Institutional Official

Institutional Official for Subject Protection

The institutional official is designated by the University of Minnesota president for the protection of research subjects. In this federally mandated role, the institutional official assumes operational authority for the Institutional Review Board, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and the Office of Biotechnology Activities Oversight.

In addition, the institutional official is responsible for ensuring that institutional officers and federal regulatory agencies are aware of the activities of the three committees. The institutional official is also the resident expert on federal and institutional regulations involving the use of research subjects, acting as a consultant in service to the University research community when needed.

Institutional Official
Shashank Priya, Vice President for Research and Innovation

Deputy Institutional Official
Joanne Billings, Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation (social-behavioral science, animal studies, biological agents)

Reporting animal welfare concerns or policy violations:
The UReport provides a way for University community members to report violations of rules, regulations and policies. The report can be made anonymously.