Discussion Listserv


Discussion listserv is an online resource where the CA community can post concerns and questions and contribute ideas and constructive solutions for CA approvers. Review old Discussion Group forums prior to FY23, see an Archive of CACoP Discussion Groups.


General Etiquette

  • Be encouraging to others. The listserv is meant not only as a networking tool for CAs but also as a learning tool for new CAs.
  • Be civil. Personal differences should be handled off the listserv.
  • This is a diverse community. Be mindful of your sense of humor.
  • Try to contribute to the conversation, rather than posting "empty" responses such as "LOL" or "cool".
  • Do NOT include anything you wish to keep private. 

What to Avoid

  • Using all caps (a.k.a. SHOUTING).
  • Interjecting personal conversation into another's topic/thread.
  • Posting content that violates a copyright.

Initiating a Question & Replying

  • Post all questions/comments/answers to the listserv.
  • When replying to an email, do not quote the original post more than necessary.
  • Stay on topic. Start a new post to introduce a new topic.
  • Be patient. Do not use words such as "urgent" or "important" in your thread title.
  • Please contribute if you have an answer or suggestion to someone's question. Doing so encourages others to contribute when you are the one with a question.
  • Please be mindful of grammar and spelling for your post to be understood by everyone.
  • To post anonymously, please send an email detailing your topic to caac@umn.edu. Your topic will be sent to the listserv on your behalf. Your question/issue will be sent to all CA’s and other subject matter experts as it is submitted.