Generating & Submitting IACUC protocols

Protocol Generation

IACUC protocols are generated and maintained using the web-based software: .

For more information, you may view the eProtocol webpage, or download The eProtocol IACUC Principal Investigator User Guide.

To assist you in creating your protocol, please review the sample protocol form with additional help text and the criteria used by our reviewers when evaluating IACUC protocols. These documents will help you as you complete the form in eProtocol. 

For completing an agricultural husbandry application please contact the IACUC office ( and use the Husbandry SOP.

For completing a collaborative agreement for work that will be completed at another institution using UMN funds, please contact the IACUC office ( for assistance with the collaborative agreement form.

To expedite the creation and review of IACUC submissions, we offer further assistance as you complete your protocol from IACUC staff:

  • Ilana Cohen (
  • Megan McCoy (

Getting Started

  1. Select the blue "IACUC" tab at the top of the screen
  2. Click on the “Create Protocol” tab
  3. After the screen refreshes, enter the study title in the text box and click the “Create” tab
  4. A separate window will be generated with the form for your new protocol and your home page will return to your main dashboard in eProtocol
  5. Navigate through the blue tabs on the left hand side of the protocol to complete the form - this is a "smart form" so your answers will impact whether or not questions and fields are required
  6. Once the form is complete, select the “Submit” tab on the left hand side of the window (Note: If all required fields are not complete, an additional window will open that indicates which forms must be updated)