Research Integrity & Safety Collaborative (RISC)

The Research Integrity and Safety Collaborative (RISC) meets quarterly with a goal of building and cultivating an integrated approach to research risk mitigation and advancing ethical, safe, and compliant practices of researchers, staff, and students.

Among other things, participation provides an opportunity for the separately functioning and distributed research compliance offices at the University to come together and discuss the program’s effectiveness and critical risk areas.

Guiding Principles

  • Engage in dialogue and risk analysis of research risks and collaborate to mitigate research risks. 
  • Foster a culture of research integrity, ethics, and compliance with the research community of the University.
  • Ensure that research compliance expectations are communicated to the University research community.
  • Provide reports to leadership that are comprehensive and provide a clear and accurate assessment of the health of research compliance at the University.


Shashank Priya, Vice President for Research
Danielle Rintala, Chair, Research Risk and Compliance Team Director
Linnea Anderson, Human Research Protection Program/ Institutional Review Board
Pat Briscoe, Export Controls
Adam Krajicek, Environmental Health and Safety
Ilana Cohen, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
April Coon, Sponsored Projects Administration
Jill Cordes, Fairview Research Administration
Jon Guden, Office of Institutional Compliance
Carol Grutkoski, Technology Commercialization
David Hagen, Effort Certification
Nate Koewler, Research Animal Resources
Kelly Kuhns, Internal Audit
Robin Tobias, Biosafety & Occupational Health
Kelly McCormick, Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Erica Orcholski , Masonic Cancer Center
Gregory Park, Biotechnology Activities Oversight
Nicole Pilman, Sponsored Financial Reporting
Amy Rollinger, Sponsored Projects Administration
Natascha Shawver, Office of Information Technology
Jessy Thomas, Human Research Protection Program/Quality Assurance
Joyce Trost, Gillette Children's Hospital
Brian Vetter, Radiation Safety
Tahnee Trenberth, Health Information Privacy & Compliance Office
Rachael Perriello, Research Safety- Duluth
Laura Lott, Public Health- Duluth
Sarah Averbeck, Medical School
Jodi Olauson, Certified Approver Program