Traveling Abroad

The University encourages students, scholars, and scientists to pursue knowledge wherever it may be found around the world. Accordingly, it provides travelers resources intended to help ensure that their trips are safe, healthy, and lawful.

International Travel Registration

All trips abroad on University business must be registered in advance with the University’s International Travel Registry. The information submitted allows University experts to:

  • Provide specific international insurance guidance, including instructions on when Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) coverage might be required
  • Contact and assist travelers in the event of an international emergency, such as a natural disaster or political upheaval
  • Ensure that travelers to countries subject to trade sanctions don’t find themselves violating federal law

In preparation for travel, be sure to review information about Emergencies Abroad, including the international emergency call line (612) 301-CALL.

Technology & Data Security

Taking laptops, cellphones, and other personal electronics abroad can create elevated risks of data compromise and loss. Be aware of the risks, and take appropriate precautions, such as removing unnecessary information from devices, borrowing a “clean” laptop from your IT department when feasible, and changing passwords on return, among other Best Practices When Traveling Abroad for University Purposes.

Travel & Export Controls

An export license might be required if a traveller will be taking certain sensitive or sophisticated items outside the United States. For example, satellite components, superconducting materials, high-performance spectrometers, or UAVs, among others. The Export Controls Office can advise on a case-by-case basis, and will obtain federal export authorization as needed.

Fly America Act

Air travel using federal funds must comply with the Fly America Act rules, which mandate the use of US carrier service—even if non-US carriers offer cheaper options—except in certain situations. Details about the Act and obtaining the required certifications for exceptions if applicable, are available on the UTravel website: International Travel  (UMN login required).

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