Announcements for Certified Approvers

New Training Opportunities & Courses

No new opportunities available at this time. Please check back here in the future.

Discussion Group Change

In May 2023, the Community of Practice Discussion Groups transitioned to a single email listserv. The listserv address is: and may be used as an online resource where the CA community can ask questions, contribute ideas, and constructive solutions.

  • The listserv is for CA use only; it is a private listserv that all CAs will be assigned. 
  • When sending emails to the listserv, do not share sensitive information or identifiable details. Instead ask or respond to questions in a generic way.  
  • For questions, please contact

Russia/Ukraine Sanctions Notice

February 23, 2022
The federal government has imposed financial and export/import sanctions relating to the conflict in Ukraine. An overview of the key restrictions is available on the Export Controls website. If CAs encounter any situations involving a party located in Ukraine or Russia, they should contact Pat Briscoe ( or 612-625-3860) before proceeding.