Responding to Committee Stipulations

Following review of your protocol or amendment by the IACUC, the committee’s comments will be sent to you using the eProtocol web-based system.

You will also receive an email notification to your University of Minnesota inbox that your protocol along with reviewer comments has been returned to you.

To access and respond to these comments:

  1. Log onto eProtocol: .
  2. Click the IACUC tab from your Research Compliance homepage.
  3. Click on "Comments Received" in the protocol event column of the corresponding protocol.
  4. Respond to each comment on the page, update all applicable sections within the protocol by opening the protocol from the comments page in "Edit" mode and entering the applicable information.
  5. Resubmit the protocol for review of the responses.

For further assistance as you respond to stipulations, contact IACUC staff: