Research Compliance Training Guide

The following is a collection of training guidance and requirements for conducting research at the University. Each area has its own specific training requirements so please contact the individual unit for clarification or specific questions. This guide was created together with members of the Research Integrity and Safety Collaborative (RISC) and compiled by Research Integrity and Compliance.

Human Research Protections

professional and young patient sitting together at a table with drawing papers, markers, crayons

Training requirements for all researchers and research personnel involved in the conduct of research with humans. The University is dedicated to meeting the highest ethical standards in research practices involving human participants through Advancing Human Research Protections.


Where to Look for Human Research Protections Training

Animal Care & Research

white mouse in held in the hands of blue gloved hands

Training information for all University employees, students, and personnel who are working with laboratory or agricultural animals.



Where to Look for Animal Care and Research Training

Health & Safety

purple gloved hands holding a petri dish with small blue dots and a long thin tool to touch the dots

Requirements and training resources to remain in compliance with University policies for anyone performing research with or near biohazardous materials, radiation, or working in a research laboratory.


Where to Look for Research Health and Safety Training

Ethics & Compliance

hand holding a pen and signing a document

All university faculty, staff, and students who serve on research projects are responsible for the ethical and safe conduct of research, meeting regulatory requirements, and participating in ethical practices.


Where to Look for Research Ethics and Compliance Training

Finance & Research

calculator and pen resting on paper financial reports

Find courses, certifications, conferences, and professional development opportunities available in several different areas of sponsored research administration.



Where to Look for Research Financial Training

Technology & Information Security

close up of a blue-hued computer chip

To access researcher tools and technologies, some training may be offered or required by the Office of Information Technology. Technology Commercialization helps researchers to disclose/license IP, partner with industry, or develop a path to commercialization.


Where to look for Research Technology and Information Training

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