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We have launched more than 240 startups (video) based on UMN research since the Venture Center was formed in 2006, with more than $1.8 billion raised in investment capital, IPOs and acquisitions (2022 survey). Ten UMN startups have been acquired or have gone public since 2017, underscoring the relevance of University innovations and technologies.

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Biology & Pharmacy

License executed: March 2022
University inventors: Zachary Gardner, Venkatram Mereddy, Tanner Schumacher 
Connuct Ltd was started by two prospective investors to advance small molecules from Dr. Mereddy's laboratory into cancer therapies.

Knine Biotech
License executed: February 2022
University inventors: Jaime Modiano, Taylor Depauw, Ali Khammanivong
Artificial Intelligence for Early Cancer Detection in canines.

Unleash Therapeutics
License executed: October 2021
University inventors: Michael Olin, Christopher Moertel
Use of CD200 inhibitors for canine cancers.

Rancho Santa Fe Bio
License executed: September 2021
University inventors: Jon Hawkinson, Gurpreet Singh, Michael Walters
Drug that slows the progression of calcification in people with aortic valve stenosis

License executed: September 2021
University inventors: Allison Hubel, Kathryn Pollock
Non-DMSO cryopreservation product that increases the viability of preserved cells for future delivery to cell and gene therapy patients.

Diastol Therapeutics
License executed: June 2021
University inventor: Sam Dudley
Therapy for the treatment of diastolic dysfunction.

iMacular Regeneration
License executed: June 2021
University inventor: Timothy Olsen
A surgically implanted tissue support structure for regenerative medicine-based treatment approaches to macular degeneration.

Frontline Biotechnologies
License executed: May 2021
University inventor: Abdennour Abbas
Biological sample processing technologies, including bio-sampling, bio-separation, and bioconcentration to enable rapid and remote diagnostics.

Pioneering Clinical Research
License executed: May 2021
University inventor: Otto Sanchez
Treatment of metabolic and cardiovascular complications of peripheral arterial disease using a synthetically engineered natriuretic peptide.

License executed: March 2021
University inventor: Theresa Reineke
Polymer-based, nonviral systems for binding, encapsulation, and delivery of biomolecular payloads in a well-defined manner and in an efficient and low cost manner compared to viral delivery systems.

NorthStar Genomics
License executed: October 2020
University inventor: Dan and Mary Garry
Business will enable the creation of humanized organs in pigs including heart, skeletal tissues, vasculature and blood products.

EV Therapeutics
License executed: July 2020
University inventor: Subree Subramanian
Use of Modified Extracellular Vehicles to Boost Immune Response in Colorectal Cancer.

Sarcio Technologies (formerly Superior Organoid Technologies)
License executed: February 2020
University inventor: Tim O’Brian, Beth Lindborg, Amanda Vegoe
The Company will provide human chondrocytes to patients with cartilage injuries and osteoarthritis to repair damaged cartilage, and restore normal function and mobility.

License executed: June 2020
University inventor: College of Pharmacy 
Non-profit providing logistics management to collect and distribute unexpired and unopened prescription and non-prescription drugs to low-income/high-need people.

Catamaran Bio
License executed: February 2020
University inventors: Brandon Moriarity, Beau Webber
Company will focus on delivering NK Cell therapy for whole organ cancer treatment.

BrightStar Therapeutics
License executed: January 2020
University inventors: Joshua Hou MD, Peter Bedard Ph.D., Ching Yuan Ph.D.
Developing a therapeutic treatment for a cause of retinal blindness, Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency.

Austin Biosciences
License executed: August 2019
University inventor: Da-Qing Yang
Minimally invasive, safe, and economic diagnostic blood test for high risk women with pre-invasive or metastatic breast cancer.

License executed: July 2019
University inventors: Maciej Maselko, Michael Smanski 
Developing state of the art genetic biocontrol solutions for mosquitoes and agricultural insect pests.

Anatomi Corp
License executed: May 2019
University inventors: James Dutton, Patrick Walsh
Technology that allows for rapid development of neuronal cells from stem cells thus facilitating faster drug development.

Stryke Club
License executed: April 2019
University inventor: Sheilagh Mcguinness
Grooming/acne skin care line for boys.

License executed: September 2018
University inventor: Christine Salomon
Technology that enables researchers to grow high quality biofilms with consistency and reproducibility that better model how biofilms exist in nature and in vivo.

Cancer Therapeutics Laboratories
License executed: September 2018
University inventors: John Ohlfest (UMN), Peisheng Hu (USC), Alan Epstein (USC)
Cancer therapy focused on animals with first application in canines.

Salspera Therapeutics
License executed: June 2018
University inventors: Daniel Saltzman, Janet Schottel
Multiple engineered and constructed Salmonella that express and secrete various immunomodulating proteins that have significant anti-tumor cancer fighting effects. 

License executed: June 2018
University inventors: Peter Dosa (UMN), Michael Frautsch (Mayo)
Compound that is used with current Glaucoma therapy treatment to significantly enhance the therapeutic performance, reducing the number of treatments needed.

Corebiome, Inc.
License executed: May 2017
University inventors: Dan Knights, Kenny Beckman, Daryl Gohl
Service company that provides expert analysis and accurate genomic profiles of microbial communities (microbiomes) to customers in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and academic research. Corebiome was acquired by Orasure in January 2019.

OX2 Therapeutics
License executed: January 2017
University inventor: Michael Olin
Technology that is a highly efficacious treatment against solid tumor cancers.

General Probiotic
License executed: January 2017
University inventors: Yiannis Kaznessis, K. Volzing, J. Del Pino, G. Dunny, B. Forcus, K. Geldart
Producer of probiotics that fight gastrointestinal infections such as E. coli and Salmonella.

Antibiotic Alternatives
License executed: March 2017
University inventor: Mark Herzberg
Novel antimicrobial agents that thwart infection by augmenting the production of naturally occurring antimicrobial proteins in mucosal epithelial cells.

Discovery Genomics
License executed: March 2016
University inventor: Perry Hackett
Therapeutic gene(s) using Sleeping Beauty technology for patients that lack a functioning copy of the gene. Discovery Genomics was acquired by Immusoft in March 2016.

B-MoGen Biotechnologies
License executed: February 2016
University inventors: David Largaespada, Branden Moriarity, Robert Klink, Perry Hackett
Tools and proprietary methods that enable the discovery of novel treatments by creating engineered cells for research and therapeutic applications. B-MoGen was acquired by Bio-Techne Corporation in June 2019.

Photonic Pharma
License executed: December 2015
University inventors: Dave Thomas, Razvan Cornea
Compound screening for potential drug development that enables visualization of cell activity for various targets of small molecule compounds.      

Blue Therapeutics
License executed: October 2015
University inventors: Phil Portoghese, Ajay Yekkirala
Novel small molecule with greater pain killing potency than morphine and no abuse potential. 

Tmunity Therapeutics
License executed: August 2015
University inventor: Bruce Blazar
Next generation immunotherapies from novel T Cell Receptor engineered T cells, regulatory T cells and universal engineered T cell platforms for cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases therapeutics.

Flora Therapeutics
License executed: June 2015 (inactive)
University inventor: Dan Knights
Targeting gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases using bacteria as therapeutics.

Tychon Biosciences
License executed: February 2015
University inventor: Carston Wagner
Platform therapeutic focused on cancer treatment using chemical synthesis, custom nanomaterials and complex protein structures.

ApoGen BioTech
License executed: October 2014 (inactive)
University inventors: Reuben Harris, Dan Harki
New class of therapeutics focused on APOBECs, targeting drivers of cancer genomic mutation.

Kuality Herbceutics
License executed: September 2014
University inventor: Chengguo Xing
Cancer therapy developed from Kava plant compound extracts.

BRTI Life Sciences
License executed: August 2014
University inventor: Timothy O'Brien
Biomimetic 3D cell culture matrix designed to support and enhance cell culture assays.

ADC BioMed Corporation
License executed: May 2014
University inventor: Wei Chen
Novel diagnostics and therapeutics to prevent and treat cancer, autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases.

CURx Pharmaceuticals
License executed: August 2013
University inventor: James Cloyd
Intravenous and intramuscular injection treatments for seizures in hospitalized epilepsy patients that can replace oral medications.

ID Genomics
License executed: June 2013
University inventor: James Johnson
Rapid assessment of virulent bacteria for potential organ failure in urgent care settings.

GY Biomedical
License executed: July 2012
University inventor: Glenn Gourley
Non-invasive, cost-effective diagnostic and monitoring test for an inflammatory disease of the esophagus. 

Epitopoietic Research Corporation (ERC)
License executed: April 2012 (inactive)
University inventors: John Ohlfest, Walter Low
Vaccine that engages the immune system to treat glioblastoma brain cancers.

Finch Therapeutics Group, Inc.
License executed: May 2012
University inventors: Michael Sadowsky, Alexander Khoruts, Matt Hamilton, Alexa Weingarden
Finch is a clinical-stage microbiome therapeutics company dedicated to developing novel live microbial therapies to treat diseases such as C. difficile via microbiota transplantation. Originally licensed to CIPAC LLC who merged with Crestovo LLC in 2015, and Crestovo merged with Finch Therapeutics in 2017.

Vytacera Pharma
License executed: December 2011 (inactive)
University inventors: Bob Vince, Steve Patterson, Herb Nagasawa
Technology for the prevention and treatment of cyanide poisoning.

Ariel Pharmaceuticals
License executed: October 2011 (inactive)
University inventors: Matt Andrews, Les Drewes, Greg Beilman
Treatment that reduces death due to blood loss from trauma.

Minneamrita Therapeutics
License executed: February 2011
University inventors: Gunda Georg, Ashok Saluja
Drug for cancerous pancreatic tumors.

Kingsbury Animal Health
License executed: October 2010
University inventor: Pat Schlievert
Improves animal health and food safety by reducing harmful bacteria using glycerol monolaurate (GML).

NeurEndo Pharma
License executed: March 2010 (inactive)
University inventor: Phil Portoghese
Evaluation and development of compounds for the treatment of obesity and pre-diabetes management. 

Hennepin Life Sciences
License executed: October 2009
University inventor: Pat Schlievert
Antimicrobial technology to treat and prevent microbial infections.

License executed: May 2009 (inactive)
University inventor: Razvan Cornea
Molecular therapies for cardiovascular diseases. Celladon merged with EIGER Biopharmaceuticals in November 2015.

License executed: May 2008 (inactive)
University inventor: Matt Andrews
Hemorrhagic shock drug that could keep patients temporarily alive even if they have suffered catastrophic blood loss.

Macular Regeneration
License executed: July 2006 (inactive)
University inventor: Timothy Olsen
Technologies to help with macular regeneration.

License executed: January 2011
University inventor: Dan Voytas, Feng Zhang
Genome editing that can add and modify plant genes to create valuable organisms. Calyxt went public with an IPO in June 2017.

Energy & Environment

Sustainable Water Infrastructure Group
License executed: June 2022
University inventor: Bill Lucas
Use of starch binders to make water filtration pellets for drinking water treatment and phosphorous remediation.

License executed: March 2022
University inventors: Ameya Bapat, David Jurbergs, Uwe Kortshagen, Lorenzo Mangolini, Elijah Thimsen, Paul Thurk 
SiLi-ion Inc. produces “drop-in” additives for immediate improvement of Li-ion battery performance.

Lakril Technologies
License executed: June 2021
University inventor: Paul Dauenhauer
Process to bring sustainability to chemical production with initial focus on acrylic acid/acrylates.

License executed: February 2021
University inventor: Natural Resource Research Institute (NRRI)
Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for use in Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP), fossil, nuclear power plants, and industrial processes.

License executed: November 2020
University inventor: Larry Wackett
Enzyme that removes biuret and triurets from urea solution improving urea purity lowering production cost and opening up new markets for urea.

Darcy Solutions
License executed: June 2019
University inventor: Jimmy Randolph
Novel heat exchanger that uses the flow of the underground water streams to increase efficiency of the residential and commercial heat pump. Works with standard water well drilling.

Geofinancial Analytics
License executed: December 2018
University inventor: Institute on the Environment Team
Satellite image analysis that delivers transparency on fugitive methane emissions from super emitters to aid investment professionals in near real time.

Plasma Technology Holdings
License executed: November 2018
University inventors: Shaobo Deng, Forrest lsuno
Process that uses a plasma energy field that reacts to soybean oil which is the main component of this fuel to produce biodiesel.

Claros Technologies
License executed: June 2018
University inventor: Abdennour Abbas
Compound-based nanotechnology water filtration solution for various water filtering and water contaminate applications.

BKB Floral
License executed: April 2018
University inventor: Marc Hillmyer
Renewable polymer to produce a green material that can be used in the florist industry replacing the material used to mount stemmed plants in vases and retain moisture for display.

enVerde LLC
License executed: April 2017 (inactive)
University inventors: Lanny Schmid, Paul Dauenhauer
Converts various solid biomass components to syngas, used to make synthetic natural gas, ammonia, methanol, and other chemicals.

Sironix Renewables
License executed: February 2017
University inventors: Paul Dauenhauer, Christoph Krumm
Combines plant-based ingredients into functional chemicals for use in creating safer products.

License executed: February 2017
University inventor: Roger Ruan
Converts plastic to oil using microwave pyrolysis technology.

Cleanair-CARE LLP
License executed: September 2016
University inventors: Charles Lo, David Pui, Tom Kuehn, Sheng-Chieh Che
Renewable, energy efficient method to clean large amounts of outside air specifically targeting urban air in Chinese cities such as Beijing.

Valerian Materials
License executed: February 2016
University inventors: Marc Hillmyer, Frank Bates, Kechun Zhang
Monomer and polymer components for high performance, bio-degradable plastics from renewable, green feedstocks and custom polymer synthesis on a contractual basis.

License executed: October 2015 
University inventors: Steven Heilmann, Kenneth Valentas 
Energy efficient method for reducing wastewater sludge from municipal and agricultural sewage wastes and recovering lipids, phosphorus and nitrogen.  

Minnepura (3F)
License executed: October 2013
University inventors: Al Aksan, Larry Wackett, Michael Sadowsky
Encapsulation of biomaterial that provides an effective, low cost treatment solution for removal of hydrocarbons and chemicals from water.

Nstrong Strategies
License executed: October 2013 (inactive)
University inventor: Roger Ruan
Process for producing ammonia fertilizer with water and air that can be implemented close to farmers.

Ascenix Biotechnologies
License executed: January 2013 (inactive)
University inventor: Kechun Zhang
Process to take sugar-based feedstocks and produce synthetic chemicals for multiple uses including production of high value plastics. 

TerraCOH (Heat Mining Company)
License executed: March 2012
University inventor: Martin Saar
Uses sequestered carbon dioxide to extract geothermal energy from the earth that is used to generate electricity. 

Argilex Technologies
License executed: March 2012 (inactive)
University inventor: Michael Tsapatsis
Membrane technology for separation processes such as those in the petroleum refining, chemicals and biofuels industries.

cycleWood Solutions
License executed: September 2011
University inventor: Simo Sarkanen
Low-cost biodegradable and compostable bags.

Renovo Water (NewWater)
License executed: June 2010 (inactive)
University inventors: Larry Wackett, Michael Sadowsky
New type of drinking water filter.

License executed: May 2009 (inactive) 
University inventor: Marc von Keitz
Cost-effective and environmentally sound production of clean fuels, chemicals, and water treatment by harnessing the full biocatalytic potential of microorganisms.

Engineering & Physical Science

Aza Power Systems 
License executed: March 2022
University inventors: Seamus Kane, William Northrop  
Commercializing technology that uses ammonia as a combustible, non-polluting fuel to augment or replace conventional fuels such as propane or diesel fuel.

Champaign Imaging  
License executed: March 2022
University inventors: Curtis Corum, Michael Garwood, Djaudat Idiyatullin
Champaign Imaging LLC is developing innovative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) neuroimaging diagnostic solutions and was founded by Curt Corum, a CMRR researcher and co-inventor.

Intermix Performance Material
License executed: January 2021
University inventor: Frank Bates
Technology that increases the efficiency and cost effectiveness of recycling post-consumer mixed plastic waste by producing a higher quality resultant resins that deliver a superior performance polymer alloys comprised of polypropylene and polyethylene.

License executed: December 2020
University inventor: Amrit Supriya
Ergonomic standing desk.

Counterflow Technologies
License executed: January 2020
University inventors: Alison Hoxie, Paul Strykowski, and Vinod Srinivasan
Spray nozzles for liquids which use less air, pressure and energy to apply a range of low and high viscosity liquids. These nozzles can be retrofitted to most, if not all, existing spray installations.

Grip Molecular Technologies
License executed: December 2019
University inventors: Steve Koester, Sang-Hyun Oh, Mike McAlpine
A graphene-based sensor that enables lower cost, higher performance testing for infectious disease diagnostics.

Carpe Diem
License executed: November 2019
University inventors: Lorraine Francis, Dan Frisbie
Self-aligning roll-to-roll nano imprint lithography and atomic layer deposition systems and technologies used to make flexible hybrid electronics, optics and functional surfaces.

License executed: June 2017 (inactive)
University inventor: Sandra Myers
A technology that captures mercury when a human body is cremated, thus eliminating any mercury escaping into the atmosphere.

License executed: April 2017
University inventor: Patrick Donahue
Unique residential housing product for the single family detached market.

License executed: April 2017
University inventor: David Pui
Advanced gas particulate filter system for vehicles to address stringent emissions requirements in China.

Ensor Inc.
License executed: July 2016 (inactive)
University inventor: Uwe Kortshagen
Battery chemistry and manufacturing process for a silicon dominant based anode that will triple the anode energy density and provide minimal loss in capacity retention.

Advanced Road Patch
License executed: March 2016
University inventor: Lawrence Zanko
Application of magnetite (taconite) for use in material for road repair.

Bolder Flight Systems
License executed: March 2016
University inventors: Brian Taylor, Chris Regan
Software and hardware for a variety of drone navigation products and systems.

License executed: October 2015
University inventor: Rajesh Rajamani
Engineered sensing solutions for non-contacting position measurement.

Adama Materials
License executed: January 2015 (inactive)
University inventors: Chris Macosko, Andreas Stein
Improved properties of resin and fiber composites, such as epoxy/carbon fiber and polyester/fiberglass, at very low cost.

Niron Magnetics
License executed: June 2014
University inventor: Jian-Ping Wang
New material and process to fabricate permanent magnets, eliminating the need for rare earth elements. 

Bennett Autogas Systems
License executed: June 2014
University inventor: David Bennett
Fuel tank that is lower cost and has reduced maintenance for liquid petroleum fueled vehicles.

Live Traffic Data
License executed: October 2011
University inventor: Henry Liu
Hardware and software solutions that can be used to reduce traffic congestion on major signalized arterial highways.

Upstream Technologies
License executed: February 2011
University inventor: John Gulliver
Sediment control in storm water systems.

United Science
License executed: November 2010 (inactive)
University inventor: Phil Buhlmann
High accuracy measurement for chemical ions that reduces pollution.

License executed: February 2009 (inactive)
University inventor: Joey Talghader
Revolutionary solid state semiconductor-based gas detector capable of monitoring the presence of hazardous gases at a safe distance.

Rushford Hypersonic (Hypersonix)
License executed: March 2008
University inventor: Steve Girshick
Coating technologies which are harder, denser and more fracture resistant than standard carbide coatings, used in the industrial tooling industry.

Recon Robotics
License executed: November 2006
University inventor: Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos
Devices used by the US military, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to protect their personnel, minimize collateral damage and gain immediate reconnaissance within dangerous and hostile environments.

Food & Agriculture

License executed: December 2021
University inventors: Aaron Lorenz, Arthur Killam, Leonardo Moros, Rafael Echenique, Sonia Bolvaran, Mary Jane Espina, James Orf
A wholly owned subsidiary of the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council (MSRPC). The company was formed to license high-oleic soybeans from the University of Minnesota.

Understanding Dairy Markets
License executed: June 2021
University inventor: Marin Bozic
Service business to dairy farmer subscribers that monitors and publishes data and information related to dairy industry trends.

License executed: January 2020
University inventors: Lloyd Metzger, Donald A. Grindstaff
Provides unique, value-added food ingredients such as an additive to improve cheese taste, quality and consistency.

Insight Sensing
License executed: July 2019
University inventors: Carl Rosen, Tyler Nigon  
Precision agriculture software for nutrient management enabling remote sensing to predict crop nitrogen status. Insight Sensing was acquired by Sentera in 2021.

Jord BioScience
License executed: April 2019
University inventor: Linda Kinkel
Biological plant control mechanism that promotes increased crop yields with a mixture of bacteria that can be optimized for a specific crop and for a specific set of physical and environmental conditions.

Good Libations
License executed: May 2016
University inventor: Devin Peterson
Food additive that addresses problems with harsh taste for various consumable liquids. Initial focus on dark alcohols.

Carp Solutions
License executed: February 2015
University inventor: Pzemyslaw Bajer
Field sampling with analytics to develop sustainable management strategies for invasive fish such as carp.

Veterinary Diagnostics and Therapeutics
License executed: May 2013 (inactive)
University inventor: Michael Conzemius
Genetic test that assesses risk for rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament in dogs.

License executed: April 2013
University inventors: James Luby, David Bedford
Umbrella entity for leading apple companies in Italy that cultivate and sell promising new apple varieties including SweeTango.

The Actives Factory (Betula Extractives)
License executed: October 2012
University inventor: Pavel Krasutsky
Natural anti-inflammatory compound for the cosmetics, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals industries.

License executed: December 2017
University inventors: CFANS Food Science and Nutrition
Planetarians makes plant-based snack chips using sunflower oilcake meal,  a protein- and fiber-rich by-product of sunflower oil extraction previously used primarily for animal food.

Medical Devices

License executed: November 2021
University inventor: Emad Ebbini
Focused UltraSound (FUS) technology in a mobile patch form for imaging and neural stimulation.

License executed: July 2021
University inventors: Diu Luu, Anh Nguyen, Tong Wu, Jian Xu, Zhi Yang
A peripheral neural interface System-On-a-Chip that, when paired with a neural cuff, enables new levels of neural communication both into and out of the human body potentially enabling prosthetic limbs to have human-like functionality.

License executed: June 2021
University inventor: John Bischof, Charles Lee
Proprietary approach to significantly increasing the viability of liver cells in the Freezing and thawing process.

Habit Camera
License executed: February 2021
University inventor: Andrew Hansen & Gary Goldish of VA/UMN
Low-cost, wireless camera that is built for skin inspection and telehealth patient care.

Aspire Air
License executed: February 2021
University inventor: Christopher Hogan
Portable hood that covers a patient’s head while in a hospital bed reducing the spread of infectious disease. Vents to an external filter, allowing care give access to the patient.

Owl Navigation
License executed: July 2020
University inventor: Noam Harel & Guillermo Sapiro
Brain maps for accurate location and targeting for deep brain stimulation used with patients all other indications except Parkinson’s disease.

2nd Wave
License executed: February 2020
University inventor: Hubert Lim
Coordinated ultrasound and electrical stimulation of spleen to reduce inflammation and treat autoimmune disorders.

Stim Sherpa
License executed: December 2019
University inventors: David Darrow, Logan Grado, Andrew Lamperski, Tay Netoff, Bryan Moore
Software that provides individualized, optimum device performance using a Bayesian optimization algorithm that learns patient preference for spinal cord stimulators in paraplegics and for deep brain stimulators (DBS) for epileptic patients.

Aperios Technologies
License executed: October 2019
University inventor: Zhi Yang
Digital-to-Analog solution enabling a neuromodulation therapy to control pain.

Reprise Biomedical
License executed: July 2019
University inventors: Doris A Taylor, Harold Ott
Develops, manufactures and sells medical devices based on perfusion decellularization technology that supports cellular integration with initial focus on soft tissue repair for reinforcement in plastic and reconstructive surgery and wound care.

License executed: February 2019
University inventors: Laura-Lee Brown, Alan Johnson, Samuel Levine, Christopher Roffas
An orthodontic device system for fixation of jaw fractures.

Intervential Pulmonary Solutions
License executed: February 2019
University inventors: Felix Landaeta, Roy Cho, Doug Devens
Medical device for placement, repositioning or removal of central airway stent.

Sollievo Pharmaceuticals
License executed: December 2018
University inventors: Ronald Siegel, James Cloyd
Novel compound and proprietary intranasal drug delivery device for treating epilepsy and other indications.

Aurora Concussion Therapy Systems
License executed: November 2018
University inventors: Shannon Smith, Kevin Goodwin, Doug Devens
Technology to speed concussion recovery using infrared light therapy.

License executed: September 2018
University inventor: Robert Vince
Alzheimer Diagnostic that scans eye for early detection of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases.

License executed: August 2018
University inventors: 2017 Medical Device Center Fellows
Grant leveraged, medical device company that develops and de-risks devices which treat traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, epilepsy, and kidney failure.

License executed: June 2018
University inventors: Robert Sweet, Troy Reihsen
Tools and systems for simulating healthcare procedures and treatments that improve the delivery of procedure reducing errors and improve efficiency.

Prescix Medical
License executed: May 2018
University inventor: Satoshi Ishii
New process/technique that cleans and sterilizes flexible ureteroscopes, reducing healthcare risk associated with contamination including debris, residue, and bacteria.

Vascudyne, Inc.
License executed: July 2017
University inventors: Bob Tranquillo, Zeeshan Syedain, Lee Meier
Surgically implantable heart valves and arteries that assimilate to the cardio vascular structure and grow with the patient, ideal for children needing heart repairs that can grow with them.

Cell Therapy Solutions
License executed: January 2017 (inactive)
University inventor: Allison Hubel
Device that reduces cell loss, processing time, and labor costs for multiple types of preserved cells. 

License executed: December 2016
University inventors: Brian Krohn, Adam Black, Medical Devices Center fellows
Simple, non-invasive way to reduce snoring using a smartphone app.

Digital Design Studios
License executed: April 2016
University inventor: Patricia Lutfy
Orthotic targeted at people who suffer from bunions, aiding in comfort and facilitating an active lifestyle.

EmboMedics Gel Therapies
License executed: December 2015
University inventor: Jafar Golzarian
Natural resorbable gel product that is used to deliver therapeutic drugs into the body for various treatments, including pain. EmboMedics was acquired by QX Medical in May 2019.

Andarta Medical
License executed: April 2015
University inventors: James Krocak, Jesus Cabrera, John Ballard
Non-invasive lung pacing device that reduces the time a patient uses a ventilator and saves significant costs.

Blossom Medical
License executed: July 2014 (inactive)
University inventors: Medical Device Fellows 2012
Neonatal medical device that cradles and supports infants during early stage of life.

License executed: May 2014 (inactive)
University inventor: Allison Hubel
Device that reduces cell loss, processing time and labor costs for multiple types of cryopreserved cells (e.g., stem cells and blood cells).

License executed: May 2014
University inventor: Michael Garwood, Donald Nixdorf
Advanced imaging system for using MRI in dental applications.

Vigilant Diagnostics
License executed: April 2014
University inventor: John Bischof
Lateral flow assay system (diagnostic) that improves sensitivity of standard lateral flow assays by 10 to 100 times.

Zepto Life Technology
License executed: March 2014
University inventor: Jian-Ping Wang
Animal and human diagnostic solution that is accurate and highly sensitive for central lab, clinic, and point-of-care applications.

ReMinD Technologies
License executed: June 2013
University inventors: 2012 Medical Device Fellows
Consumer technologies to help patients and caregivers ensure medication adherence.

EmboMedics ResSpheres
License executed: April 2013
University inventor: Jafar Golzarian
Natural, resorbable polymer bead used to cut off blood supply to tumor/cancer cells in the body. EmboMedics was acquired by QX Medical in May 2019.

Universal Magnetic Systems
License executed: March 2013 (inactive)
University inventor: Jian-Ping Wang
Superior, high moment magnetic nanoparticles for disease detection and diagnostic target separation.

License executed: February 2013
University inventor: Rajesh Rajamani
Handheld probe that measures tension in soft tissues, such as tendons and ligaments, during invasive orthopedic surgery.

License executed: December 2012 (inactive)
University inventor: Steven Koester
Technology that conveniently communicates accurate level of intoxication via breath analysis through smart phones.

Aria CV
License executed: May 2011
University inventors: Second-year Medical Device Fellows
Medical device to treat pulmonary hypertension.

International Cardio Corp
License executed: December 2010
University inventor: Emad Ebbini
Ablating vascular plaque utilizing high intensity focused ultrasound.

XO-Thermix Medical
License executed: June 2010 (inactive)
University inventor: Erik Cressman
Airway thermoplasty device to improve airway function for patients with severe, persistent asthma. 

Miromatrix Medical
License executed: February 2010
University inventor: Doris Taylor
Human organs for transplantation, manufactured using decellularization/recellularization technology. Miromatrix went public with an IPO in June 2021 under the symbol MIRO.

License executed: August 2009 (inactive)
University inventor: Fredrich Srienc
Cytometry instruments that track and measure individual cells, providing detail into the dynamics of cellular growth.

Orasi Medical
License executed: September 2007 (inactive)
University inventor: Apostolos Georgopoulos
Diagnostic tests that detect the unique disruptions in the electrical activity of the brain caused by Alzheimer’s disease to aid a physician in the early diagnosis and initiation of treatment of patients.

Steady State Imaging
License executed: December 2006
University inventor: Michael Garwood
Novel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology. Steady State Imaging’s assets were acquired by GE Healthcare in April 2011.

Software & Information Technology

Adapt Design Works 
License executed: March 2022
University inventors: Alexandra Bornstein, Gary Goldish, Andrew Hansen, Christine Olney, Timothy Truty, Tamara Vos-Draper
Adapt Design Works is building a wheelchair-focused automated pressure-sensing seating mat and app for prevention and monitoring of skin ulcers in spinal cord injury patients.

Xanthos Health 
License executed: January 2022
University inventors: David Haynes, Pinar Karaca Mandic
The licensed platform supports information sharing between mobile apps, EHR apps and organization apps with enhanced features like filtering, push notifications, and alerts that notify organizations and providers of patient needs.

License executed: September 2021
University inventors: Ankush Khandelwal, Vipin Kumar
Physics guided machine learning for satellite imagery analysis at global scale, built on decades of University research on land cover change detection.

Reflective Performance
License executed: September 2021
University inventors: Stephanie Carlson, Phil Zelazo
Productivity tools to improve workforce management (recruitment, retention, development, performance) that measures and improves Executive Function (EF) — the attention-regulation skills used in goal-directed problem solving and emotional control.

Savvy Systems
License executed: June 2021
University inventor: Ken Hepburn
Family caregiver solutions for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

License executed: May 2021
University inventors: Michael Pitt, John Sartori
Mobile app software to organize and communicate clinician rounding schedules informing caregivers and patients.

Exergi Predictive
License executed: September 2020
University inventor: Will Northrup
Energy management software for battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles to decrease range anxiety and reduce energy use for commercial and military applications.

Speech & Language Collaborative
License executed: June 2020
University inventor: Clinical and Translational Science Institute 
Unique, child-friendly, software tools that are used with autistic children to help them adapt to changing activities and environment.

Track AI
License executed: May 2020
University inventor: Baris Unver
Equipment and SAAS application for tracking assets with a focus on low upfront cost and low operating cost utilizing artificial intelligence techniques.

License executed: February 2020
University inventor: Heather Cline
Training tools for parent involvement in family training for self-reflection and dialog.

Nfluence Analytics
License executed: November 2019
University inventor: Jaideep Srivastava
AI software algorithms that aid digital marketing firms in targeting high value customers.

Belalcazar Consulting
License executed: April 2019 
University inventors: Robert Patterson, Li Wang, Andres Belalcazar, Fei Yang
Software measuring thoracic impedance that provides information on fluid load in patients with heart failure.

License executed: January 2019
University inventors: Ned Mohan, Siddharth Raju
Power and electronic simulation software with hardware integration for real-time control and analysis, used to train electronic technicians in High School/Undergraduate programs. 

License executed: September 2018 
University inventor: Nutrition Coordination Center
eaterpad is an app that will help you better understand your eating habits by using nutritional data from the UMN Nutrition Coordination Center.

Flyover Country
License executed: June 2018 (inactive)
University inventors: Amy Myrbo, Shane Loeffler
Software application that gives airplane travellers interesting information on geographic points of interest as they fly over identified locations.

License executed: April 2018
University inventor: Graham Candler
Enhancement to US3D software models enabling faster, more accurate, and more scalable identification of high-speed aerodynamics characteristics including aerodynamic heating problems.

License executed: March 2018
University inventor: Yingling Fan
Smartphone application for capturing travel data and user experience for data gathering and research applications in transportation and logistics.

PeopleStat LLC
License executed: March 2018
University inventor: Ron Siegel
Collects and analyzes anonymized data streams and couples with machine learning to provide feedback to people who are either prediabetic or actively diabetic so that they can make appropriate lifestyle changes.

Farm Vision
License executed: June 2017
University inventors: Volkan Isler, Patrick Plonski
Imaging software that works with existing drones and their imaging technology to provide farmers a view on crops. Aids on prep and plans for harvesting.

Turing Tumble, LLC
License executed: May 2017
University inventor: Paul Boswell
Educational gaming company teaching kids first principles of how to code using a mechanical computer.

License executed: April 2017
University inventors: Graham Candler, Heath Johnson, Pramod Subbareddy, Loannis Nompelis, Travis Drayna
Support for corporate, government, and academic users of US3D, software that models heat flows at supersonic flight speeds for research, military, and commercial applications.

License executed: December 2016 (inactive)
University inventor: Lee Anderson
Software interfaces and service that take architectural drawings and create a VR experience.

License executed: November 2016
University inventors: Rylie Pelton, Andrew Fang, Mark Reiner
Assists cities and communities in the assessment of environmental and social impact of infrastructure projects.

License executed: June 2016
University inventor: Lockwood Carlson
Delivers "Technology Foresight" — a product for enterprise companies that enables forecasting, strategic planning, R&D strategy, and decision-making of their technology roadmaps.

License executed: January 2016 (inactive)
University inventor: Joe Gaugler
Shared database of resources for caregivers to share with patients that provides relevant information curated by the caregiver.

License executed: August 2015 (inactive)
University inventor: Brian Taylor
B2B aerial inspections and data analytics of large infrastructure (pipelines, transmission lines, rivers, roads, and railways).

Andamio Games
License executed: June 2015 (inactive)
University inventor: Janet Dubinsky
Interactive game-like approach to teaching neuroscience and mental health concepts.

Target Genomics
License executed: April 2015 (inactive)
University inventor: Brian Van Ness
Resource database, decision support system, and services for healthcare providers and patients on use of genomics.

FastBridge Learning
License executed: March 2015
University inventor: Ted Christ
Automated K-12 assessment tools for student screening, progress monitoring, and program evaluation. Fastbridge was acquired by Illuminate Education, a leading provider of education technology for grades K–12, in June 2019.

Vidku (Flipgrid)
License executed: February 2015
University inventor: Charlie Miller
Delivers Flipgrid, a platform allowing individuals to engage in rich, video-based dialogues with others organized around topics and questions. Flipgrid was acquired by Microsoft In June 2018.

Early Movement Monitoring Assessment
License executed: September 2014 (inactive)
University inventor: Carol Leitschuh
Individual Growth Development Indicators (IGDIs) for infants monitoring early movement.

Reflection Sciences
License executed: August 2014
University inventors: Stephanie Carlson, Phil Zelazo
Method to test a child's ability to concentrate on a task.

License executed: August 2014 (inactive)
University inventors: Shyam Boriah, Vipin Kumar, Karsten Steinhaeuser
Satellite image analysis algorithm to detect changes in resources (forest, crops, water, urbanization).

Efficient Windows Collaborative
License executed: May 2014
University inventors: Kerry Haglund, John Carmody
Website providing unbiased information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work, and recommendations for their selection and use. Efficient Windows Collaborative was acquired by NFRC.

Treatment Global
License executed: May 2014 (inactive)
University inventor: Kevin Peterson
Multi-disciplinary telehealth approach that provides chronic disease and health and wellness management without the need for a clinic visit.

CVC Heartsavers (Cardiology Prevention, LLC)
License executed: October 2013
University inventor: Jay Cohn
Diagnostic that provides earlier intervention and treatment for cardiovascular disease.

License executed: October 2013 (inactive)
University inventors: Caren Martin, Denise Guerin
Searchable database that facilitates designers’ use of current, research-based information as a decision-making tool.

Surgical Information Sciences
License executed: September 2013
University inventors: Noam Harel, Guillermo Sapiro
Brain maps for accurate location and targeting for deep brain stimulation used with patients who have Parkinson’s disease.

Synaptic Design
License executed: June 2013
University inventors: 2013 Mechanical Design Class
Surgical training platforms that provide quantifiable feedback for medical students and practicing physicians.

Applied Informatic Solutions
License executed: June 2013 (inactive)
University inventors: Jason Nikas, Walter Low
Informatics tools to assist with the identification of high-value biomarkers.

Evidentia Health
License executed: April 2013 (inactive)
University inventor: Dan Steinberger
Evidence-based clinical decision support tools for radiologists at the point of care.

Omicron Health Systems
License executed: June 2012 (inactive)
University inventor: Kevin Peterson
Technology that helps clinicians facilitate randomized controlled trials and translates research into clinical practice. 

License executed: March 2012
University inventors: Scott McConnell, Alisha Wackerle-Holman
Assessments and services to help parents and early child-care providers develop “kindergarten-ready” children. myIGDIs was acquired by Renaissance in April 2019.

License executed: December 2011 (inactive)
University inventors: Paul Johnson, George Biltz
Enables the observation, analysis, and improvement of physician decision making in a simulated practice setting. 

Drive Power
License executed: December 2011 (inactive)
University inventors: Max Donath, Craig Shankwitz, Alec Gorjestani
Products that leverage emerging measurement technologies and predictive analytics to enable people to make more informed driving decisions.

Ninja Metrics
License executed: June 2011
University inventor: Jaideep Srivastava
Online social networking and gaming analytics, predicting user behavior.

Clinical Innovation Labs (IBU)
License executed: September 2010 (inactive)
University inventor: Kevin Peterson
Healthcare IT solution for clinical trial recruitment and physician quality reporting.

Early Learning Labs (IBU)
License executed: May 2010
University inventors: Scott McConnell, Alisha Wackerle-Holman
Assessments and services to help parents and early child-care providers develop “kindergarten-ready” children. Early Learning Labs (IBU) was acquired by myIGDIs and operated under a new license from March 2012 through April 2019 when myIGDIs was acquired by Renaissance Learning, Inc. 

Nouvant (CaSTT)
License executed: February 2010
University inventor: Rick Huebsch
Web-hosted, subscription-based, search engine optimization tool for intellectual property marketing, licensing and tech transfer.

Medication Management
License executed: April 2006
University inventor: Bob Cipolle
Comprehensive, patient-centered medication therapy management services that identify and resolve drug therapy. Medication Management was acquired by Genoa Healthcare in July 2017.

License executed: December 2017
University inventor: 2017 Medical Device Center Fellows
An application that runs on a tablet device for children to use before they visit the dentist with the objective of reducing the anxiety brought on by the pending visit.


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