Post Review Process

After the monthly meeting, applications will either be approved as submitted, approved with stipulations, or deferred.

  • Applications that are approved as submitted will receive an approval letter via email following the IBC meeting.
  • Deferred applications lack significant information. These will require re-review by the full IBC committee after revisions are made and re-submitted to assess the safety level of the work. Revised applications are then reviewed again by the full IBC committee at the next available IBC meeting date (date of re-review is dependent on when the PI responds to stipulations and revises the deferred application).
  • Stipulations are requested revisions that typically will not require full committee re-review. These stipulations can include requests for training, biosafety cabinet recertification, clarification or revision of standard operating procedures (SOPs), etc.

Responding to Stipulations

In the :

  1. Choose Investigator home
  2. Click on the IBC tab to see the protocols that have comments/stipulations
  3. Click on “Comments Received (Cycle 1)” in the Protocol Event column to view comments
  4. Address each comment in its respective “response” box
  5. Revise the eProtocol application as requested
  6. Submit by clicking on the “Submit to IBC” button on the Comments page

Typically, responses to comments/stipulations do not need to be reviewed by the entire committee.

See the Job Aid: Response to Comments/Stipulations for more instruction.


Notification of application approvals, deferrals, or stipulations to approval are generally sent out within one week of the IBC meeting date. You will receive an automated eProtocol email regarding the approval, deferral, or stipulations. If you have not responded to stipulations within 30 days, we will send a reminder. Failure to respond within 90 days will result in your application being “withdrawn” from consideration. If you would like to continue to pursue approval for the withdrawn application in the future, you will be required to submit a new application and have it reviewed by the IBC committee again.  Withdrawn applications can be “cloned” for resubmission.

Application Approval Status

The eProtocol system allows anyone on a protocol to view the status of that IBC application/protocol at any time:

  1. The “My Research Compliance” tab lists all applications within eProtocol that list you among the personnel. Choose the IBC tab to view only IBC protocols. 
  2. Find the protocol ID number of interest and check the “Status/Comments” column to find the applications status. 

To view all of the status events, emails, and approval letters sent in relation to an application, open the application and select “Event History” from the left-hand blue menu. Any person listed on a protocol may also contact us at (612) 626-2161 or to inquire about the status of a submission.