Request Agreements

Technology Commercialization helps to facilitate research agreements that allow researchers to safely share research materials, ideas, and other information with external partners while ensuring that the intellectual property is protected.

Tech Comm Online Agreement Request Forms

Tech Comm uses an online form for requesting outgoing MTAs, NDAs, and PMTAs which can be accessed here:

Outgoing Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Plant Material Testing Agreement (PMTA)

Some of the form's features include:

  • Hover help text for specific questions
  • Questions specific to the agreement type and level of agreement complexity (e.g., more straightforward agreements will have fewer questions to answer)
  • Ability to save the form while in process and return to it later
  • Ability to share the form with others for review and feedback
  • In-form instructions about other offices that may need to review or manage the agreement

See the Agreement Request Form FAQs for more information.

Material Transfer Agreement

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is a legal contract that protects intellectual property rights during the transfer of tangible research materials—such as chemicals, plant- or animal-derived material, or software—from one institution to another.

An MTA is required if the material is:

  • being provided to a for-profit institution
  • being sent to a foreign institution
  • confidential, not published or not publicly disclosed
  • controlled by an existing agreement with a third party that restricts the transfer of the material
  • disclosed as an invention
  • hazardous
  • human biological material
  • intended for in vivo research
  • licensed
  • potentially marketable

Incoming MTA

The incoming MTA governs the transfer of material from another research institution, nonprofit, or for-profit to the University. These MTAs are managed by the Sponsored Projects Administration.

Outgoing MTAs

The outgoing MTA governs the transfer of material from the University to another research institution, nonprofit, or for-profit.

Use the online MTA Agreement Request Form to enter information about your request. Your request will automatically be sent to the Tech Comm Contracts team. The Tech Comm Contracts staff will contact you with questions and keep you updated on the process.

Plant Material Testing Agreement

The Plant Material Testing Agreement (PMTA) controls the transfer of plant materials from the owner or authorized licensee to a research institution or grower who plans to test the plant variety in their environment.

Use the online PMTA Agreement Request Form to enter information about your request. Your request will automatically be sent to the Tech Comm Contracts team.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Companies may contact you because they are interested in sponsoring, licensing your research, or to learn more about your lab and your program. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)—also called confidentiality agreements—protect intellectual property when you share information about confidential research and ideas. Learn more about non-disclosure agreements and when you might need one.

Discussions About Collaborations & Sponsored Research

If the company wants to discuss a new collaboration, future project or sponsor research, please contact Sponsored Projects Administration at

Discussions About Disclosed Technologies or Your Research Program

If the company wants to discuss a previously reported technology or learn more about your research program, please use the online NDA Request Form to enter information about your request. Your request will automatically be sent to the Tech Comm Contracts team.

For any general inquiries or questions about non-disclosure agreements please see the Contact Us page for Tech Comm staff and their field of expertise.

Agreement Request Form FAQs

What agreements can I request online and how do I access them?

You can request Material Transfer Agreements (MTA), Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Plant Material Testing Agreements (PMTA). Here are the links:

Can I save my Agreement Request Form responses and complete the form later?

Yes, you can save your responses. Use the “Save” button at the bottom of the form page. You will need to create a JotForm account, we suggest using your UMN email for this. Then JotForm will send an email to you with the link to your saved form.

Can I forward my Agreement Request Form responses to someone else?

Yes, you can forward your responses to another person by saving the form. Then share the link that is emailed to you. That person can enter responses and/or submit the form. Or you can finish the form and submit after it’s been reviewed.

How do I see the hover help text?

To see the help text, move your mouse over the question and the help text will appear above and to the right side of the question.

Can I still use the Word doc request form?

No, you should not use the old Word doc request forms. The new online request form is more efficient for everyone.

Can I use the new Agreement Request Form to request incoming material transfer agreements from SPA?

No, SPA uses a different request form, MTARF, for incoming material transfer agreements.