Resources for Research Participants

Guides & Brochures

All materials are available for researchers to print or order (large quantities) online.

Research Participant Brochure

The Research Participant Brochure provides potential participants with key information, including:

  • Questions to ask when considering research participation
  • Research participant rights
  • The difference between research and treatment
  • Information about who to contact with questions or concerns about a study.

This brochure is intended for English-speaking adults who have the capacity to make research-related decisions. Similar pieces for parents, children, and people who do not speak English will be developed in the future.

For researchers, this brochure is available as a 9x4 trifold brochure or to download.

Guidance for Legally Authorized Representatives (LAR) Brochure

The Guidance for Legally Authorized Representatives (LAR) Brochure contains information about:

  • The meaning of “LAR”
  • The LAR role and responsibilities
  • The concepts of “risk” and “benefit”
  • Approaches to decision-making as an LAR
  • Who to contact for further information

For researchers, this brochure is available as a 9x4 trifold brochure or to download.

Research Participant Bill of Rights

The Research Participant Bill of Rights clearly states the rights of research participants, to help increase awareness and understanding among:

  • The public
  • The research community
  • Prospective and current research participants
  • Friends and family members to research participants

For researchers, this poster is available as a 14x18 poster or to download.

Finding Research Volunteer Opportunities

Study Finder

Study Finder is a registry of U of M studies that need volunteers. Every study is different—some need healthy volunteers, while others are looking for people with a specific condition.

Clinical Trials is registry and results database of publicly- and privately-supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world.