Ethics & Compliance

The Research and Innovation Office (RIO) is committed to protecting research participants, upholding ethical standards, and improving our practice at every step. 

RIO oversees the administrative units and regulatory bodies responsible for providing oversight of research activities across the University system and ensuring compliance with all relevant policies, regulations, and laws related to research.

Risk Intelligence and Compliance Team

Learn about our Research Integrity and Compliance (RIC), which oversees University processes and education designed to facilitate the conduct of research in accordance with the highest ethical and regulatory standards.

Human Research Protections

Learn about human research protections at the UMN, the Institutional Review Board, and the Community Oversight Board. RIO has also put forth the Advancing Human Research Protections iniative.

Animal Care & Use

Learn about animal care and use at the UMN and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Biotechnology Activities Oversight

Learn about biotechnology activities oversight at the UMN, including oversight committees for biosafety (IBC), embryonic and pluripotent human stem cells (SCRO), dual use research of concern (DURC), human gene transfer pre-review, and fetal tissue (FTR).

Export Controls

Learn about export controls, the federal laws governing technology transfers to non-US personnel, shipments abroad, and international transactions having certain foreign policy and national security implications.  

Conflict of Interest

Learn about managing conflicts of interest at the UMN, including relevant policies and offices across the institution.

Reporting Research Misconduct

Learn about reporting research misconduct at the UMN, including scientific and other forms of research misconduct.

Research Compliance Training Guide

The Research Compliance Training Guide is a collection of training and guidance for conducting research at the University

Research Ethics Week

Research Ethics Week is an annual week-long series of college and department-led educational opportunities focused on professional development and best practices to promote, maintain, and model high standards of ethics and integrity in research.