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Venture Center


About Our Startups

Since 2006, we have launched more than 200 startup companies based on UMN technology, with a track record of success.

  • Three out of four of our startups are based in Minnesota
  • 75+ percent are still active today—well above the national average
  • Our startups have raised more than $1.15 billion ($654 million in startup investment capital and $498 million from IPOs and acquisitions, FY2006-2019)

“The University Tech Comm has been a formidable partner in building Claros Technologies and another upcoming venture. I have been working with Tech Comm for 7 years now, from initial IP filing to a Series A fundraising and I have witnessed a remarkable evolution and effort to accommodate innovators and startups and enhance their chances of success.” - Abdennour Abbas, PhD, Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Claros Technologies