Practical Guides to Common Issues

Here are concise guides for key export control issues that students, faculty, and staff are most likely to encounter during their educational and research pursuits. 

Deemed Exports

How the Export Administration Regulations and International Traffic in Arms Regulations can apply to the disclosure of controlled technical information to visa-holding students, researchers, and others in the US.
Learn more about Deemed Exports.

Export-Controlled Pathogens, Toxins, and Genetic Materials

A list of export-controlled pathogens, toxins, and genetic materials as found on the Commerce Control List (CCL), and what to do if your material is on the list.
Learn more about Export-Controlled Pathogens, Toxins and Genetic Materials

Fundamental Research Exclusion (FRE)

An important regulatory exclusion from export controls that permits the unrestricted conduct and dissemination of research, consistent with principles of academic liberty and the open exchange of ideas.
Learn more about the Fundamental Research Exclusion.

Highly Restricted Data

What researchers need to know about dealing with data subject to special export and security requirements.
Learn more about Highly Restricted Data.

International Distance Learning & Export Compliance

How export control and sanctions regulations can impact certain online classes offered to students located outside the US.
Learn more about International Distance Learning and Export Compliance.

International Travel Compliance

What travelers leaving the US need to know about export controls, the University’s Travel Registry, and the Fly America Act.
Learn more about International Travel Compliance.

Shipping & Hand-carrying Items Abroad

Practical export compliance advice on transporting tangible items outside the US.
Learn more about Shipping and Hand-carrying Items Abroad.