Human Gene Transfer (HGT)

Human Gene Transfer and Clinical Trials Training & Educational Resources

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is tasked by the NIH Guidelines with assessing the training and expertise of UMN personnel involved in recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecule research in clinical trials. The IBC extends this assessment to UMN personnel performing research in clinical trials with other potentially hazardous biological agents (biologically-derived toxins and infectious agents). Most human clinical research subject to IBC oversight falls in the Human Gene Transfer (HGT) category of investigation products (IP).

IBC Specific Online Training Courses 

UMN staff directly working with an IP under IBC purview should complete the relevant trainings listed below. Online training courses are not required for administrative staff associated with an application (e.g. Clinical Trials Office) that are not handling the IP. If this is the case, please report this in the text box for "training that is not indicated above.”

Client-owned pet clinical trials have training requirements set by the standard IBC required training.

Training Records in eProtocol

After you complete a training module, the courses should appear in the Personnel Information section of your IBC application in eProtocol. To view the training courses for each staff member, click on their name, and then click twice on the double arrows to the far right of "Training Details.”

Completed training for IBC requirements will be recorded and should auto-populate in the eProtocol application. If personnel have taken the training but it isn't listed, then please include each unlisted training module's name and date of completion in the box for "training that is not indicated above" for all personnel (click on their name to locate the text box associated with each individual). Please note that the IBC does not track individuals and the activities they perform. The PI should use the text box to include clarifications on whether staff are not performing work listed in their application so that the IBC Admin does not send requests for training records that are not applicable. 

Information for how to access training records

Contact Information for Questions Related to Training

For questions regarding training, contact the IBC administration at (612) 626-2161 or