RIO Staff List

Administrative, communications, finance, and human resources staff serving RIO's central office. 


Nicole Herbenson
Executive Office & Administrative Specialist
(612) 625-4926

  • Joanne Billings, Associate Vice President for Research Integrity and Compliance
  • Danielle Rintala, Director, Research Integrity and Compliance

Tracey Mavetz
Executive Assistant

  • Shashank Priya, Vice President for Research and Innovation

Monica Shannon
Executive and Events Associate

  • Laura Fingerson, Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff
  • Kim Kirkpatrick, Associate Vice President for Research Capacity Building


Dan Gilchrist
Communications Director
(612) 624-2609

Erin Dennis
Internal Communications Director
(612) 723-6549

Holly Santiago
Website Project Manager
(612) 624-7872


Kristin Charles
Finance Director
(612) 624-0664

Morgan Castillo
Voucher Specialist

Betsy Christians
Voucher Specialist

Jane Cui

Penny Harris
Senior Accountant
(612) 625-9246

Julie Parker 
Senior Accountant & Cluster Director
(612) 625-6686

Kylie Zhao
Lead Accountant
(612) 624-4684

Ling Zhong
(612) 626-7675 

Human Resources

Megan Ferden 
Human Resources Director
(612) 624-7921

Jonas Buck 
HR Generalist

Troy Christiansen
Sr. HR Generalist

Amy Grant 
Sr. HR Generalist
(612) 625-1611

Nou Hang
HR Generalist

Dawn York-Bentley
HR Operations Manager & Business Partner

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