Below are subsections of the safety section that frequently are not completed correctly or with adequate information

Please follow the below guidelines to reduce chances of receiving stipulations:

a) Locations: List all laboratory work (a i) and animal housing locations (a ii). Please separate locations by biosafety level.
Laboratory inspections: All new lab spaces require an initial inspection, additional inspections vary based upon the biosafety risk of the laboratory.

b) Use of biosafety cabinet (BSC): BSCs require annual certification. All human cell work must be performed at BSL-2 containment in a BSC.

e) If working with any CDC select agents or toxins, complete the Dual Use (DURC) Screening Survey.

h) Occupational Health: These questions help reviewers assess researchers’ awareness of the hazards present and mitigation. Training related to signs/symptoms of exposure to biohazardous materials in the lab is required and lab personnel must always have immediate access to emergency contact information. If either of these questions is answered with “no,” clarification will likely be required.