Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our Commitment

University of Minnesota Technology Commercialization (Tech Comm) is committed to working with all researchers and innovators in its mission to facilitate the transfer of University innovations to the marketplace.

We appreciate that a diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and personal characteristics is essential to our mission. We value innovators from every department and college across the University system as well as every job class. 

We strive to promote a professional culture that emphasizes equity, mutual respect, inclusivity, safety, and support. Tech Comm staff are committed to working together to continuously improve our service to UMN researchers. As part of this commitment, we discuss challenges, set goals, and invest time and effort to actively develop an equitable and inclusive community. In addition, we convene regularly through our DEI Working Group, which is focused on developing a culture of equity through research and discussion of best practices and executing tactics that support innovation and equity. Our mission is affirmed in policies and practices established by the University of Minnesota Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and the Office of the Vice President and Vice Provost for Equity and Diversity.

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