International Institutional Agreements

Not all engagements with international institutions are the same, and the University has special processes and resources suitable for addressing the requirements of different types of arrangements.

  • Exchange/affiliation agreements: GPS Alliance can provide guidance on the appropriate steps and templates for establishing university-to-university student and faculty exchange agreements, memoranda of understanding, and related documents.
  • External sales: The Internal/External Sales office provides guidance and oversight for the sale of University goods and services to parties both domestic and international. 
  • Unfunded research agreements: Offices within RIO manage the development of outgoing and incoming material transfer agreements (MTAs)non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and plant material testing agreements (PMTAs), which specify the rights, liabilities, and key compliance obligations of the University and other parties involved in the movement of research specimens, technology, and hardware.
  • Sponsored research: SPA facilitates the proposal, negotiation, and finalization of all sponsored grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements (as well as incoming MTAs and certain other unfunded research-related agreements). SPA can answer or properly route questions about the involvement of non-US sponsors and subawardees in research proposals and awards.

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