Award Recipients

Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2024 Awards

RecipientCollege/UnitDescription of Research
Adams, LauraUMD Swenson Col of Sci & EngSelf Assembled ""Flying Emulsions"": Using Microfluidics to Mass Produce Levitating Magnetic Microbots
Ambrose, ElizabethPharmacy, College ofQuantStudio 7 Real-Time PCR System for BSL-2 Use
Antunovic, DunjaEducation/Human Dev, Col ofA “New Era” for Women’s Sport: Journalistic Values and Media Coverage of Women’s Sport in Minnesota
Armstrong, AlexandraVeterinary Medicine, Col ofUsing spatialomics analysis to enhance our understanding of pediatric orthopaedic diseases
Artinger, KristinDentistry, School ofReplacement Tank Sets for the University of Minnesota Zebrafish Core Facility
Bastian, ThomasMedical SchoolSpatial Transcriptomics to Reveal Metabolic Adaptations to Neuronal Iron Deficiency in the Developing Mouse Hippocampus
Brady, JenniferUMD Arts, Human, SocSci,Col ofPlacemaking in Spain Today: Book Manuscript and Global Digital Archive
Covington, NatalieLiberal Arts, College ofLiving Well after Brain Injury: Investigating Purpose-in-Life in TBI Rehabilitation
Cusick, SarahMedical SchoolOptimizing iron status in malaria-endemic areas: The OptiM study
Elgersma, KristinNursing, School ofA national collaboration to examine human milk and clinical outcomes for neonates with critical congenital heart disease
Etterson, JulieUMD Swenson Col of Sci & EngTransgenerational effects in plants arising from biodiversity and drought treatments: Differences in gene expression?
Fairbanks, CarolynPharmacy, College ofBlackbox One Machine Learning Behavioral Observation System
Fang, QiangUMD Arts, Human, SocSci,Col ofDivergent Paths: Law Versus Power in Taiwan and China, 1972-2020
Ferguson, GailEducation/Human Dev, Col ofDirect-To-Consumer Marketing of an Online Health Intervention to Somali American Adolescents
Garcia, CindyLiberal Arts, College ofContours ArteCalle: Transnational Feminist Futurities
Gerbner, KatharineLiberal Arts, College ofConstructing Religion, Defining Crime: Slavery, Power, and Belief
Gewirtz O'Brien, JannaMedical SchoolFeasibility and Effectiveness of a Digital Community Health Resource Map for Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Greenberg, DanielLiberal Arts, College ofMapping Without Maps: Digitization and Visualization Support
Guala, MicheleScience & Engineering, Col ofA stochastic-based formulation of rough wall turbulent boundary layers
Herzberg, MarkDentistry, School ofThe Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor and Downregulation of Calprotectin in Head and Neck Cancer
Kelekar, AmeetaMedical SchoolIdentifying human Noxa-regulated metabolic and signaling pathways in immune (T) cells from a humanized mouse
Khokhani, DevanshiFood, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col ofBuilding a mesocosm to study bacterial-fungal interactions of plants
Levy, RobertMedical SchoolOpioid Crisis in Minnesota: Public Perceptions and Knowledge of Opioid Use Disorder
MacDougall, HannahEducation/Human Dev, Col ofUnderstanding Medical Debt in the Rural United States: The Role of Nonprofit Hospitals
Mazzocco, MicheleEducation/Human Dev, Col ofChoosing Favorites
McSweeney, MitchellEducation/Human Dev, Col ofDoes sport enhance human capital? Investigating a sport-for-employability program for Black youth
Merino, AimeeMedical SchoolLytic lesions in myeloma
Nguyen-Feng, ViannUMD Educ & Human Svc ProfFeasibility, Acceptability, and Preliminary Effectiveness of an Embodied Radical Healing Intervention for Racial Trauma
Parhi, KeshabScience & Engineering, Col ofSeizure onset zone (SOZ) identification using interictal iEEG and scalp EEG
Pehlivan, ZozanLiberal Arts, College ofTaming with Food: A History of Environmental Injustice in the United States, India, and Turkey
Revelo, XavierMedical SchoolAging macrophages promote cardiometabolic disease
Rivera-Mulia, Juan CarlosMedical SchoolModeling cellular senescence with pluripotent stem cell-derived cells
Rother, MichaelUMD Swenson Col of Sci & EngGravitational Interactions of Evaporating Drops in the Atmosphere
Ryoo, YuhosuaUMD Labovitz Sch of Bus & EconThe Double-Edge Sword of Brand Activism: Fostering Inclusiveness or Fueling Polarization Among Consumers?
Samuels, DavidLiberal Arts, College ofAnti-Immigrant Attitudes in Brazil
Schleiss, MarkMedical SchoolOptimizing Immunity and Maternal Host Defense Against Congenital CMV Infection
Shirazi, RoozbehEducation/Human Dev, Col ofBeyond Austerity: Community Visions for Public Education in Puerto Rico
Soh, Hooi LingLiberal Arts, College ofA Linguistic Study of Discourse Particles in Two Hmong Dialects in the United States: Hmong Daw and Mong Leng
Sorwell, KrystinaUMM Social Science DivisionNeural, endocrine, and behavioral measures of flow states
Teyssier, ChristianScience & Engineering, Col ofFrom supercontinent growth to iron-ore formation in Minnesota
Timko Olson, EricaNursing, School ofRETREAT: immeRsivE naTure viRtual rEAliTy for Children and Adolescents Receiving a Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant
Toft, JessicaEducation/Human Dev, Col ofExamining Social Work Unions in Historical and Contemporary Contexts
Van't Hof, JeremyMedical SchoolA randomized trial assessing the effect of empagliflozin on left atrial function in patients at risk for heart failure
Walsh, ShannonUMD Arts, Human, SocSci,Col ofConstrained Success: Justice System Responses to Gender-Based Violence against Women in Latin America
Wang, HaiyangUMD Swenson Col of Sci & EngEnabling Lightweight Immersive User Interaction in Smart Network Buildings
Zhai, AntoniaScience & Engineering, Col ofEnhancing Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Modeling through Quantum Algorithms
Zhang, LinPublic Health, School ofDeveloping pipeline for spatial transcriptomics preprocessing and analysis
Zimmer, SaraMedical SchoolAdvantages of compartmentalization of metabolic pathways

Past Awards

Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2023 Awards

RecipientCollege/UnitDescription of Research
Bailey, JakeScience & Engineering, Col ofInvestigating the role of microbes in the formation of nascent soils
Beal, SophiaLiberal Arts, College ofA Roof of One’s Own: Feminism and Housing in the Work of Brazilian Women Writers
Bolland, DanielleUMM Science & Math DivisionInvestigating palmitoylation of DNA repair proteins in ovarian cancer
Casale, SinemLiberal Arts, College ofThe Banquet as an Arena of Interaction at the Ottoman Court and Beyond
Christiansen, MaryUMD Swenson Col of Sci & EngHigh Temperature Properties of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) for Wildfire Resistance
Crooker, BrianFood, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col ofExploring the impact of genetic selection on innate immune response of Holsteins to Gram negative and positive bacteria
Fabbri, LorenzoLiberal Arts, College ofWe Were Here: A Documentary on the Untold History of Blackness in Renaissance Europe
French, JarrodVP for Research, Office ofTransforming sample preparation for Cryo Electron Microscopy
Hart, GeoffreyMedical SchoolFixing mouse natural killer cells to start to studying pediatric cancer.
Hennefeld, MargaretLiberal Arts, College ofTwenty-First Century Silent Film Culture
Hsieh, LisaDesign, College ofForm Follows Fantasy: Japanese Kawaii (cute) Architecture
Jensen, EricDentistry, School ofRole of Protein Kinase D in Salivary Gland Cancer
Kartha, ReenaPharmacy, College ofAcquisition of a refurbished Agilent Seahorse XFe96 Analyzer for Translational and Clinical Research
Kuo, SharonMedical SchoolInvestigating the Biomechanics of Stone Tool Use and Locomotion in Wild Macaques from Yao Noi Island, Thailand
Lang, KevinVeterinary Medicine, Col ofTranslation processivity drives fluoroquinolone sensitivity
Liang, JenniferUMD Swenson Col of Sci & EngGenetic and Cellular Analysis of Vertebrate Anterior Neurulation
McGee, CoreyPharmacy, College ofReliability and Precision of the 7 Measures of Thumb Sensorimotor Function in Adults with Thumb Osteoarthritis
Pasco, MichelleEducation/Human Dev, Col ofInvestigating Neighborhood Public Disorder in the Aftermath of George Floyd: A Mixed Methods Study
Qian, YongzhongScience & Engineering, Col ofAstrophysical Origin of the Elements and Chemical Evolution of Galaxies
Samargia-Grivette, SharylUMD Educ & Human Svc ProfAcquisition of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation System
Sandbulte, JomaraUMD Swenson Col of Sci & EngRemote monitoring of Patient-Caregiver Dyadic Interactions in the Hospital Environment: Neonatal Care Case Study
Simon, KayEducation/Human Dev, Col ofInvestigating gender-affirming behaviors as a protective factor between family stigma and health for transgender adults
Tretyakova, NataliaPharmacy, College ofDoes vaping influence the epigenome?
Vargas, VictoriaLiberal Arts, College ofAmy Levy; Songs of Life and Love
Whitney, DonnaScience & Engineering, Col ofDevelopment of a novel method of measuring the extent of seafloor alteration in metamorphosed oceanic crust
Woo, JiheeEducation/Human Dev, Col ofUnveiling the Shadows of Intersectional Discrimination Among Asian Women in Pink-Collar Occupations in Minnesota

Grant-in-Aid: Summer 2023 Awards

RecipientCollege/UnitDescription of Research
Camchong, JazminMedical SchoolDose- and Sex-Dependent Effects of a Neuromodulation Intervention on Relapse and Underlying Brain Networks in AUD
Hill Gallant, KathleenFood, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col ofMineral metabolic balance and kinetics in chronic kidney disease
Jardine, PaulDentistry, School ofStructure, dynamics, and mechanism of genome packaging motors in dsDNA viruses
Tithof, JeffScience & Engineering, Col ofExperimentally-validated simulations of cerebrospinal fluid flow to quantify mechanisms of transport


Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2023 Awards

RecipientCollege/UnitDescription of Research
Agarwal, DeepakMedical SchoolHealing the Healers: Ergonomic Modification in Surgical Procedures
Ambrose, ElizabethPharmacy, College ofPhosphotriesterase-Encapsulated Hybrid Materials for Organophosphate Nerve Agent Decontamination
Camell, ChristinaMedical SchoolPurchase of LUMENCOR Spectra III light source for the Nikon TiE wide field fluorescence microscope at the UIC
Card, DanLiberal Arts, College ofEngaging science online: a rhetorical-computational study of climate deliberation on Reddit
Chhuon, VichetEducation/Human Dev, Col ofFrom Incarceration to Loc Kru: Constructing a Teacher Identity for Cambodian American Returnees in Cambodia
Clarke, DuncanMedical SchoolRole of histone methylation in mitosis
Flink, CarlLiberal Arts, College ofCreating “Battleground,” A Dance Work Examining the United States' Perpetual State of Warfare and Violence
Gorr, Sven-UlrikDentistry, School ofDGL13K as a novel treatment of joint infections
Hallstrom, TimothyMedical SchoolReshaping tumor associated macrophages to eliminate pediatric retinoblastoma cells
Kass, StevenScience & Engineering, Col ofBruker VENTURE PHOTON III Single Crystal Diffractometer: Replacement of Cryostat
Kassie, FekaduVeterinary Medicine, Col ofTargeting tumor cell mitochondria for the treatment of aggressive lung cancer
Kinsley, AmyVeterinary Medicine, Col ofAutomating and informing local water resource management
Klimes-Dougan, BonnieLiberal Arts, College ofThe Neural Correlates of Sexual and Gender Minority Stress
Lee, SungduckDesign, College ofVisualizing Park Inequity: A multiscale Framework for Social Justice in Park Planning
Lofgren, SarahMedical SchoolSupervised Treadmill intervention to Reduce Inflammation and Depression through Exercise in HIV: The STRIDE Pilot Study
Lovejoy, AliceLiberal Arts, College ofMilitant Chemistry: Film and its Raw Materials
Matthews, SteveUMD Arts, Human, SocSci,Col ofPhase 2 Archaeological Survey of Roscam Abby and Inis Mor
Meixi,Education/Human Dev, Col ofLand education and self-determination: A multi-site study across Indigenous Minnesota, Chiapas, and Chiang Rai
Poddutoori, PrashanthUMD Swenson Col of Sci & EngDesign and Synthesis of Porphyrin Precursors for a Light Induced Molecular Tram
Ren, YufeiUMD Labovitz Sch of Bus & EconBehavioral Ordering in a Co-opetitive Supply Chain: An Experimental Study
Sheik, CodyUMD Swenson Col of Sci & EngAcquisition and installation of controlled temperature spaces at the Large Lakes Observatory, UMD
Sieber, JessicaUMD Swenson Col of Sci & EngThe role of the microbiome during the near-death experience of hibernation
Sisco, StephanieEducation/Human Dev, Col ofRace-conscious Community Organizing and Development: Assessing the Sustainability of Community-driven Job Creation
Smith, KumiPublic Health, School ofTracking Despair: Exploring the Health Impact of Encampments Abatement Policies on People Experiencing Homelessness
Sun, CalvinPharmacy, College ofAcquiring a differential scanning calorimeter (Discovery DSC 2500)
Temple, JudyPublic Affairs, HHH School ofRoll out of public school-based preschool across the United States: which students gain access?
Waltner, AnnLiberal Arts, College ofZhou Qi in Her Own Words
Weiler, LindseyEducation/Human Dev, Col ofPilot Testing a Novel Youth Mentor Training Model to Address the Youth Mental Health Crisis


Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2022 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Bhadra, Diti Linguistics, Institute of An experimental investigation of the linguistic properties of clickbait
Caverly, Ryan CSENG Aerospace Eng & Mech Adm Real-Time Modeling and Simulation of Space Vehicles with Fuel Slosh
Channer, Lisa Theatre Arts & Dance Dept Ukrainian Words Project - Phase I
Donofrio, Gregory Architecture, School of Human Tolls: Public Histories and Community Responses to Twin Cities’ Freeways
Gao PhD, Zan Kinesiology Administration Feasibility and Efficacy of A Remote Tai Chi Program on Older Adults’ Physical Behaviors, Fall Prevention, Cognition and
Gieske, Miriam M Biology Nitrogen and pH effects on antibiotic production among soil Streptomyces bacteria
Hawe, Rachel Kinesiology Administration Identifying Impairments in Bilateral Coordination and Neural Correlates in Individuals Post-Stroke
Holschuh, Brad DHA Apparel Design Remote Measurement of Garment Fit using Co-Located Multi-Band Scanning
Jain, Harsh D Math & Statistics The Impact of Population Variability on Overcoming Docetaxel Resistance in Prostate Cancer: A Quantitative Approach
Konczak PhD, Juergen Kinesiology Administration Laryngeal vibration as a non-invasive neuromodulation treatment for spasmodic dysphonia
Krentzman PhD, Amy Social Work Admin, School of Positive Recovery Journaling (PRJ): An Intervention to Reinforce Early Recovery from Addiction
Lackey, Michael M English Klaus Mann's Barred Window: An Authoritative Edition
Lower, Michael History Department Hakoah Vienna: An All-Jewish Sports Club’s Story of War, Holocaust, and Defiance
Lu PhD, Landy Kinesiology Administration Leveraging Statewide Senior Games for Active Living
Mann, Traci Psychology The relationship between body image and self-esteem in women throughout the lifespan
Mathieu, Saje History Department Africa On The Rhine: German Scientific Experimentation on Black POWs During World War One
Montag Schafer, Katherine FamMed Family Medicine Admin Kho Dua Mus - Keeping Diabetes Managed in the Hmong Community
Nieves Colon, Maria Anthropology Using ancient DNA to study the peopling of the Caribbean
O'Connell, Timothy IBP Physiology Administration FujiFilm/VisualSonics F2 Preclinical Ultrasound Imaging System for Shared Use
Ostrander, Nomi D Social Work The Impact of COVID-19 on Transgender Mental Health and Lessons for Future Community Health Crises
Packer, Craig CBS Ecology, Evolution, Behavr Sustaining Pastoralist Livelihoods by Translating Biodiversity Research into Grassland Restoration in East Africa
Pereira PhD, Mark SPH EpiCH Division Novel Methods for Measuring Urban Greenspace Access and Inequities
Pexa, Christopher American Indian Studies Remapping the Oyáte: Orature as Deep Mapping
Searle, Kelly SPH EpiCH Division Predicting climate related infrastructure damage and resulting malaria risk in Mozambique
Sumida Huaman, Elizabeth Org Leadership, Policy & Dev Labor, violence, and life aspirations across three generations of Quechua women
von Dassow, Eva Classical/Near Eastern Rel/Cul Mapping the Ancient Near East
Wang, Sonya NEUR Neurology Dept Admin Video Electroencephalography and Biopac Equipment
Yoo, Kyungsoo Soil, Water & Climate, Dept of Transformative Power of Earthworms on Lunar Regolith: Pilot study for soil-based agriculture on the Moon


Grant-in-Aid: Summer 2022 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Deng, Huai D Biology Exploring the novel epigenetic and developmental functions of the Keap1-Nrf2 detoxifying pathway in Drosophila
Mesce, Karen Entomology, Dept of A Novel Circuit Design for the Recovery of Locomotion after Injury  
Slattery, Matthew DMED Biomedical Sciences Context Specificity in Stress-Responsive Transcriptional Networks
Swisher, Sarah CSENG ECE Admin Photonic Curing of Semiconductor Nanomaterials for High-Performance Flexible Electronics


Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2022 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Arriaga, Edgar Science & Engineering, Col of, CSENG Chemistry Administration Multiparametric profiling of cellular senescence in aging models - Bridge Funding
Asakura, Atsushi Medical School, NEUR Neurology Dept Admin Vascular endothelial stem cells in muscle regeneration and muscular dystrophy
Ashkenazi, Shai Science & Engineering, Col of, CSENG Biomedical Eng Admin Implantable Device for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Treatment of Brain Tumor Recurrence
Bak, M Y Savana Education/Human Dev, Col of, Ed Psych Administration Pilot Training Module for Caretakers of Children with ASD
Beard, David UMD Arts, Human, SocSci,Col of, D Engl Linguist & Wrt Studies Oral Histories of Rural Healthcare, from the Perspective of the Retail Pharmacist
Blocker, Jane Liberal Arts, College of, Art History Contemporary Art, Environmental Orientation, and Knowledge
Braunlin, Elizabeth Medical School, PEDS Pediatrics Cardiology Div Importance of the immune system in a murine model of lysosomal storage disease: a tale of two strains
Chatterjea, Ananya Liberal Arts, College of, Theatre Arts & Dance Dept Micchil, Amra: Investigating Performance in times of pandemic and political uprising
Collins, Kathleen Liberal Arts, College of, Political Science Department Civil Islam or Illiberal Democracy? The Debate about Islam, Secularism, and Democracy Across Muslim Eurasia
Douglas, Christopher Science & Engineering, Col of, CSENG Chemistry Administration Catalytic Methods in Functionalizing Acyl Sigma Bonds to Carbon
Dubrow, Gail Design, College of, Architecture, School of Japonisme Revisited: How Racism Shaped the Lives and Careers of America's Earliest Architects of Japanese Ancestry
DuHamel, Ann UMM Humanities Division, M Music Dept. Prayers for a Feverish Planet—New Music About Climate Change: Concert Tour and Recording
Engel, Stephen Liberal Arts, College of, Psychology The Perceptual Bases of Visual Snow Syndrome
Kim, Nam Chul Pharmacy, College of, Pharm Practice Pharm Sciences Mitochondrial pathogenic pathways in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia
Larasati PhD, Rachmi Diyah Liberal Arts, College of, Gender, Women & Sexuality Oemah Larasati: A Cultural Institution Combating Conservatism and the Modern Empire.
Lee, Daehyoung UMD Educ & Human Svc Prof, D Applied Human Sciences Effects of A Gamified Incentive-Based App on Increasing Physical Activity and Reducing Depression in Adults with Autism
Lewis, Beth Education/Human Dev, Col of, Kinesiology Administration Preliminary Efficacy of a Strength Training Intervention on Exercise Adherence and Weight among Pre-Menopausal Women
Mcculloch, Kyle Biological Sciences, Col of, CBS Ecology, Evolution, Behavr Illuminating how animal complexity evolves by comparing sea anemone photoreceptor cells
Mehus, Christopher Education/Human Dev, Col of, FSoS Administration Testing a brief, online version of an evidence-based parenting program
Mensinger, Allen UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng, D Biology Toadfish Biosacoustics
O'Connor, Amy Liberal Arts, College of, Hubbard Schl Journal/Mass Comm Mine Life: Communication, Work and Identity
Shank, JB Liberal Arts, College of, History Department Cosmology before the Advent of Astrophysics and the Modern Scientific Regime
Sun, Xiaoran Education/Human Dev, Col of, FSoS Administration Examining Teenagers’ Overnight Smartphone Use and Its Implications for Well-Being with High-Intensity Smartphone Data
Tamir, Rotem Liberal Arts, College of, Art Department Making as Catalyst for Remembering
Wayessa, Bula Liberal Arts, College of, African-Amer & African Studies Adaptation of Maize to the Indigenous Farming Systems in Wallaga, Ethiopia.


Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2021 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Algeri, Sara Liberal Arts, College of A novel statistical framework for astrophysical discoveries under background mismodeling
Austin, Jay UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Continued deployment of meteorology buoys in the western arm of Lake Superior
Bereiter, David Dentistry, School of Neuron-derived estrogen and TMJ nociception
Carlson, Stephanie Education/Human Dev, Col of My Future Self: Using Imagination to Improve Self-Control in Children
Choi, Changhyun Science & Engineering, Col of Context-Aware Robotic Object Grasping
Collister, John Veterinary Medicine, Col of Effects of Perimenopause on the Brain - Sympathetic - Gut Microbiome Axis in Hypertension
DeLiema, David Education/Human Dev, Col of Developing and Testing an Expansive Debugging Pedagogy to Support Students' Learning through Failure
Dengel PhD, Donald Education/Human Dev, Col of Effectiveness of Extracellular Microvesicles to Track Cardiovascular Risk in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer Patients
Deslauriers, Stephen UMM Science & Math Division BZ-X800 Fluorescence Microscope
Ebtehaj, Ardeshir Science & Engineering, Col of High-Resolution Spectroradiometer for Advancing the Knowledge in Remote Sensing of Environment
Fallon, Ann Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Expression of Wolbachia genes in the mosquito ovary
Fang, Peng UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Reconfigurable modular power conversion architecture for ultra wide voltage range operation
Ferguson, David Pharmacy, College of Blocking ACE2-TMPRSS2 Function in SARS-CoV-2 Entry using Peptide-Drug Conjugates
Gebre Egziabher, Demoz Science & Engineering, Col of Perception and Localization Research Sensor Suite (POLARESS)
Gray, William Biological Sciences, Col of A high resolution, highly sensitive, and fast confocal microscope for the Saint Paul Campus
Grusz, Amanda UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Evaluating a drought-driven hypothesis for the evolution of obligate apomixis
Hansen, Lars Science & Engineering, Col of Measuring the nonlinear viscoelastic properties of rocks
Hedegaard, Brock UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Hydraulic Service Manifold
Kazlauskas, Romas Biological Sciences, Col of Floor Avanti JE centrifuge with JLA 9.1000, JA25.5 and JS5.3 rotors for biochemical research
Khaleghi Yazdi, Maryam UMD Arts, Human, SocSci,Col of Interactive textile art projects that narrate the stories of immigrants
Kuo, Sidney Medical School Early structural changes to Muller glial cells in glaucoma
Mkhoyan, Andre Science & Engineering, Col of Developing atomic-scale in-situ electrical biasing platform for nanoelectronics with perovskite oxides
Morris, Rebecca VP for Research, Office of A novel model for distinguishing low- and high-risk benign papillomas induced by solar ultraviolet radiation
Ostrander PhD, Julie Medical School Keyence Imaging System
Panoskaltsis-Mortari PhD, Angela Medical School CNC Table Top Mill and VLS6.75 Laser Cutter
Powers, Jennifer Biological Sciences, Col of Establishing a Tropical Dry Forest Collaboratory for Science, Society, and Synthesis
Sasisekaran, Jayanthi Liberal Arts, College of Temporal dynamics of language planning and speech production in adults who do and do not stutter
Scheil, Katherine Liberal Arts, College of Community Shakespeare
Titus, Margaret Medical School The Role of Filopodia in Metastatic Cancer Cell Migration
Toan, Sam UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Novel Catalytic Chemical Looping Technology for Conversion of Waterborne Plastic Waste into Fuels and Syngas
Walcheck, Bruce Veterinary Medicine, Col of LICOR Odyssey XF gel imaging system
Wrigley-Field, Elizabeth Liberal Arts, College of Stolen Time: Racial Disparities in Enjoyable and Meaningful Time
Zefeldt, Mathew Liberal Arts, College of Painting Constructed Virtual Worlds


Grant-in-Aid: Summer 2021 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Kendeou, Panayiota Pani Ed Psych Administration  Improving Reading Comprehension: Project ELCII
Massari, Aaron CSENG Chemistry Administration Measuring Molecular Arrangement and Movement at Liquid Crystal Interfaces


Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2021 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Abdel Salam, Hassan Liberal Arts, College of Palestine’s Human Rights Fatwas: An Exploration of the Legal Opinions of Imams and Jurists in Palestine
Benedict, Marissa Liberal Arts, College of New Music for a New Century - The Evolution of Brass Music in the 21st Century
Bradley, Elizabeth Medical School SCI Chemidoc MP System
Caldas Chumbes, Blanca Education/Human Dev, Col of Translingual Latinx Ethnic Studies Summer School (TLESSS) for Bilingual/Bicultural Elementary Students in Twin Cities
Caprioli, Mary UMD Liberal Arts, College of Breaking Boundaries: A Sociopolitical Explanation of Adolescent Female Gender Identity Alternatives
Choy-Brown, Mimi Education/Human Dev, Col of The LIFT Project: Leveraging Leadership to Improve Fidelity to Assertive Community Treatment
Clarke-Sather, Abigail UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Mechanical Recycling Processes for Transforming Discarded Textiles into Fiber Feedstocks
Debes, Jose Medical School H2U: Recruitment of underrepresented minority (URM) high school students into global health and health equity research t
DeJaeghere, Joan Education/Human Dev, Col of Rural Youths’ Engagement in Democratic Practices through Arts-based Participatory Programs
Deslauriers, Stephen UMM Science & Math Division Machine vision as a tool for identifying genetic regions which contribute to plant development
Fang, Qiang UMD Liberal Arts, College of Communist China and the United States: Irreconcilable Relations, 1972-2012
Feinberg, Joshua Science & Engineering, Col of Pace of Ecological Change During Periods of Extreme Climate Change
Greising PhD, Sarah Education/Human Dev, Col of New Directions to Understand the Paradoxical Role of Inflammation following Skeletal Muscle Injury
Haglin, Kathryn UMD Liberal Arts, College of Measuring Support for Universal Basic Income
Hastings, Angela Dentistry, School of Patient Attitudes Towards Teledentistry and Acceptance of Use
Hinderliter, Brian UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Quantifying Properties for a Mechanistic, Predictive Understanding of Aqueous Impact on Ageing of Passive Materials
Jacobs, Fayola Public Affairs, HHH School of Colonizing Climates: Urban Planning and Anti-Blackness in the US South and the Caribbean
Kim, Naeun Design, College of Collaborative Consumption of Fashion Goods: A Cross-cultural Examination
Koester, Steven Science & Engineering, Col of Ultra-High-Purity Assembly System for Quantum Device Research
Marquart, Len Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of A Systems Approach to Introducing Underutilized Crops into the Minnesota Food System
Mashek, Douglas Medical School Upgrade of Nikon A1Rsi laser scanning confocal microscope to HD scanner
Mozenter, Suki UMD Educ & Human Svc Prof Antiracist Literary Advisory Board (A-LAB)
Mroz, Pawel Medical School Development of long read sequencing for Pharmacogenomic testing
Mwesigye, Aggrey UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Experimental investigation of the performance of ground source heat pump systems incorporating phase change material
Pease, Lindsay Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Purchase of a Gas Chromatograph Specialized for Greenhouse Gas Analysis in Crookston
Pirinelli, Alyssa UMM Science & Math Division Sorb-Tech Automated Purification System for Use in the UMN Morris Chemistry Discipline
Row, Jennifer Liberal Arts, College of The Body Perfect: the Aesthetics of Ableism and Race in the French Early Modern
Samimi, Ceema Education/Human Dev, Col of School discipline and COVID-19
Seecharan, Turuna UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Gamification and the Decision Making Grid to Encourage Sustainable Driving in Young Drivers
Shambroom, Paul Liberal Arts, College of Purpletown: Portraits from the Thin Divide
Srinivasan, Vinod Science & Engineering, Col of Exploring Universal Behavior of Thermal Fluctuations in Boiling: Towards a Model for Critical Heat Flux
Staats, Susan Education/Human Dev, Col of Poetic Structures, Prosody, and Gesture among English and Somali Speakers in Algebra Generalization Tasks
Tarr, Gillian Public Health, School of A Goldilocks Effect of Psychological Distress on Pandemic Fatigue? Stress, Social Vulnerability, and Protective Behavior
Vang, Cindy Education/Human Dev, Col of Hmong Intergenerational COVID-19 Communication Study
Willow, Diane Liberal Arts, College of Open Air Cycle
Wise, Eric Medical School Venous waveform analysis for monitoring blood volume in sepsis


Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2020 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Arnold, Susan Veterinary Medicine, Col of Investigation of mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapy in a canine model of spontaneous high-grade glioma
Austin-Minor, Elizabeth UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Inorganic carbon cycling in the Laurentian Great Lakes
Cho, Jeong-Hyun Science & Engineering, Col of 3D Nano-Biosensor for Detection of Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA)
Contreras, Rafael VP for Research, Office of Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
Glesener, Lindsay Science & Engineering, Col of High-Rate Ground Station for Satellite Communications
Hodges, James Public Health, School of Practical causal-inference tools for meta-analysis of clinical trials
Hu, Bo Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Biocontrol of the Soybean Cyst Nematode with Fungal Endophytes and Culture Filtrates
Huang, R Stephanie Pharmacy, College of BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator for Automated Live Cell Analysis
Huddleston, Stephen Medical School Identifying donor lung molecules that drive lung transplant rejection in order to better diagnose and treat rejection
Kim, Nam Chul Pharmacy, College of Spinning disk confocal microscope for long-term 3D live cell imaging and molecular trafficking/dynamics studies
Konczak PhD, Juergen Education/Human Dev, Col of Objective quantification of hand and knee proprioception in typically developing children
Lindsey, Amelia Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Developing functional genomics tools to improve biological control
Lubet, Alex Liberal Arts, College of On the Seventh Hour: New Music for Resonator Guitar
Lukkas, Lynn Liberal Arts, College of Two Projects: Faroe, and she, her, hers
May, Georgiana Biological Sciences, Col of Sustaining prairies against climate change
Melnykov, Igor UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Parameterization of Finite Mixtures of Dirichlet Distributions with Applications to Cluster Analysis
Menta, Venkata Gireesh UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Design Optimization and Manufacturing of Hydrokinetic Turbine Blades with 3D Printed Cores
Olman, Cheryl Liberal Arts, College of Investigating Characteristics of Foveal Feedback Using Ultra-High Field fMRI
Ou, Li Medical School Assess off-target effects of PS Gene Editing in treating MPS I disease
Pahwa, Sonali Liberal Arts, College of Digitizing Womanhood in Dubai
Pirinelli, Alyssa UMM Science & Math Division Recirculating Chiller System for Use in Synthetic Carbohydrate Research
Shannon, Laura Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Flow Cytometer For Plant Research on the St. Paul Campus
Silverman, Michael Liberal Arts, College of Future Music Therapy Research in Adult Mental Health: An Investigation of Service User Preferences and Recommendations
Smith, Joan Liberal Arts, College of ROCKABY: A dance work created from performers' lived experiences of domestic violence, childhood trauma and resilience.
St George, Scott Liberal Arts, College of Hunting fimbulvinter: Drafting a global atlas of dreadful frosts over the past two millennia
Staker, Justin Medical School Mitigating the impact of shoulder movement dysfunction; a randomized controlled trial
Wozniak, Jeffrey Medical School Choline Supplementation as a Neurodevelopmental Intervention for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders


Grant-in-Aid: Summer 2020 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Title of Research
Berge, Jerica FamMed Family Medicine Admin Family Matters Study: A Prospective Longitudinal Cohort Study of Minnesota's Most Vulnerable Populations 
Ogle, Brenda CSENG Biomedical Eng Admin Epicardial regulation of human cardiomyocyte function via modulation of extracellular signals: toward robust pump function



Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2020

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Basu, Priyanka UMM Humanities Division Colonial Remains and Decolonial Futures in Contemporary Global German Art Film
Blumenthal, Susanna Law School The Apprehension of Fraud in Modern America
Campbell, Stephen Science & Engineering, Col of A Zetasizer Nanoparticle Analyzer for the Minnesota Nano Center
Carroll, Caitlin Public Health, School of Rural Hospital Closure and the Quality of Cancer Care
Carter, Clay Biological Sciences, Col of A role for carbonic anhydrases in the plant acid-growth hypothesis
Ding, Jie Liberal Arts, College of Dynamical Modeling of Complex Streaming Data
Dumitrica, Traian Science & Engineering, Col of Fractal Dimension - a Possible Key Measure for Fiber Network Architectures
Finestack, Lizbeth Liberal Arts, College of Identifying Language Impairment in Students with Diverse Language Exposure
Fleischman, Forrest Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of How does climate policy advance? Lessons from comparative case studies of policy change in Minnesota
Friedenberg, Steven Veterinary Medicine, Col of Development of artificial antigen-presenting cells to fight cancer in dogs
Gammill, Laura Medical School Investigating exosomes as a means of neural crest cell-cell communication
Genova, Thomas UMM Humanities Division Borders of Brazil: Euclides da Cunha and 'Latin America'
Goldschmidt, Stephanie Veterinary Medicine, Col of Clinical feasibility and accuracy of indirect computed tomography lymphangiography in dogs
Hill, Craig UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Transportable meteorological tower for marine and atmospheric boundary layer engineering and resilient energy systems
Isaka, Maki Liberal Arts, College of Female Performers of Traditional "All-Male" Gidayû-Music in Modern Japan
Knight, Sophia UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Knowledge, Belief and Information in Social Networks: Theory and Applications
Li, Xiaoyin UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Developing statistical methods to detect pleiotropy using genome-wide association study summary data
Lu, Connie Science & Engineering, Col of PHOTON III: X-ray Diffraction Detector Upgrade to Boost Single-Photon Sensitivity
Marmor, Schelomo Medical School Characterizing Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use among Surgery Patients in the United States
Mereddy, Venkatram UMD Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Development of Novel Drugs for the Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
Monnier, Gilliane Liberal Arts, College of Elucidating Neanderthal Cooking Practices in the Balkans 80,000 - 40,000 years ago.
Ramey, Jason UMM Humanities Division At Hand- A study of Japanese architecture and traditional building techniques and materials
Rugeley, Cynthia UMD Liberal Arts, College of Minnesota: Swing State 2020
Schallmo, Michael-Paul Medical School Peripheral biomarkers in transdiagnostic psychosis
Shannon, Laura Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Reel Irrigation for North Central Research and Outreach Center (NCROC)
Smith, Kumi Public Health, School of Standardized Patients to Evaluate Treatment Access for Opioid Use Disorder
Toft, Jessica Education/Human Dev, Col of The Effects of Neoliberal Managerialism on Social Worker Professional Discretion in Minnesota
Vogel, Rachel Medical School Identifying risk factors for post-traumatic stress disorder among gynecologic cancer survivors
Waid, Jeffrey Education/Human Dev, Col of Development and feasibility of a family navigation prevention service: A proof of concept study
Wilke, Christopher Medical School Development of a predictive model of glioblastoma for patient-specific prognosis and therapeutic intervention


Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2019 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Agur, Colin Liberal Arts, College of Facing the Flood: Examining the resilience of mobile phone users facing natural threats in Mumbai
Blaylock, Sara Duluth, Fine Arts, School of The Taboo of the Ordinary – Experimental Art in a Late East Germany
Bradley, Cynthia Nursing, School of Evaluating Teachers’ Practice of the Debriefing for Meaningful Learning Method
Brengman, Latisha Duluth, Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Acquisition of a hand-held x-ray fluorescence instrument
Chen, Changbin Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of A fluorescence microscope with high-resolution imaging system for plant breeding in the postgenomic era
Czaja, Wioletta VP for Research, Office of ChemiDoc MP Imaging System for robust workflows involving DNA and Protein visualization and quantification.
Derby, Jeffrey Science & Engineering, Col of Analyzing Bulk Crystal Growth via Modeling and Neutron Imaging
DeWaard, Jack Liberal Arts, College of Third-party observers perceptions of procedural fairness in U.S. immigration court
Grissom, Nicola Liberal Arts, College of Dynamic dopamine release to reward in an autism-associated genotype
Hanson, Jessica Duluth, Educ & Human Svc Prof Role of Social Support in Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies in Native Women
Heikal, Ahmed Duluth, Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Collagen-Density Dependent Studies of Intracellular Crowding in Highly Metastatic Cancer Cells in Tumor-like Environment
Hoeppner, Luke VP for Research, Office of Identifying new targets for cardiovascular disease therapy
Hokanson, Stan Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Tenney Ultracold Environmental Test Chamber
Hoxie, Alison Duluth, Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Acquisition of Oxford Lasers Firefly High-Speed Laser
Kang, Peter K Science & Engineering, Col of Multi-scale Characterization of Flow and Transport through Complex Porous Media
Kawakami, Yasuhiko Medical School Sall4 regulates development of neuromesodermal progenitors and differentiation of their mesodermal descendants
Keller-Ross, Manda Medical School Autonomic Regulation of Blood Pressure in Older Early Menopausal Women
Kurle PhD, James Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of An Innovative Student-driven Multidisciplinary Core to Address Big-data Challenges in Agriculture
Lai, Victor Duluth, Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Experimental Design and Measurement of the Permeability of Soft Tissue Equivalents
Larson, Chris Liberal Arts, College of Smithville, Tennessee
LaVelle, John Education/Human Dev, Col of Exploring the human, work, and professional values critical for evaluation practice
Ludewig, Paula Medical School Integrated Muscle Activity Assessment System
McCormick, Alon Science & Engineering, Col of Small Scale Ammonia from Stranded Wind Energy - Bridge to Follow-On Larger Pilot Project with ARPA-E
Nuernberger, Kathryn Liberal Arts, College of Symbiotics: Poems at the Intersection of Biology and the Literary Imagination
Olson, S Douglas Liberal Arts, College of Manuscript Work in Support of a New Edition of Aristophanes' Knights
Olszewski, Neil Biological Sciences, Col of Investigating the Role of Auxin, Gibberellin and Procera in the Shade Avoidance Syndrome of Tomato
Park, Chongwon Duluth, Liberal Arts, College of Information Structure and Grammatical Case
Parker, Laurie Biological Sciences, Col of R01 renewal bridge: Biosensor Assay to Screen for Signaling Pathway Inhibition in Cancer
Poddutoori, Prashanth Duluth, Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Bio-inspired Molecular Integration for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage
Pomerantz, William Science & Engineering, Col of Chemical Probe Design for Dissecting BRD4-Transcription Factor Interactions
Rumbley, Jon Pharmacy, College of Characterizing unique structural variations in Trypanosoma brucei phosphofructokinase, a putative therapeutic target.
Schuchardt, Anita Biological Sciences, Col of BioVEDA: Improving Student Understanding of Biological Variation in Experimental Design and Analysis
Seastrand, Anna Liberal Arts, College of South Indian Images: A Critical Archive
Seelig, Burckhard Biological Sciences, Col of Evolution of Primordial Peptides, Proteins and the Genetic Code
Segijn, Claire Liberal Arts, College of When realizing that Big Brother is watching you: whether and how synced advertising literacy affects critical attitudes.
Shanks, Samuel Duluth, Academic Affairs Admin Low-Cost Stage Automation: Bringing Technical Theatre into the Age of Robotics
Skubitz PhD, Amy Medical School IncuCyte S3 Imaging System for Digital Monitoring of Cell Functions
Somia, Nikunj Medical School Identifying the fusogens mediating exosome delivery
Teed, Corinne Liberal Arts, College of Entangling Banks
Tze, William Tai Yin Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Redefining wood fiberboard: Resin-free bonding of microfibrillated wood fiber
Wilson, Melissa Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of TURNING ANIMAL WASTE INTO WORTH: Bio-treating manure with insects and worms to produce value-added products
Yang, Ce Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of In-vivo Sexing of Chicken Eggs Using Hyperspectral Imaging


Grant-in-Aid: Summer 2019 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Bailey, Jake CSENG Earth Sciences, Dept of Bridge funding: Endobionts inhabit the world's largest bacteria
Costalonga, Massimo Dent Periodontology, Div of

MHC-II-/- Langerhans cells with compensatory Tc17 plasticity in oral candidiasis 

Simpson, Jeff Psychology

Minnesota Longitudinal Study of Risk and Adaptation


Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2019 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Aldrich, Courtney Pharmacy, College of LI-COR Odyssey CLx Infrared Imager
Beehler, Sarah Medical School Community Assessment of Veteran Reintegration
Belair-Gagnon, Valerie Liberal Arts, College of Peripheral Actors, Collaboration, and News Innovation: Journalism’s Transformation with AI
Bezada, Maximiliano Science & Engineering, Col of Investigating the Last Remaining Fragment of the Wyoming Craton
Bruce, Emily Morris- Social Science Division Siblings on the Move: German, Irish, and French Canadian Families, 1840–1930
Chefetz-Menaker, Ilana VP for Research, Office of Seahorse HI
Cotner, James Biological Sciences, Col of Heterotrophic Fixation of Nitrogen in Lakes of the Upper Midwest
Cross, Dori Public Health, School of Strategies to Improve Knowledge of Older Adults' Social Care Needs in Primary Care
Denton, Robert Morris- Science & Math Division The frequency and fate of genome theft by an all-female species
Dorelien, Audrey Public Affairs, HHH School of Social contact structures and the spread of close-contact infectious diseases in the US and the Twin Cities
Girard, Abby Medical School Mixed Methods Exploration of Distressing Sexual Desire Discrepancy among Couples
Greenstein, David Biological Sciences, Col of Control of Meiosis and Germline Proliferation
Griffin, Linsey Design, College of 4D Dynamic Surface Capture Research: Exploring New Frontiers in Advanced Wearable Product Development
Hamann, Keitha Liberal Arts, College of Case Study of Key of T: Community Engagement in A Social Justice Recital Addressing Impact of Testosterone on the Voice
Hegeman, Adrian Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Specialty Crop Development for Essential Oil Production in Minnesota
Kakalios, James Science & Engineering, Col of Radiation-Induced Conductivity Enhancement in Composite Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Thin Films
Maurer-Jones, Melissa Duluth- Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Acquisition of TA Instruments Discovery 250 Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Mereddy, Venkatram Duluth- Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Becton Dickinson (BD) Accuri™ C6 Plus Flow Cytometer
Miller, Faith Education/Human Dev, Col of Initial Development and Validation of Direct Behavior Ratings for Anxiety
Moen, Ron Duluth- Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Predicting Adaptive Response in Animals Using GPS Locations, Satellite Imagery, and LiDAR
Morris, Rebecca VP for Research, Office of Identification of novel epidermal progenitors
Neerland, Carrie Nursing, School of Women's Experiences of Transfer from Home or Birth Center to an Urban, Academic Medical Center
Pearson, David Medical School 3D Printed Cutaneous Ultraviolet Photodiode
Poling, Ron Science & Engineering, Col of Studies of Leptonic and Semileptonic Decays of Charmed Mesons with the BESIII Detector
Pratt, Rebekah Medical School The Development of a Novel Implementation Science Framework to Address Health Disparities in Cancer Prevention.
Ramakrishnan, Subramanian Duluth Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Analysis of a novel mathematical model for a planar soft robot
Ratliff, Jamie Duluth Fine Arts, School of Cuban Currents: Contemporary Art in Dialogue
Rider, Nic Medical School Intersectionality, health, and resilience: A Photovoice project of LGBTQ youth of color
Rudney, Joel Dentistry, School of Development of an in vitro model for studying previously unknown structures recently discovered in dental plaque
Salisbury MS, Dereck Nursing, School of Total Body Recumbent Stepping for the Rehabilitation of Symptomatic Peripheral Artery Disease
Savage, Jessica Duluth Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Flowers are often an indicator of spring but are they also the canary in the coal mine?
Shenoy, Chetan Medical School A Comprehensive Study of the Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy Phenotype
Toff, Benjamin Liberal Arts, College of Avoiding the News: Vanishing Audiences for Journalism
Wolf, Tiffany Veterinary Medicine, Col of Forging new relationships in One Health research through engaged ethnography


Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2018 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Anderson, Grant Pharmacy, College of LightCycler 480 Instrument
Bazargan, Kia Science & Engineering, Col of Harnessing the Power of Unary Computing in Deep Learning Applications
Berg, Bjorn Public Health, School of Operational Modeling using RTLS in an Outpatient Multidisciplinary Setting
Casale, Sinem Liberal Arts, College of Gifts in the Age of Empire: Ottoman-Safavid Cultural Exchange, 1500-1650
Channer, Lisa Liberal Arts, College of DENIM
Chen, Bodong Education/Human Dev, Col of DataExpedition: Supporting Youth Computational Thinking with Open Geoscience Data
Clark, Matthew Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Development of a fine mapping population for hybrid grape gene discovery
Clarke, Duncan Medical School Control of Chromosome Segregation by DNA Topoisomerase II
Coon, Adam Morris - Humanities Division The Serpent's Feathers: Nahua Philosophies in Migration
Creamer, Cosette Liberal Arts, College of In International Courts We Trust: The Hidden Role of Registries and Legal Secretariats
Dymond, Ben Duluth - Swenson Col of Sci & Eng 110 kip Dynamic Hydraulic Linear Actuator
Ernst, Julie Duluth - Educ & Human Svc Prof Impact of Nature Preschools on Young Children's Physical Activity and Gross Motor Development
Fletcher, Samuel Liberal Arts, College of Rethinking Formal Methods in Philosophy
Gewirtz, Jonathan Liberal Arts, College of Epigenetic effects of repeated opioid exposure
Hanany, Shaul Science & Engineering, Col of Transforming the Study of Atmospheric Gravity Waves Using Data from The Balloon-Borne PMC-Turbo Experiment
Harki, Daniel Pharmacy, College of Development of Didehydrocytidine Phosphoramidite Prodrugs: Novel Antiviral Compounds with Broad Spectrum Activities
Hedegaard, Brock Duluth - Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Collapse Resiliency of Precast Concrete Frames with Hybrid Connections
Hume, Angela Morris - Humanities Division Lyric Interiors: The Ecological Poetics of Women’s Health Writing and Activism, 1970s-Present
Johnson, Richard Crookston - Ag and Natural Resources A Support Needs Assessment of Early Career Agriculture Teachers
Kassie, Fekadu Veterinary Medicine, Col of Prevention of lung tumorigenesis with low doses of immune checkpoint inhibitors in mice
Kelekar, Ameeta Medical School Cytation 1 FAV Imager / Multimode Plate Reader, configured for use with Seahorse Extracellular Flux Analyzer
Kikyo, Nobuaki Medical School Novel therapy of liposarcoma with a protein isomerase inhibitor
Kim MD, Nicholas Medical School M Health Comprehensive Gender Care Prospective Patient Database
Klimes-Dougan, Bonnie Liberal Arts, College of Mindful Breathing and Neuromodulation for Depression in Adolescents and Young Adults
Lackey, Michael Morris - Humanities Division The Irish Biographical Novel
Masino, Mark Medical School Housing System for University of Minnesota Zebrafish Core Facility
Masino, Mark Medical School The role of serotonergic signaling on cellular regeneration following spinal cord injury
Matthews, Steve Duluth - Liberal Arts, College of Archaeology and History of the Inishmore Coastal Plain and Roscam Abbey
Mermelstein, Paul Medical School Upgrade of University Imaging Centers Nikon A1R MP Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
Mesce, Karen Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci, Col of Focused Ultrasound and Its Actions on Excitable Membranes
Michalowski, Martin Nursing, School of Supporting Evidence-Based Patient Management Using Artificial Intelligence Methods
Mills, Nathaniel Liberal Arts, College of Workshopping Blackness: Collaboration and the Production of African American Literature
Moses Haller, Monica Liberal Arts, College of Liquid Gold
Neprash, Hannah Public Health, School of Supply-Side Responses to the Medicaid Eligibility Expansion
Ozersky, Tedy Duluth - Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Giant sulfur-oxidizing “pipeline” bacteria in Great Lake sediments
Pribiag, Vlad Science & Engineering, Col of MNC Thin Film Etching and Deposition Upgrade: In-Situ Ion Mill for CHA Evaporator
Scheil, Katherine Liberal Arts, College of Citizen Shakespeare
Schokker, Andrea Duluth - Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Composite Wind Turbine Tower Design
Shen, Wei Science & Engineering, Col of Nanotopography-Responsive Myotube Orientation as a Novel Phenotypic Biomarker for Muscular Dystrophies
Sotirova, Nadezhda Morris - Humanities Division Never come back: Identity negotiations and the context of post-socialism in discourses on migration in Bulgaria
Temple, Judy Public Affairs, HHH School of Social impact financing: Formal modeling and application to preventive health interventions
Travis, Dominic Veterinary Medicine, Col of Integrating an Anthropological Approach within the One Health Framework
Trumble, Troy Veterinary Medicine, Col of Creating a lameness repository for future therapeutic studies in a herd of naturally-occurring musculoskeletal disease
Wattrus, Nigel Duluth - Swenson Col of Sci & Eng Evaluating Active Streamer (Self) Control using IoT enabled Autonomous Survey Vehicles


Grant-in-Aid: Summer 2018 Awards 

Recipient College/Unit Title of Research
Chase, Thomas CSENG Mech Engineering Admin Hyrbid MEMS Proportional Pneumatic Valve
Glesener, Lindsay CSENG Physics & Astron, Schl of The Experiment for X-ray Characterization and Timing (EXACT) Small Satellite
Herzberg, Mark Dent Basic Sciences, Div of Novel therapeutics for periodontal diseases and mucosal infections
Mansky, Kim Dent Orthodontics, Div of Regulation of Osteoclast Differentiation by Class IIA HDACs


Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2018 Awards

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Al-Geddawy, Tarek Duluth - Mechanical & Ind Engr Industry 4.0 for Energy Sustainability in Changeable Manufacturing Systems
Asakura PhD, Atsushi NEUR Neurology Dept Admin Vascular Niche for Muscle Stem Cell Maintenance
Asojo, Abimbola DHA Interior Design Creativity, Culture and Identity in Africa and the African Diaspora
Barney, Brett Bioprod & Biosys Eng, Dept of Biosynthetic Approaches to Nitrogen Biofertilizers and Commodity Chemicals
Berg, Dianne Family Medicine Admin Body Dysphoria Among Pre-Pubescent Children With Gender Dysphoria
Bernstein, Joshua Duluth - Engl Linguist & Wrt Studies In Josaphat’s Valley: Reflections on War, Art, and Memory
Brengman, Latisha Duluth -  Earth & Environmental Sci Application of a newly developed silicon isotope proxy to sulfide mineral deposit exploration
Calder, Jeffrey CSENG Mathematics Admin Partial differential equation continuum limits in machine learning and applications
Clark, Anna History Department Individual Rights, Factory legislation, and Medical Compulsion in the British Empire, 1880-1900
Deane, Bradley Morris - English A Companion to Charles Dickens's David Copperfield
Deng, Yibin The Hormel Institute Discovery of small-molecule compounds disrupting eIF4A-eIF4G interaction for cancer therapy
DuHamel, Ann Morris - Music Dept. Traditions and Transformations - Brahms Re-Imagined: Solo Piano Recital Tour & Recording with Commissioned Piano Piece
Dymond, Salli Duluth -  Earth & Environmental Sci Isotopic Signatures of Precipitation in Lake Superior
Elliott Jr, Bruce Bioethics, Center for Lonesome Whistle: Exposing Wrongdoing in Research on Human Subjects
Ferguson, David Medicinal Chemistry Siderophore Inhibitors for Tuberculosis that Block Mycobactin Biosynthesis
Fitzgerald, M Eng Languages & Literature The Robert Fitzgerald Archive: A Life In Ephemera
Flink, Carl Theatre Arts & Dance Dept The Box: Utilizing Dance, Theater & Game Theory Strategies to Create a Mobile Platform for Physical and Verbal Debate
Golos, Debbie Ed Psych Administration Peter's Picture Early Literacy Approach (PPELA): App Development
Gudmundson, Paula Duluth - Music, Department of Music for Flute by Scandinavian Women Composers
Gunlicks-Stoessel, Meredith PSYCH Psychiatry Dept Admin Developing Norms for Neurocognitive Assessments of Cognitive Control to Inform Personalized Treatment of Depression
Hogquist, Kristin LMP Administration Bridge funding for Thymic interferon in tolerance
Hu, Bo Bioprod&Biosys Eng, Dept of Phytoremediation of Road Salt by Salicornia Europaea – A New Research Direction on Native Halophytic Plants
Hubel, Allison CSENG Mech Engineering Admin Freeze-dryer for stabilization studies of pharmaceuticals, proteins, microbiome, cell therapies & regenerative medicine
Krebs, Ronald Political Science Department Cultures of Military Service: How Thinking About Soldiers Affects Public Attitudes Toward War
Lamperski, Andrew CSENG ECE Admin Finite-Sample Optimization for Identification and Control
Lane, Thomas Art Department The Brides of 9/11 Memorial Vase Project
Lee, Mai Na History Department The Hmong Kingdom at Dragon Capital (Long Cheng): Vang Pao’s Alliance with the CIA 1960-75
Lee, Anna PHCL Pharmacology Admin Novel role of nicotinic receptors in alcohol aversion
Levison, Deborah HHH Global Policy Acad Prog Animating Children's Views: Implementing the UNCRC's Article 12 Using Innovative Survey Methods
Longmire, Ellen CSENG Aerospace Eng & Mech Adm Investigation of Sprays for Intrapulmonary Deposition of Live Cells
Lutsky, Karen Landscape Architecture, Dpt of Experimental Forests and a ‘Culture of Adaptability’ : Establishing the first UMN Great Lakes Design Lab
Mantell, Susan CSENG Mech Engineering Admin Design of Complex Composite Parts Manufactured by Filament Winding
Meisel, Robert NSCI Neuroscience Admin Sexual Experience as a Risk Factor for Drug Abuse
Miller, Bradley Morris - Choir Formation of Ensemble Intersection
Munoz, Lorena Gender, Women & Sexuality Transnational Motherhood Mobilities: Zimbabwean Immigrant Domestic Workers in South Africa
Myers, C Political Science Department The Effects of Storytelling in Political Communication
Potegal, Michael TC Occupational Therapy CAHP Balance and movement sensitivity study
Raheja, Gloria Anthropology American Vernacular Music and the Ballad Tradition: Historical, Musicological, and Ethnographic Approaches
Reineccius, Gary Food Sci & Nutr, Dept of A microfluidics system for the encapsulation and targeted delivery of biologically active materials.
Sasisekaran, Jayanthi Speech-Language-Hearg Sci Dept Sentence complexity and disfluencies in the speech of children who do and do not stutter
Scandura, Jani Eng Languages & Literature Cemetery of Elephants
Schryver, Jimmy Morris - Art History The Lough Key Archaeological Project: Recovering Medieval Gaelic Ireland
Snell-Rood, Emilie CBS Ecology, Evolution, Behavr Discovering species with broad adaptations to mutagens
Soleo-Shanks, Jenna Duluth - Theatre, Department of The Conversion of Hrotsvit: A Practice-Based Research Approach to Staging Medieval Drama for 21st Century Audiences
Song, Ying Geography, Environment, Society Investigating Relationships between Bike-sharing and Public Transit: A Spatial-Temporal Approach
Tageldin, Shaden Cultural Studies & Comp Lit Toward a Transcontinental Theory of Modern Comparative Literature
Whalen, Kevin Morris - History First Relocations: American Indian Labor in the United States, 1900-1940


Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2017 Awards

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Araki, Takako MED Endocrine & Diabetes Div Role of novel human POMC promoter in HPA axis
Beacham, Barbara SoN Academic Programs Development of a Child Friendly Version of the Family Management Measure
Berge, Jerica FamMed Family Medicine Admin Examining the Relationship between “Transient” and “Chronic” Stress and Parent Feeding Practices in Diverse Households
Bernstein, Gail PSYCH Psychiatry Dept Admin Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS): Characterization and Prospective Course
Clarke-Sather, Abigail Duluth - Mechanical & Ind Engr Medium size environmental chamber for sample preparation over short time periods
Connell, Gregory PHCL Pharmacology Admin Identification of an endonuclease that is central to mammalian iron homeostasis
Crooker, Brian Animal Science, Dept of Impact of Holstein genotype on innate immune response to lipopolysaccharide and Escherichia coli
Crowell, Paul CSENG Physics & Astron,Schl of Minnesota Nano Center STS Etcher
Cvetanovic, Marija NSCI Neuroscience Admin Role of BDNF in SCA1
Dodge, Somayeh Geography,Environment,Society Modeling Movement Interactions Between Tigers and Leopards
Dymond, Ben Duluth - Civil Engineering Flexural Behavior of Cross-Laminated Timber Panels
Frisch, Jennifer Duluth - Education A portrait in environmental education and community: Stowe Elementary
Gardner, Gary Horticultural Sci, Dept of The Role of small RNAs in the photomorphogenic inhibition of Arabidopsis hypocotyl growth by UV-B irradiation
Greven, Martin CSENG Physics & Astron,Schl of Unique instrument for the characterization of materials under uniaxial pressure
Grusz, Amanda Duluth - Biology Fluorescence Upright and Inverted Capability Manual Stage Microscope
Hardeman PhD, Rachel SPH Health Policy & Mgmt Div An exploration of the relationship among police violence, race, and reproductive health outcomes
Hoffman, Sarah SoN Academic Programs Five Year Retrospective Analysis of Health in a Cohort of Karen Refugees Post-Resettlement
Jelinski, Nicolas Soil, Water & Climate, Dept of Investigating Variability in Soil Lead Bioaccessibility at the Household Scale in the Twin Cities
Karger, Amy LMP Administration Analysis of the discrepancy between estimated and measured GFR in the PERL cohort
Karras, Ruth History Department Thou Art the Man: King David as a Figure of Masculinity in Medieval Cultures
Lindberg, Tim Morris - Political Science Rural Matters: The Politics of Rural Minnesotans and their Perceptions of their Urban Counterparts
Liu, Lan Statistics, School of Efficient Regression Analysis for Brain Imaging Data
Low, Tony CSENG ECE Admin Unified graphene-based plasmonic platform for finger-printing adsorbed molecules
Lubet, Alex Music, School of New Music for Mountain Dulcimer
Mandic, Vuk CSENG Physics & Astron,Schl of Remote Sensing with Waves
McGee, Corey Roch Occupational Therapy CAHP Dynamic Stability Exercises for Women with Disabling Thumb Osteoarthritis: A Validation Study
Menta, Venkata Gireesh Duluth - Mechanical & Ind Engr Acquisition of TA Instruments Discovery 550 Advanced Thermogravimetric Analyzer
Onello, Emily DMED Family Med/CommHlth Who Takes Care of Rural Communities? Rural Health Disparities in Maternity Care and Medical Workforce
Peterson, Lamar Art Department Painted Lady: Underrepresented Faces in Contemporary Art
Phelps, Michelle Sociology Police Reform in the Progressive City
Piotrowski, Andrzej Architecture, School of A Heretical History of Architecture: Development of Visual Evidence
Porta PhD, Carolyn SoN Academic Programs Sexual Violence Prevention among College Students
Pruinelli RN, Lisiane SoN Academic Programs Improving Survival for Liver Transplant Recipients Using Big Data Strategies
Reyerson, Kathryn History Department Violence in the Mediterranean World, 13th-15th centuries: War and Piracy
Rim, Hyejoon Journalism & Mass Comm, School A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR): Transparency Signaling and Stakeholder Expectation
Schmid, Jenny Art Department Wildness Lost: A Series of Large Scale Etchings
Schroeder, Anthony Crookston - Math, Sci, Tech Dept Metagenomic Profiling of Minnesota’s Freshwater Sponges for Identifying Novel Secondary Metabolites
Simmons Jr, Glenn DMED Biomedical Sciences Density Gradient Fractionator System
Smith-Keiling, Beverly BMBB Med Dept Administration STEM Education Intervention: Inquiry-based, active-group, conflict-resolution strategies promoting self-regulation/grit
Tadmor, Ellad CSENG Aerospace Eng & Mech Adm Understanding Fracture Toughness of Graphene Polymer Nanocomposites through Modeling and Experiments
Varma, Keisha Ed Psych Administration The SciGames Project – Using Games to Support Science and Engineering Practices
Vidovic, Sinisa Veterinary Biomedical Science Molecular basis for successful restriction of Salmonella infection
Vulchanova, Lucy NSCI Neuroscience Admin Dark Environmental Chamber for Nikon FN1 A1R MP Microscope in University Imaging Centers (UIC)
Yang, DaQing The Hormel Institute Restoration of p53 tumor suppressor function in neuroblastoma by inhibiting cap-dependent translation
Zhdankin, Viktor Duluth - Chemistry & Biochemistry Hypervalent iodine chemistry


Grant-in-Aid: Summer 2017 Bridge Funding Awards

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
August, Gerald Family Social Science Administration Center for Personalized Prevention Research (CPPR) Addressing Youth Drug Abuse and Depression
Kazlauskas, Romas CBS Biotechnology Institute Admin Enzyme-catalyzed self-regulating antimicrobials
Mansky, Louis Dentistry, Division of Basic Sciences HTLV-1 Particle Analysis and Gag Interactions - Bridge
Regal, Jean Department of Medicine, Dean's Office Complement Activation in Pregnancy and Hypertension


Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2017 Awards

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Aizura, Aren Gender, Women & Sexuality TransForming Visions: participatory documentary on transgender activism in South and South East Asia
Andow, David Entomology, Dept of Shotgun sequencing of arthropod predator gut contents
Areba, Eunice SoN Academic Programs Promoting Effective Coping among Immigrant and Refugee Adolescents
Bai, Jing Duluth - Electrical Engineering Development of a New Type of Metamaterial Thin Film Solar Cells Based on the Fano Resonance
Brennan, Timothy Cultural Studies & Comp Lit Places of Mind, Occupied Lands -- Edward Said, An Intellectual Biography
Chan, Gabriel HHH Sci, Tech & Env Acad Prog Sharing the Same Sun: A Collaborative Research Initiative on Community Solar Programs (Part 1: Lessons from Minnesota)
Chen, Yingjie MED Cardiology Division Chronic heart failure-induced lung inflammation and destruction
Chow, Lisa MED Endocrine & Diabetes Div Improving Metabolism in Overweight Humans by Implementing Time Restricted Feeding Using Novel Digital Mobile Technology
Codding, Robin Ed Psych Administration Accelerating Mathematics Performance through Practice Strategies: Examining Effectiveness of a Small Group Intervention
Cotner, James CBS Ecology, Evolution, Behavior Effects of bacterial metabolism, stoichiometry, and ecology on dissolved organic matter composition
Davalos, Karen Mary Chicano & Latino Studies Mexican American Art since 1848
Dumitrica, Traian CSENG Mech Engineering Admin General Purpose Distinct Element Method Computational Environment
Dziengel, Lake Duluth - Social Work Be/Coming Out Across the Life Span: Examining Resilience and Loss Due to Identifying As A Sexual Minority
Eckerle, Julie Morris - English Ireland: According to Early Modern Women
Fabbri, Lorenzo French & Italian The Politics of Realism in PostWar Italy
Fang, Qiang Duluth - History Rethinking the Role of Law in China’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)
Ganguly, Keya Cultural Studies & Comp Lit Political Metaphysics: Aurobindo Ghose and Revolutionary Thought in India
Gordon-Roth, Jessica Philosophy Department Feminist Philosophy and Formal Logic Workshop
Haight, Wendy Social Work Admin, School of The out-of-school suspension of Black girls in Minnesota: Risk and protective processes
Hennefeld, Margaret Cultural Studies & Comp Lit Death from Laughter, Female Hysteria, and Early Cinema
Horning, Melissa SoN Academic Programs Formative Community-Based Participatory Evaluation Research of the Impact of the Twin Cities Mobile Market
Hsu, Leon Curriculum & Instruction Admin Customizable Computer Coaches for Problem Solving in Physics
Isett, Christopher History Department Managing Development during the Cold War: Government, Enterprises, and Globalization on Taiwan, 1950 to 1982.
Johnstone, Christopher Org Leadership, Policy & Dev Inclusive Practice in International Development
Jones, Susan CSENG Hist of Sci & Tech, Prog Plague Homelands: Disease and Internal Colonization in the Eurasian Borderlands, 1880-2000
Klein, Amanda Pharm Practice Pharm Sciences Leica cryostat and vibratome
Kuang, Rui CSENG CS&E Administration Scalable Tensor Algorithms for Comparing Many Big Networks
Lee, James Psychology Parsing information flow in speed cognitive tasks
Mann, Traci Psychology Using a new model of caloric deprivation to test strategies for resisting unhealthy high-sugar foods
Mans, Jacob Architecture, School of One House Many Nations: Opaskwayak Cree Nation Design Laboratory
Menke, Mandy Spanish & Portuguese Studies The Development of Academic Language in Spanish Language Immersion Programs
Mitchell, Tania Org Leadership, Policy & Dev Service Learning as a Pedagogical Strategy for Democratic and Civic Engagement: An Examination of Syllabi
Morgan, Steven Morris - Physics Nuclear magnetic resonance of solid 129Xe in low magnetic fields
Myers, Chad CSENG CS&E Administration Computational methods for mapping genetic interactions in human cells
Narvaez, Benjamin Morris - History Race, Immigration, and Nation: A History of the Chinese in Costa Rica, 1855-1943
Oelberger, Carrie HHH Leadership & Mgmt Acad Pro Mapping Patterns and Uncovering Mechanisms of Mobility: Career Paths and the Micro-foundations of Institutions
Pastor, John Duluth - Biology The effect of sulfate and sulfide on the viability of wild rice populations
Potter PhD, Lincoln BMBB Med Regulatory Biochem Regulation of Guanylyl Cyclase A and B by Hormones, ATP and Phosphorylation
Remmel, Rory Medicinal Chemistry Ultra-High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph for Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Research
Scheil, Katherine Eng Languages & Literature Imagining Shakespeare's Wife: The Afterlife of Anne Hathaway
Schultz, Arturo CSENG Civil, Envrn & Geo- Eng Characterizing the In-Plane Seismic Response of Concrete Masonry Walls with Unbonded Post-Tensioning
Seelig, Burckhard CBS Microbial Bio & Biotech Typhoon IP Biomolecular Imager for Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomedical Research
Swisher, Sarah CSENG ECE Admin Photonic curing of metal oxide thin films for flexible transistors on plastic
Szatrowski, Polly Linguistics, Institute of Dynamic construction of eating norms while eating and talking about food over a meal
Toner, Brandy Soil, Water & Climate, Dept of Predicting Climate Change Effects on the Release of Mercury and Sulfur from Minnesota Peatlands
Tretyakova, Natalia Medicinal Chemistry Partial Funding for MerMade8 DNA synthesizer for Chemical Biology, Chemical Carcinogenesis, and Biotechnology Research
Urriola, Pedro Animal Science, Dept of Developing a risk assessment framework for transboundary swine viral disease transmission in feed
Walk, David NEUR Neurology Dept Admin A Pilot Study of Lung Volume Recruitment Combined with Expiratory Muscle Strength Training in ALS
Walsh, Shannon Duluth - Political Science The Impact of Transnational Advocacy Networks on Implementing Violence against Women Laws in Latin America
Whitney, Donna CSENG Earth Sciences, Dept of Development of a new application of stable isotope analysis to investigate H2O cycling in subduction zones
Wolfe, Thomas History Department Transformations of Russian Society: Pluralism and the Post-Soviet Press
Wrigley-Field, Elizabeth Sociology The Epidemiological Transition in United States Rural Counties, 1900-1950
Zefeldt, Mathew Art Department Painting Screen Culture


Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2016 Awards

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Aldrich, Courtney Medicinal Chemistry FadD Inhibitors as Chemotherapeutic Agents for Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis
Arriaga, Edgar CSENG Chemistry Administration An Analyzer for Biological Nanoparticles
Baumler, David Food Sci & Nutr, Dept of Identification of essential metabolic reactions used by Listeria monocytogenes for survival in dairy foods
Channer, Lisa Theatre Arts & Dance Dept Dancing on the Edge - producing and performing a major new work of bilingual dance-theatre in Minnesota and New York
Collister, John Veterinary Biomedical Science Role of central actions of angiotensin II and voluntary alcohol ingestion
Dong, Zigang The Hormel Institute Bridging the gap between molecular biology and biochemistry, and histopathology
Elliott, Ryan CSENG Aerospace Eng & Mech Adm Uncontrolled biological growth mechanisms: Instability of continuum models for growth and remodeling
Finzel, Barry Medicinal Chemistry Microscale Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument (pUNk) for Protein and Medicinal Chemistry Applications
Flannigan, David CSENG Chem Eng & Mat Sci Admin In Situ Ultrafast TEM for Studying Photoinduced Phase Transitions
Fortini, Otavio Duluth - Chemical Engineering Rigaku EDXRF
Franklin-Brown, Mary French & Italian The Roman Calendar After Rome: The Reception of Ovid’s Fasti in Premodern Europe (Notes Toward Time and the Lyric)
Githire, Njeri African-Amer & African Studies Inedible Ideologies: Food, Politics and Artistic Expression in the African Cultural Landscape
Gould, Roxanne Duluth - Education Indigenous Feminine Cosmology and Sustainable Water Practices: Implications for Sustainability Education
Hoeppner, Luke The Hormel Institute Zeiss Axio Observer ApoTome fluorescent microscope for high-resolution imaging of living cells and embryos
Ji PhD, Li Li Kinesiology Administration In vivo DNA Transfection and Sarcopenia: A Mouse Model
Katz, Sherri Journalism & Mass Comm, School E-cigarettte Warning Labels: Tests of Messages to Reduce Recreational Use
Kelekar, Ameeta LMP Administration Novel Role for a Gluconeogenesis enzyme in T cell activation
Kikyo, Nobuaki GCD MS Department Admin LumiCycle 32 Color luminometer
Krentzman PhD, Amy Social Work Admin, School of Addiction Recovery in a Rural Minnesota Community: Piloting “Positive Peer Journaling”
Lovejoy, Alice Cultural Studies & Comp Lit Government-Sponsored Children's Film and Media during the Cold War: Institution, Cognition, and Form
Mageau, Michael Duluth - Geog,Urban,Envir & Sust Stu A Comparison of the Economic Viability and Environmental Sustainability of Three Promising Local Food Production Methods
Magli, Alessandro MED Cardiology Division Identification of the regulatory elements driving quiescence in muscle stem cells
Marahrens, York CBS Gen Cell Bio & Dev Dept New Research Direction, Moving from X-inactivation to Cancer: Tumor Suppressor Role of a Chromosome Stability Center
Miller, Joanne Political Science Department Are Conspiracy Theories for (Political) Losers?
Mohan, Ned CSENG ECE Admin Real-Time Digital Simulator with Rapid-Control Prototyping features (RTDS-RCP)
Molnar, Gregory NEUR Neurology Dept Admin A wireless recording/stimulation system to study brain activity and develop novel neuromodulation therapies
More, Swati Drug Design, Center for Chronic Exposure to Butter Flavorants and Neurodegeneration
Morgan, Clarence Art Department Surface Tension: Painting Into Drawing
Pereira PhD, Mark SPH EpiCH Division Walking Green: Developing an evidence-base for Nature Prescriptions
Reynolds, Arthur Child Development Admin, Inst Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in a Low-Income, Early Childhood Cohort
Sarbahi, Anoop Political Science Department Struggles at the Margins: Explaining Trajectories of Peripheral Ethnic Insurgencies
Silverman, Michael Music, School of Healthy and Unhealthy Music Use, Music-Based Emotional Regulation, and Coping Strategies in Adult Cancer Inpatients: A C
Smyrl, William CSENG Chem Eng & Mat Sci Admin Sodium-Ion Batteries for Sustainable Energy: Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Snyder, Kristine Duluth - Math & Statistics Using movement patterns to advise neural connectivity measurements
Xu, Alison CSOM Marketing Attachment to God Reduces Conformity to the Choice of the Majority
Zhang, Lin SPH Biostatistics Division Dynamic graphical modeling: Application to longitudinal neuroimaging data
Zollinger, Stephanie DHA Interior Design Jack Lenor Larsen at 90: Larsen's Top Picks


Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2016 Awards

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Afrin, Lawrence MED Hema, Onc, Transplant Adm Exploratory Characterization of Mast Cell Regulatory Gene Mutations in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
Arenz, Brett Plant Pathology, Dept of Novel oak wilt diagnostic technique development
Austin-Minor, Elizabeth Duluth - Chemistry & Biochemistry Microplastics in western Lake Superior
Bhimani, Rozina SoN Academic Programs Development of a Tool to Measure Muscle Tightness (MMT)
Billmeyer, Dean Music, School of A Recording of J. S. Bach’s Major Preludes and Fugues for Organ after the 1913 Edition of Karl Straube (1873-1950)
Brown, Julie Curriculum & Instruction Admin Promoting Somali and Latino/a Parent Science Education Involvement through Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments 
Brugger, Keith Morris - Geology Acquisition of a Ground Penetrating Radar System For Research Applications at UMM
Cheeran, Maxim Veterinary Population Medicine Modulating macrophages to enhance neurogenesis in Alzheimer Disease
Chen, Yue CBS Mass Spectrometry Protemic The Role of Proline Hydroxylation on Brd4-mediated Transcriptional Regulation
Chen, Changbin Horticultural Sci, Dept of The regulatory mechanisms of Homologous Recombination in Maize
Coletti, Filippo CSENG Aerospace Eng & Mech Adm Droplet-turbulence interaction in "cloud-in-a-box" experiments
Crowell, Paul CSENG Physics & Astron,Schl of Shared Equipment for Electromagnetic Transmission and Reflection Measurements between 50 and 500 GHz
Davies-Venn, Evelyn Speech-Language-Hearg Sci Dept Improving amplification outcomes in noisy urban soundscapes for individuals with hearing loss
Davis, Immanuel Music, School of The Flute in the Court of Louis XIV
Finestack, Lizbeth Speech-Language-Hearg Sci Dept Evaluation of an Explicit Approach to Teach Grammatical Forms to Children with Language Impairment
Gao, Zan Kinesiology Administration Improving Breast Cancer Survivors’ Disease Management Outcomes through Smartphone Apps and Online Health Community
Griffin, Daniel Geography,Environment,Society Southern Minnesota drought history reconstructed from tree rings
Hamilton, Sara LMP Administration Prevention of Cerebral Malaria by IL-15C Treated NK Cells
Hancher, Michael Eng Languages & Literature Revising the Tenniel Illustrations to the Alice Books
Harvey, Jacquelyn Duluth - Communication Improving Couples’ Conflict Resolution Strategies via Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Holschuh, Bradley DHA Apparel Design Elastomer-Sensor Composite for Dynamic Pressure Measurement & Uniform Pressure Production in Active Compression Garments
Jeong, Jong Seok CSENG Chem Eng & Mat Sci Admin Properties of functional oxides at the nanoscale: From one to three atomic layers
Johns, James CSENG Chemistry Administration Ultrafast Scanning Probe Microscopy for Molecularly Resolved Energy Transfer
Kerwin, Jason Applied Economics, Dept of Two Field Experiments with Agricultural Workers in Malawi: Workplace Peer Effects and the Value of a Statistical Life
Lewis, Melissa DMED Biobehav Hlth/Population Remember the Removal: Program Evaluation
Li, Mo CSENG ECE Admin Environmental Controlled System for Fabrication and Heterogeneous Integration of 2D Material Devices
Lu, Connie CSENG Chemistry Administration Photon II: An X-ray Diffraction Detector with Single-Photon Sensitivity
Michael, Kerry Morris - Psychology Investigating the Social and Physiological Processes Underlying Sex Differences in Behavioral Inhibition and Depression
Mizuno, Hiromi History Department Nitrogen Frontiers: Japan, Empires, and Postcolonial Asia
Nakajima, Motohiro DMED Biobehav Hlth/Population Substance Abuse, Acculturation, and Stress among Immigrants from East Africa
Palacios, Lena Gender, Women & Sexuality Transforming Justice: Formerly incarcerated women engaging in anti-violence activism through participatory video
Pastorino, Elena Economics Theory and Evidence on Financial Constraints, Labor Market Frictions, and Employment in the U.S.
Reigstad, Kristina PSYCH Psychiatry Dept Admin Parent-based Attachment Intervention Targeting Adolescent Depression 
Rothchild, Jennifer Morris - Sociology “Living on the Fault Lines: Women’s Sexuality and Reproductive Health in Post-Disaster Nepal”
Saeedloei, Neda Duluth - Computer Science Model Checking A Real-time Extension of Linear Temporal Logic
Saldanha, Arun Geography,Environment,Society Prince from Minneapolis: The Geography of Genius
Salmon, William Duluth - Writing Studies Transnational Attitudes: Caribbean Oral Histories and Language Ideologies in a New York Creole Community 
Sandler, Daniela Architecture, School of Pragmatic Visionaries: Activist Architecture and Informal Urbanism in Contemporary São Paulo
Scarbrough, Burke Duluth - English The Role of Summer in Youth Learning and Development: New Theoretical Perspectives
Schwarcz, Daniel Law School General Academic An Empirical Examination of Consumers’ Understanding of Homeowners Insurance Policies
Sojourner, Aaron CSOM Work & Organizations Access to High-Quality Early Care and Education:  Family-Centered Measures of Tradeoffs between Costs and Quality
Tostevin, Gilbert Anthropology Maximizing the Research Potential of a Rare Archaeological Site: Neanderthal Adaptations at Crvena Stijena, Montenegro
Van de Winckel, Ann Physical Therapy Correlational Analysis and Functional Connectivity between Brain Lesions and Sensorimotor Impairments in Stroke
Veglia, Gianluigi BMBB Med Struct Bio/Biophysics Veglia GIA Bridge Funding Request
Wackett, Lawrence CBS Microbial Bio & Biotech Bridge Funding for 22-Year, $2.5 Million Industry Grant With Multiple Benefits for the U
Walcheck, Bruce Veterinary Biomedical Science BMG CLARIOstar microplate reader
Zhao, Ping Duluth - Mechanical & Ind Engr Development and Characterization of Nanoporous Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Tactile Sensors for Surgical Applications


Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2015 Awards

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Almquist, Zack Sociology Demographic Opportunity Structures in Activity-Based Online Social Networks
Amell, Jim Duluth - Social Work “The Generations Project: Exploring American Indian Voices Using Photovoice”
Bend, Torry Theatre Arts & Dance Dept Six-week Residency at 3LD Art and Technology Center
Blank, David CSENG Chemistry Administration Understanding Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: Impact of Charged Nanocrystals
Brady, Jennifer Duluth - Foreign Languages & Lits Book completion project: Men and Masculinities in Flux: Representations in Contemporary Spain
Buchanan, Sarah Morris - French The Sounds of the Spirits in "The Price of Forgiveness" ("Ndeysaan," 2001, Mansour Sora Wade, Senegal)
Craft, Meggan Veterinary Population Medicine Infectious diseases in urban coyotes – does land use influence pathogen exposure risk? 
Dahl, John Duluth - Biology Characterization of spore formation in Mycobacteria
Deane, Jennifer Morris - History Herbert Grundmann and Medieval Religious Historiography
Doss, Charles Statistics, School of Model Selection and Shape-Constrained Estimation
Drewes, Lester DMed AHC Graduate Program Seahorse FXe96 Shared Instrument for the Duluth Campus
Durgunoglu, Aydin Duluth - Psychology Using a Novel Approach to Understand and Reach the Marginalized Youth not in Education or Employment 
Erickson, Darin SPH EpiCH Division A Preliminary Assessment of the Emerging Marijuana Retail Environment
Everson-Rose, Susan MED General Internal Medicine Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as an Adjunct Intervention to Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Pilot Study
Freedman, Tanya PHCL Pharmacology Admin Inflammation overrides a macrophage signal checkpoint in autoimmune disease
Genova, Thomas Morris - Spanish “Hemispheric Entanglements: Race and the National Family in the Nineteenth-Century Americas"
Gilbertson, Rebecca Duluth - Psychology Internet Gaming, Cognition, Physiological Response
Gopalakrishnan, Rajaram Dent Oral Pathology, Div of Canonical BMP Signaling is Required for Osteoclast Formation
Gross, Briana Duluth - Biology Minnesota Lingonberry: Genetic Markers for Clonal and Genetic Structure
Grossman, Julie  Horticultural Sci, Dept of Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Autosampling Analyzer (TOC-L) with Simultaneous Total Nitrogen (TNM-L) Measurement
Ho, Yen-Yi SPH Biostatistics Division Integrating Somatic Mutation and Gene Expression Data to Identify Active Driver Pathways Associated with Cancer Survival
Kirk, Laura SoN Academic Programs Aerobic Upper Body Ergometry (UBE) for Older Adults in Senior Living Facilities (SLFs): A Feasibility Study
Lavine, Howard Political Science Department On The Psychological Underpinnings of Electoral Choice in Real Time
Li, Yang Duluth - Math & Statistics Spatial Point Processes on the Network
Lysak, Robert CSENG Physics & Astron,Schl of Theory of Kinetic Alfven Waves and Auroral Particle Acceleration
McKechnie, Anne SoN Academic Programs Development and testing of two self-report instruments for expectant parents after major fetal anomaly diagnosis
McNulty, Kieran Anthropology Functional morphometry of primate masticatory anatomy
Millet, Dylan Soil, Water & Climate, Dept of Bridging Micrometeorology and Atmospheric Chemistry: A New Direction For Understanding Land-Atmosphere Interactions
Moana Filho, Estephan Dent TMD & Orofacial, Div of Multimodal Assessment of Sensory Processing and Brain Features in Patients with Chronic Orofacial Pain
Orshinsky, Angela Plant Pathology, Dept of Population genetics and biology of Passalora fulva, the causal fungus of tomato leaf mold, in Minnesota
Prizment, Anna SPH EpiCH Division Pilot Trial to Examine the Effect of Aspirin on the Gut Microbiome
Schardt, Christian Duluth - Earth & Environmental Sci Small scale microanalysis of rock and mineral textures formed during mineralization
Stronach, Sheri Speech-Language-Hearg Sci Dept Technology-enhanced early intervention for children with autism: a pilot study
Talghader, Joseph CSENG ECE Admin Engineering Van der Waal's Gases in Solids
Titus, Margaret GCD MS Department Admin Mechanism of MyTH-FERM Myosin Mediated Filopod Initiatin
Tobin Stanley, Maureen Duluth - Foreign Languages & Lits Single-authored BOOK: Justice through Memory: Repression, Oppression and Incarceration in Contemporary Spanish Culture
Weiler, Lindsey FSoS Administration Caregivers Fostering Mentoring Relationships for Positive Youth Development
Wieling, Elizabeth FSoS Administration Adapting and piloting of a manualized preventive parenting intervention for Karen refugees
Willow, Diane Art Department Freedom of Movement
Yamada, Tetsuya Art Department Ungravity
Zhang, Rui Health Informatics, AHC Inst Using Electronic Health Records to Validate Literature Discovery-Based Drug-Drug Interactions


Grant-in-Aid: Summer 2015 Bridge Funding Awards

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Armstrong, Sandra Microbiology Iron acquisition in Bordetella pertussis
Ghose, Geoffrey Neuroscience Neuronal basis of perceptual learning
Oh, Sang-Hyun Electrical & Computer Engineering Nanopore biosensors for kinetics of reparative human antibodies


Grant-in-Aid: Spring 2015 Awards

Recipient College/Unit Description
Allen, Alicia Family Medicine & Community Health Smoking Abstinence in Oral Contraceptive Users
Aune, Alison Art & Design Nordic Pattern Paintings: New Works
Banga, Anannya Stem Cell A Novel Approach of Imparting Immune Tolerance to Transplanted Beta cells and Islets with Mucin
Cavender-Bares, Jeannine Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Purchase of a High-Resolution Infrared Thermal Camera
Cheung, Corjena Nursing - Adult & Gerontological Health Effects of yoga on redox status, motor function and psychosocial well-being in individuals with Parkinson’s disease
Costalonga, Massimo Periodontology Prediction of periodontitis using NMR metabolomics
Cunningham, Brooke Family Medicine & Community Health From 0 to 100: Building Strong Positive Organizational Climates for Health Equity (UPDATED)
Derickson, Kate Geography Daisy who WEBE: Decolonizing the archive of the Gullah/Geechee People
DeWaard, Jack Sociology Immigrants’ Duration of Residence in Places within the United States
Dubrow, Gail History Preserving Cultural Diversity in America
Emo, Wendy Education Teaching with Storyline: Benefits for students and teachers
Espinoza, Omar Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering Consumer Perceptions Towards Heat-Treated Timber
Hadjiyanni, Tasoulla Design, Housing & Apparel Toward appropriate transition environments for Native sexually exploited youth
Hansen, Kathleen Journalism & Mass Communication Future-proofing the News: Preserving News Content in the Digital Age
Holtan, Shernan Medicine - Hema, Onc, Transplant Microbial, Graft, and Host Interactions in Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
Katre, Aparna Foreign Languages & Literatures Design Thinking for the Creation of Sustainable Rural Enterprises in India
Kelly, Sam Physics Near-inertial internal wave generation and turbulence in Lake Superior
Kowino, Hilary English The Interface between Home and Belonging in African Literature
Larasati, Rachmi Diyah Theatre Arts & Dance Dancing in the Forest: Politics of Land Law and Aesthetic Rights
Lazovich, DeAnn Epidemiology & Community Health Adding new measures of early-life conditions to the Iowa Women's Health Study
Mailer, Gideon History Slavery and the Splintering of American Moral Philosophy
Malvick, Dean Plant Pathology Understanding Goss’s Wilt of Corn: Comparative Genomic Analysis of An Emerging Plant Disease
Massari, Aaron Chemistry Measuring Microscopic Conductivities in Organic Films
Matthews, Steve History Establishing the Pseudo-Dionysian Manuscripts of Medieval England
Mauro, Laura Animal Science Sex Hormone Dysfunction in Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) Syndrome
McGrath, Jason Asian Languages & Literatures New Angles on Chinese Film History
Mensinger, Zack Chemistry Adsorption of Disease-Relevant Peptides by Metal-Organic Frameworks
Nadathur, Gopalan Computer Science & Engineering Towards the Verified Compilation of Functional Languages
Ponce de Leon, F. Animal Science Single-molecule RNA long-sequence (Iso-seqTM) of the bovine liver and testes transcriptome.
Robinson, Julia Architecture Dutch Complex Housing
Shambroom, Paul Art Snapshot Theater: Untold stories from 583 Photographs
Shank, JB History Evangelista Torricelli: A Baroque Life
Shirazi, Roozbeh Educational Policy & Administration Education is a Weapon: Youth Strategies of Inclusion & Mobility After the Arab Uprisings
Silflow, Carolyn Plant Biology Regulation of Hydrogenase Gene Expression in Chlamydomonas
Spencer, Katherine Family Medicine & Community Health - Emergency, Opth Ctr Group Differences and Minority Stress in a Clinical Transgender Population
Sullivan, Amanda Educational Psychology Classifying Children with Autism: Who Is Most Likely to Have Unmet Health Needs?
Vitorino, Maria Ana Marketing & Logistics Management The Economic Effects of Cash-for-Clunkers Programs
Wang, Haiyang Computer Science Going Green and Efficient: High Performance Cloud Virtualization for Heterogeneous Workloads
Wilson, Michael Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Monitoring unhabituated chimpanzees in and around Gombe National Park, Tanzania
Xu, Zhihua Chemical Engineering Time-resolved confocal microscopy study on solution-processed solar cells


Grant-in-Aid: Fall 2014 Awards

Recipient College/Unit Description of Research
Abdi, Cawo Sociology Muslim Refugee Schooling in the Era of School Choice: Ethnocentric Charter Schools in Minnesota
Becker, Dennis Forest Resources In-Woods Biomass Drying to Increase Energy Value and Reduce Air Emissions
Binstadt, Bryce Pediatrics Rheumatology Center for Immunology SpeedVac
Carpenter, Nancy Science & Mathematics Benchtop NMR Spectrometer
Cherlin, Michael Music Interpenetrating Sound Worlds: Spirituality and Eros in the Music of Mahler and Beyond
Chi, Chih-Lin Nursing Discover Evidence of Personalized Alzheimer’s Treatment from Electronic Health Records
Christiansen, Mary Civil Engineering (Duluth) Development of Sustainable Geopolymer Concrete from Regional Materials for Long-Term Durability Testing on UMD Campus
Cloyd, James Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology Acquisition of a Triple Quad LC-MS System for Translational Research on Orphan Drugs
Cohen, Jerry Horticultural Science Reveleris Prep Flash Chromatography System
Crooker, Brian Animal Science WIZARD2 5-detector gamma counter
Deane, Bradley Humanities Fraudulence, Mystification, and the Improbable Sherlock Holmes
Demetriou, Daniel Humanities Civic Immortality: Honoring Liberal Heroics in Africa and Abroad
Eble, Michael Humanities Premier coupe, reflective paintings on the coastal landscape work of Nicolas de Staël
Feinberg, Joshua Geology & Geophysics Thermo Fisher Scientific Niton XL3t 950 Mining Analyzer with GOLDD+ System
Fleury, Veronica Educational Psychology Understanding the Shared Reading Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their Caregivers
Gehrz, Robert Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics Replacement of the Digital Optical Encoders on the Infrared Telescope of the University of Minnesota's O'Brien Observatory
Hackel, Benjamin Chemical Engineering & Materials Science ProtID: Systematic Evaluation of Small Protein Scaffolds for Molecular Recognition
Hinderliter, Brian Mechanical & Industrial Engineering The Impact of Chemistry and Topological Distributions on Surface Energy for Composite’s Quality
Inoue, Yuhei Kinesiology Social Impact Assessment of a Charity Sport Event in Cambodia
Lock, Eric Biostatistics Methods Development for the Integration of Multi-way Array Datasets
Meier, Ann Sociology Out-of-School Activities, Social Inequality, and Youth Development
Meza, Fernando Music The marimba in Costa Rica: Understanding a country's musical legacy through the history and practitioners of a unique instrument.
Morris, Rebecca Hormel Institute Bridging the gap between macro and micro: imaging, documentation, analysis and dissection
Munoz, Lorena Geography Recovering Public Space: Violence, Migration and Informal Vending in Bogota, Colombia.
Nemykin, Viktor Chemistry and Biochemistry Acquisition of Equipment for Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Ni, Min Plant Biology SHB1 regulates seed development in Arabidopsis
Ostrander, Julie Medicine - Hema, Onc, Transplant PELP1 and AIB1 cooperate to promote breast cancer initiation
Piehler, Timothy Psychiatry The Development of Behavioral Measures of Peer Contagion Susceptibility in Adolescence
Powers, Jennifer Ecology, Evolution & Behavior The Biogeography of Tropical Legumes: Diversity, Function, and Distributions
Quevedo, Karina Psychiatry The Neural Basis of Self Referential Processing: A Predictor of Treatment Response for Adolescent with Non Suicidal Self Injurious Behaviors (NSSIB) and Interna
Rink, Scott Theatre Arts & Dance The Illuminations
Russell, Matthew Forest Resources Assessing the impacts of deer on forest health attributes in the eastern US: current and projected trends
Schlauch, Robert Speech Language Hearing Sciences Quantifying the role of the middle ear muscle reflex
Schreiner, Kathryn Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic Carbon Flux from a High-Arctic North American River and its Fate in a Changing Climate
Sheagley, Geoff Political Science The Political Psychology of Economic Inequality
Sheets, Erin Pharmacy Molecular crowding effects on protein and vesicle interactions with membranes
Shenoy, Chetan Medicine - Cardiovascular Division Improved Risk Stratification for Anthracycline Cardiotoxicity with Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Skaria, Ajay History Ambedkar’s Conversions: Hinduism, Law, and Navayana Buddhism
Smith, Mark Russell Music Bach's St. Matthew Passion Project
Stanislav, Andrea Art Radio Leningrad -- Forget Your Past: Traveling Solo Museum Exhibition
Strasburg, Jared Biology Non-Invasive Genetic Estimation of Population Size in Yellowstone Moose
Swartz, Teresa Sociology It's Not Just Child's Play: How Parents and Kids of Diverse Backgrounds Understand, Access, and Experience Youth Activities
Trudo, Sabrina Food Science & Nutrition Bridge Funds for Validation of a Newly Developed Biomarker
Venturelli, Paul Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology Developing a framework for standardizing degree-days in fisheries science
Viestenz, William Spanish & Portuguese Beasts of Burden: Bullfighting and Other Eruptions of the Creaturely in Modern Spain
Willette, Michelle Raptor Center Is The Raptor Center an Effective Wildlife Disease Surveillance Tool?
Xu, Gongjun Statistics Efficient Monte Carlo Methods for Random Fields and Random Matrices
Zhao, Ping Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Carbon Nanotubes Modified Cement-sand Based Piezoelectric Smart Composites