & Behavior 2007
20872 Acquisition of a Dielectric Relaxation Spectrometer UMTC Chemistry 2007
20863 Quantitative Real-Time PCR System UMTC NW Research & Outreach Center-Crookston 2007
20862 Liquid Scintillation Counter for Microbial, Cellular, and Geological Research UMD Biology 2007
20836 Purchase of the Odyssey Infrared Imager UMTC Pharmacology 2007
20830 Real Time PCR Instrument UMTC Hormel Institute 2007
20827 Ultramicrotome for Electron Microscopy UMTC Neuroscience 2007
20823 Backup Cryo Holder for F30 Cryo-TEM UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2007
20812 Q-RT-PCR for Quantitative Evaluation of Gene Expression in Transgenic Animals UMTC Genetics,Cell Biology & Development/CBS 2007
20723 CP-MAS Probe for High-Field NMR Spectrometer for Analysis of Solid Materials UMTC Chemistry 2006
20721 Acquisition of Atomic Layer Deposition System for Interdisciplinary Applications UMTC Electrical and Computer Engineering - Fields & Photonics 2006
20706 Inert-atmosphere Glove Box for Use in Chemistry and Physics UMM Science & Mathematics 2006
20705 Freeze-dryer for limnological water and sediment samples UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry 2006
20677 Acquiring a Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Use in Science and Engineering UMTC Chemistry 2006
20662 A Shared Wire Bonding Machine UMTC Physics & Astronomy 2006
20644 BD FACS Canto Flow Cytometer for Analysis of Cells UMTC Veterinary Clinical Sciences 2006
20613 Automated Gamma Counter Equipment UMD Pharmacy 2006
20603 Small-and Wide-Angle X-Ray Scattering Instrument for Characterization of Hierarchically Ordered Materials UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2006
20541 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer for Use in Engineering and Science UMTC Electrical & Computer Engineering 2006
20502 Fluorescent plate reader for sensitive high throughput measurements of gene expression UMTC Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics - Microbial Bio 2006
20492 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer for Pharmacy Research UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2006
20386 Upgrade of Cary 14 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer UMTC Chemistry 2005
20369 Acquisition of a Confocal Raman Microscope for Use in Science, Engineering, and Medicine UMTC Geology & Geophysics 2005
20359 Leica DM5000 B Microscope UMTC Plant Biology 2005
20322 Temperature and Humidity Stage for Wide Angle X-Ray Diffractometer UMTC Pharmaceutics 2005
20311 Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Instrument UMTC Pharmacy 2005
20303 Histology Facility UMTC Hormel Institute 2005
20295 Preparing Research Samples for Electron Microscopy UMTC Genetics,Cell Biology & Development/CBS 2005
20292 Hemavet UMTC Medicine - Cardiovascular Division 2005
20285 Acquisition of HPLC Auto Sampler to Support Clinical Research UMTC Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology 2005
20210 Controlled Anaerobic Culture Conditions UMTC Food Science & Nutrition 2005
20199 Purchase of an Autotuning Attachment for the 500MHz NMR UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry 2005
20054 Acquisition of a High-Speed, High-Resolution Camera for the Coating Process Fundamentals Program UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2004
20034 Spectrophotometer for limnological research UMTC Ecology, Evolution & Behavior 2004
20027 GENios Pro Multidetection Microplate Reader UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2004
20023 Shared Preparative Ultracentrifuge UMD Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 2004
20021 Inert Gas Glove Box UMTC Medicinal Chemistry 2004
19989 High Resolution Ultrasound Biomicroscope UMTC Pediatrics - Neuropsychology 2004
19957 Acquisition of a Real-Time PCR Machine for the Duluth Campus UMD Anatomy, Microbiology & Pathology 2004
19932 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography system with Thermostatted Autosampler UMTC Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology 2004
19907 Acquisition of a Plasma Cleaner for High-Resolution TEM sample preparation UMTC Chemistry 2004
19898 Construction of an Oxygen Plasma Etcher for Research in Nanomaterials UMTC Chemical Engineering & Materials Science 2004
19897 Teststar IIm: Multi-Station Controller for Materials and Systems Testing UMTC Civil Engineering 2004
19873 Acquisition of a Gas Chromatograph Autosampler for Trace Gas Analysis UMTC Soil, Water, & Climate 2004
19732 Acquisition of an Ion Mill for High-Resolution TEM Sample Preparation UMTC Geology & Geophysics 2003
19720 Epifluorescence Microscope for Microbial, Developmental, and Neurobiological Research UMD Biology 2003
19713 A Computer Laboratory for Research on Reading Fluency UMTC Psychology 2003
19706 Multi-User Force-Motion Analysis System for Human Movement Studies UMTC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 2003
19681 Digital Dual Wavelength Spectrophotometer UMTC Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology 2003
19657 Raman Spectrometer for Characterizing Solid Materials UMTC Pharmaceutics 2003
19651 Quantitative Real-Time PCR Thermal Cycler UMTC Pharmaceutics 2003
19648 Time-lapse and Real-time Confocal Imaging Station UMTC Genetics, Cell Biology, & Development 2003
19647 Odyssey Infrared Imaging System UMTC Hormel Institute 2003
19564 High Resolution Digital Acquisition System for Microscopy UMTC Plant Biology 2003
19545 Walk-up/Benchtop Electrospray Mass Spectrometer for Support of Organic Synthesis UMTC Chemistry 2003
19514 Purchase of a Confocal Microscope for the Duluth Campus UMD Physiology and Pharmacology 2003
19509 Leica AS Laser Microdissection System UMTC Genetics,Cell Biology & Development/CBS 2003
19483 Real-Time PCR Thermal Cycler UMTC Lab, Medicine, & Pathology 2003