Education Advisory Group

The Human Research Protection Education Advisory Group (EAG) collaborates in the development, coordination, and evaluation of human research protection training with goals to cultivate a culture of ethics and to advance the protection of human participants in research.

The EAG will engage other stakeholders and community members as appropriate. In addition, a representative from the EAG will participate as a member of the HRPP Committee, with the responsibility for relaying critical/relevant information or actions to EAG members.

The EAG will provide a coordinated approach for effective planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of training efforts for the research workforce, delineating training opportunities that are relevant to the biomedical and social behavioral research community.

This includes the following objectives:

  • Identify and share existing training requirements and elective offerings appropriate for the social/ behavioral and biomedical research communities.
  • Define and designate basic and advanced training opportunities.
  • Establish and maintain a list of competencies and standards for human research protection training based on regulatory, accreditation, and institutional requirements.
  • Evaluate and prioritize training needs of the research workforce—right-sizing training to risks and topical focus.
  • Review and make recommendations in the development, implementation, communication, and evaluation of training offerings.
  • Share accountability for and evaluate performance of the training program.

Current EAG Initiatives

  • Good Clinical Practice training
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Education and Training Seminar Recording Repository

Contact Courtney Jarboe ( for more information.