HRPP Committee

Protecting research participants is the responsibility of everyone within an organization and is not limited to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP) requires organizations to have a systematic and comprehensive Human Research Protection Program that affords protections for all research participants.

In addition, AAHRPP requires the HRPP to have sufficient resources to protect the rights and welfare of research participants and a process to measure and evaluate compliance with organizational policies, procedures, and applicable laws for the research activities that organization conducts or oversees. See the Human Research Protection Program Committee Charter for a detailed list of members. 


The mission of the Human Research Protection Program committee is to collaborate in the development, coordination, and evaluation of the University’s HRPP with the goal to ensure the protection of research participants, uphold ethical standards of research, and improve our practices at every step.


The HRPP committee will provide a coordinated approach for effective planning, implementation, and monitoring of the HRPP’s mission. This includes the following objectives:

  • Establish methods to promote transparency and collaboration across the HRPP
  • Identify, evaluate, and prioritize HRPP gaps
  • Review and make recommendations to University leadership regarding the University’s mission to protect participants, uphold ethical standards, and improve HRPP practices
  • Share accountability for and evaluate the overall performance of the HRPP

Meeting Summaries

Meeting summaries are located in HRPP's Committee Meeting Summaries folder.