Startup Process

If you are a UMN inventor or external entrepreneur and are interested in starting a company based on UMN technology, we can work with you to help bring UMN inventions to the market.

UMN Inventor

Before following the steps below, be sure to disclose your invention to us.

  1. Contact a member of our team in the industry area related to you.
  2. Complete the startup application.
  3. Meet with us to review your startup application.
  4. Consider participating in the Discovery Launchpad program
  5. Work with us to form a team (including industry advisors and executives-in-residence) to develop your business plan.
  6. Meet with us to review your business plan.
  7. Meet with us and the COI team to discuss potential COI issues and understand what might be in a management plan.
  8. Negotiate the business terms of launching your startup, such as performance and financial milestones and capitalization table.
  9. Negotiate the intellectual property licensing terms.
  10. Form the new company.
  11. Execute license to the new company.
  12. Update Report of External Professional Activities (REPA) for potential individual conflict of interest.

External Entrepreneur

We are always looking for new entrepreneurs interested in launching startup companies based on UMN technology.

  1. Contact a member of our team in the industry area you are interested in.
  2. Review our startup pipeline to identify potential opportunities.
  3. Join our Business Advisory Group to learn about new opportunities, participate in regular meetings, and make connections with other industry experts.
  4. Serve as an advisor, mentor, investor, or leader of a UMN startup company.