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The University of Minnesota is a leading public research institution. A wide variety of research studies, from behavioral studies to experimental drug studies, take place here. Research volunteers can help researchers discover answers to questions to improve people’s lives. 

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Research Participant Survey

The University of Minnesota partnered with MHealth Fairview (formerly known as Fairview Health Services) to conduct a Research Participant Survey to understand how the University and its partners are doing and what we can do better. 

Thank you to those that participated in the research volunteer survey. Nearly one-thousand research volunteers were invited to complete the survey, and 534 returned a completed survey. The valuable feedback provided by these research volunteers will help to improve research education and practices.

The following is a summary of results from the 2019 Research Participant Experience Survey (view detailed results). 

Research Participant Experience Survey, 2019 Results Summary
Overall Experience: Most people said the research experience met (58%) or exceeded (35%) their expectations.
Why Participate: Many people want to help advance science (80%) and help others who have their condition/disease (75%).
Key Information: Most people shared that they want to know about a study's risks/benefits and the study's purpose.
Recommending Research: Almost all people (96%) would likely recommend research participation to friends and family.
80%, or most participants, wanted a summary of the study's results.
What was liked MOST about the research experience: helping to advance science and the treatment of their disease; helping others who may have my disease/condition. What was liked LEAST:There was nothing I didn't like; the location of the medical center

Source: 2019 Research Participant Experience Survey
Authors: Courtney Jarboe MS CIP, Bethany Hansen MA
Support: University of Minnesota's Human Research Protection Program, MHealth Fairview, Office of Measurement Services