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Venture Center

At the Venture Center, we take ideas and technology that stem from University of Minnesota research, prepare them for the market, and launch new businesses around them.

About Our Startups

Since 2006, we have launched more than 190 startup companies based on UMN technology, marking a milestone in our efforts to assist faculty and staff systemwide in commercializing their inventions.

  • Three out of four of our startups are based in Minnesota
  • 75 percent are still active today—well above the national average
  • Our startups have raised more than $1.15 billion ($654 million in startup investment capital and $498 million from IPOs and acquisitions, FY2006-2019)

“The University Tech Comm has been a formidable partner in building Claros Technologies and another upcoming venture. I have been working with Tech Comm for 7 years now, from initial IP filing to a Series A fundraising and I have witnessed a remarkable evolution and effort to accommodate innovators and startups and enhance their chances of success. I am grateful for that.” - Abdennour Abbas, PhD, Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Claros Technologies