Research with Client-Owned Animals

Some research work is done in the Veterinary Medical Center involving animals owned by clients (members of the general public). These animals are considered to be patients and under these circumstances, IACUC has no control over the inclusion of specific animals in the research outside of general inclusion/exclusion criteria provided by the investigator, and thus must rely on the judgment and preference of the owner in allowing participation.

As such, IACUC seeks to ensure that consent of the owner is informed and freely granted. A consent form must be reviewed and signed by the owner before an animal may be used in any research activities.

The form must be reviewed and approved by IACUC prior to final approval of the protocol and prior to use with the client.

The consent form should include the following:

  • Department and college that will be conducting the study
  • Title of the study
  • Description of the purpose of the study and the anticipated benefits
  • Description, in detail, of the procedures that will be performed on the animal(s)
  • Description of the risks, if any, to the animal or the client, including risks of not using alternative, established treatments
  • Indication if there will be any compensation for participating in the study
  • Indication if there will be, or if there will not be compensation in case of problems resulting from the study
  • Costs that will be incurred by the client (general types of charges, rather than actual fees)
  • Information that participation is voluntary and that the owner may withdraw permission and the animal at any time
  • Responsible research study contact person if there are problems, including a phone number. Details of likely problems or symptoms that the investigator or other veterinarian needs to be notified of should be included. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee phone number should be provided as an additional contact for concerns: 
    (612) 626-2126
  • Lines for investigator and client signatures and dates