Licensing Process

We know what it takes to develop a new product from an early-stage invention.

Our team will help you understand the risks and rewards of licensing a University technology up-front so that you can create the greatest value for your customers, the public, and the world. We draw on industry experience to help streamline the process of licensing University technology.

Steps to Licensing a Technology

1. You Choose a Technology

You may learn about a University technology by speaking with us or a University researcher about your needs, or through our Available Licensing site.

2. We Tell You More About the Technology

Contact us about the technology you chose. We will give you more information and help you evaluate the “fit.” We may also introduce you to the inventor, who can provide more scientific detail, or ask you to sign an agreement to conduct further research.

3. You Submit a License Application

If you choose to pursue the technology, we will ask you to apply for a license. The license application includes questions like:

  • How will the technology fit with your current priorities?
  • How will you develop the technology into a market-ready product?
  • What are the development timelines, milestones, and revenue projections?
  • What market and industry research has been conducted?
  • Which risks are involved in technology development?

4. We Draft a Term Sheet

We will draft an initial term sheet to serve as the basis for a signable license. This term sheet may include:

  • Exclusivity
  • Field of use
  • Grant of rights
  • License issue fees
  • Milestone payments
  • Minimums
  • Royalties
  • Sublicensing provisions

5. Together, We Negotiate and Sign a License Agreement

We will draft a license agreement using the term sheet and the University’s required legal terms. Once all of us agree on the final language, we will sign the agreement and ask you to do the same.

6. You Develop, Market, and Sell

A signed license agreement lets you begin developing your product. We will check in as you progress to make sure the technology performs well in your environment.

Visit the License Agreements page for definitions of licensing terms or to view license agreement templates.