Advancing Human Research Protections

Research Ethics: Protecting participants, upholding standards, improving practices

Our Commitment

The University of Minnesota is dedicated to meeting, upholding, and exceeding the highest ethical standards in research practices involving human participants. Together, we pursue research to solve the world’s most vexing problems and advance the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

After a rigorous review and assessment of its human research policies and practices, the University launched a major initiative to enhance its Human Research Protection Program through a set of specific program and policy reforms. The University has now implemented all 63 recommendations from the external review, though it remains committed to continued enhancement, improvement, and evaluation of its human research programs and policies.

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Latest Updates

July 2022 - The AdvancingHRP Assessment Committee completed its report and set of recommendations after being charged by President Gabel to conduct a review and evaluation of major alterations to the original Advancing Human Research Protections implementation. A major outcome of this work included establishing a process for evaluating and approving future major changes to the original implementation of human participant protection procedures and reaffirming the need and continuation of the Community Oversight Board, which is now chaired by Wilder Research Director, Dr. Heather Britt.